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1 Strobe

Includes quite possibly the greatest beat drop in the history of electronic music. An absolute masterpiece, the Mona Lisa of electronic.

I created this list and I am happy that strobe is number one, I just love this song it is amazing and I hope it stays number one, for a long time

At first when I heard this, I was like "What's this? " then it slowly began to kick in and gradually t became Deadmau5 at his BEST. Without a doubt, deserved Number

The best Progressive House track till date.

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2 Ghosts N Stuff

Definitely the most epic Deadmau5 song. It's pure genius. If you've never heard Deadmau5, play this song first!

I love this song... It makes me feel something different...

Love this song for its high energy. This can go on a playlist for the gym. I think this song is miles better than their other stuff.

Deadmau5 is one of the only artists that are able to get Electro House right, this is one of his best tracks. - styLIShT

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3 I Remember

No matter how young or old you are, some way, some how, in some shape or form, this song will connect and stay with you for the rest of your life. You may find yourself moving along to its catchy sound or even find yourself thinking of a memory that you will never forget. From its structure, chords, timeless lyrics and vocals, beat, everything about this song is just perfect. This is a 10 minute timeless masterpiece of the 21st century, that stay with ALL MUSIC until the end of time. This is definitely one of Deadmau5's best.

it has so so perfect music... and thanxs to dead mau 5 for extending it to a 10 min. track..

There's always that ONE song from a given artist that acts as the hook that makes you a fan. Numb by Linkin Park, Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin, Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix, Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine, just to name a few. Never has a song so firmly hooked my attention and turned me into an instantaneous fan of an artist like I Remember did of deadmau5. Never has any piece of music caused me to experience such a sense of dream like nostalgia in such a beautiful way and for seemingly no reason. I love this song to such a degree that I actually try to avoid playing it very often so as not to burn myself out on it. If you're feeling sad or depressed, this song can, if you allow it, put you into a state of emotional neutrality and clarity.

Seriously, give this a listen. This is literally Deadmau5 at his best. - styLIShT

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4 Aural Psynapse

This song is his later masterpieces and definitely his best. Being completely honest I think he may have outdone strobe with this one... The melody, the build up, the gradual progression throughout the song. This song is amazing.

The song really does put you into a trance. From the basslines, the saw lead melody, and the mixing of the song is truly a work of art. To be honest, I like this song better than Strobe, which is no. 1 on this list. It's that good.

So anthemic, and when it gets to halfway through at the quiet part you can just space out! Only for the awesome anthem to return! Up there with Strobe and Ghosts n Stuff.

Awesome, very Some Chords-y. While I don't know how it got all the way up in the top five, don't get me wrong--it's great, I frequently find myself coming back to it. - Nebby_

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5 The Veldt

A warm and happy song, just paced so well. The vocals from Chris James just make it complete, and add a wondrous and astoundingly beautiful song.

Back his best here guys... Deadmau5 of yester year officially returned. I could listen to this on a continuous loop and drive and keep driving...

If you don't know the story behind this, try watching the clip after reading about 'The Veldt' on a website like Wikipedia. Knowing the story it's based onn makes it real nice. I love the melody too, very relaxing.

Brilliant song! My personal favorite by Mau5. Its long and repetitive but I love every second of it. For some odd reason. The Veldt is the last thing I think of when I think of Deadmau5 but then I listen to it and I'm like THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVER! It really is his best song.
1: The Veldt
2: Alone With You
3: Strobe - Slipperyjack40

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6 Raise Your Weapon

Awesome song, eight minutes of pure awesomeness. The dubstep drop at about minute 6 makes the song

The beginning of the song really hits you deeply, you get hooked to the song immediately, and when the drop at around 4 minutes happens, you just simple can't believe how amazing this song is, mix of Dubstep and House= Amazing!

Perfection from A2Z... This track brings you mind in another world... It's so unreal! The mau5 is magic!

This should be number 3 I love I remember and aural psynapse but raise your weapon is better

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7 Bleed

I honestly believe of all his songs this is the only one that could surpass strobe. The raw emotion this portrays just astounds me. And it is such a shame that it is in 23. I cry when listening to this song. It brings back the times in my life where I have been at my lowest or at my peak, it shows me my goals and my achievements. So you can vote some chords or chtulu sleeps, but is that really his best work?

This is probably the most emotional song ever written by deadmau5. "Bleed" will move you into tears, and might change you in ways you cannot imagine. deadmau5 wrote this song for a fan who has died in a car accident shortly after attending one of his concerts. He poured everything into this song. I have cried listening to this. This masterpiece is very dark, but there is just this one spark of hopefulness that makes this song beautiful and powerful enough to rival Strobe.

