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1 For Lack of a Better Name

I feel that this his is most well made album. There's a real flow with it, none of the songs feel out of place and the quality is fantastic.

Best continous album

How is 4x4=12 above this

das cool

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2 4x4=12

There isn't a song on this album that I don't love. This made me start paying attention to deadmau5.

This one is my favorite. I liked almost every song on it. - letdot52

Incredible songs out of them all it was by far my favourite especially during my EDM kick of 2012

Love this, bought the CD too. Sounds amazing and holds up several years later too. Much love

3 Random Album Title

This album has the best collection of songs out of all the deadmau5 albums, this album contains songs like alone with you, I remember, Brazil (2nd edit), slip, arguru, and my favorite deadmau5 song, faxing Berlin - Frantic713

Random Album Title definitely deserves to be above 4x4=12 in my opinion, it's got some of the best music deadmau5 has ever produced. Every song on it was great. - Nebby_

Why isn't this at the top?! It has faxing Berlin, arguru, and I remember in it!

Best ever, no discussion, end of the story!

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4 While (1<2)

As a full album, this is the greatest piece of work in his entire career. Absolutely incredible.

This is the only Deadmau5 album that feels like an album. Beautiful and his best by far. - FailedStunt78

This album need more votes - hurrhurrman


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5 >album title goes here<

There's not a single song on this album that disappoints me :-)

Increible album. Tiene muchos de los temazos de J.T. zimmerman: There might be coffee, Channel 42, Failbait, Profesional Grieffers...

6 Get Scraped

This album is so good I'm sad that there's only 500 cd copies because I can't get it on cd

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7 Vexillology

Criminally underrated

8 At Play Vol. 2
9 W:/2016ALBUM/

Definitely the best album yet, Imaginary Friends and Cat Thruster are the best songs on there.

Definitely the best

10 At Play Vol. 1

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11 At Play Vol. 3

His best work in my opinion because it sounded way different than the songs in the other albums

12 At Play Vol. 4
13 Stuff I Used to Do
14 Project 56
15 5 Years of Mau5
16 Full Circle
17 A Little Oblique
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2. For Lack of a Better Name
3. While (1<2)
1. 4x4=12
2. For Lack of a Better Name
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