I think this just surpassed Strobe as my favorite Deadmau5 song. It is difficult for me to explain the feeling that this song gives me, but I will try. I find it insane that a song with no lyrics can even make you feel this way. Bleed is one of those songs that makes you depressingly stare off into space and reevaluate your entire life. This song becomes even more emotional when you learn that it was created in memory of a fan of Deadmau5's who died in a car crash on the way to one of his shows. If I could describe this song in one word, it would be loss. This song is grieving, mourning, and missing someone, made into audio form. At least that's what it feels like for me. - Atham

I haven't cried in over a year, and this song made me cry.

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8 Some Chords

Every segment of this song, from beginning to end, is gold. Easily the best song on the album along with Animal rights.

It's a song with more heard as ghosts and stuff or strobe or animal rights or moar ghosts and stuf. I think it's the second most popular song of deadmau5.

Sick Beat!
The Best Song I've ever heard in my life by the best dj in the world

My favorite! - HyenaLover

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9 Right This Second

This song has some of the sickest drops in any deadmau5 song... the beginning of the song has a long intro that is completely mesmerizing then drops straight into a reoccurring loop, followed by another nasty drop... This song is the best song ever by deadmau5, it has my vote for number 1!

Midway through this song, when the buildup finally climaxes, it sends shivers along my skin every time. It really does sum up why I love deadmau5.

BEAUTIFUL! I rate this track second I heard it 5 min ago and can't even say how awesome it is Wow! 10 out of 10...

The most underrated song of deadmau5. You may not like it when you hear it first time, but give it a couple more chances and this will be the best song of deadmau5. The buildup is so cool and when it breaks, its completely pushes you off the edge.

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10 Professional Griefers

Such a sick beat, definitely one of the best deadmau5 songs, especially for parties.

This song has amazing kick and beat to it! I highly recommend getting the non-vocal version though...

This isn't number one because it's new! But in a few months! It will be on top!

This thing features my favorite electronic musician and my favorite general musician! Deadmau’s beats combined with Garard’s striking vocals take the cake!

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11 Faxing Berlin

This song is amazing! Strobe is the best but this Rocks! I could listen to this for ages... It's a great listen. I recommend you look it up if you haven't heard it.

The best song by far (the original mix of course). It has nearly everything you can ask for in a song! Way to go Deadmau5 I don�'t get why I just started listening to him this year!

This may not be as well known as his other songs, but it is still a great song from his best album. This is one of his classics, and one of the first I heard by him.

Come on not even top 5?

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12 Arguru

Amazing song to listen to, it deserves far more attention than it gets at the moment. While it doesn't match up to something such as Strobe its still a very good song!

A beautiful song... Then completely switches into a really cool bassy song love it If I made a list... Would be in my top 3

Insane :D Wish his newer stuff still sounded this good

Amazing song, and named after his mate who unfortunately passed away. What a wonderful gesture.

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13 Animal Rights

Best use of musical instruments so far. Has an unprecedented amount of genius that makes this track one of Deadmau5's bests songs ever. Strobe was good, this was amazing.

Best song he has every made. PERIOD. Friend introduced me to this track a few months ago, can't stop listening to it!

Perfect amount of build up. There is more variation in the use of instruments.


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14 HR 8938 Cephei

This music trances me so good, one of the best from deadmau5 for sure! Deserves a better place

Not as good as strobe or aural psynapse, but definitely top 5 material

You need a good stereo to truly appreciate this and I guarantee that every time you listen to this masterpiece you will hear something new!

This is the absolute epitome of electronic music journey for me, the those chords!

Great song. His best non album single by far! I don't know about you guys but I always get this image in my head of something on fire or something burning when I listen to it. I have no words. I can't describe it. All I can say is that its great! - Slipperyjack40

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15 There Might Be Coffee

This is a career landmark for Deadmau5. In terms of quality, expect something similar to "Aural Synapse" and dare I say it, "Strobe. " Yeah... I cannot stress this enough... It is THAT good.

There's something about the way this track begins that really sets me into such a great mood. I just love this track.

I was just scrolling through deamau5's songs, saw his new album, saw this song and said "That's a peculiar name".
I listened to the song and it was love at first sight. I may be biased for my absolute love of violins. The beat is nice, very deadmau5esque. There is also the constant drumming of the bass line. The harmony makes me feel like I'm underwater.

This track is just epic!

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16 Moar Ghosts 'n' Stuff

Ok, it doesn't compare with Strobe but at least deserve top 5.

Seems like a remix of ghosts n' stuff and is more energetic, but I love strobe it just takes to long to get into it, again both amazing songs!

Excellent song to blast and rock out to while driving. I mean, it isn't the best song but it deserves to be higher up on the list

This is and always will be my favorite deadmau5 song, this upbeat tune will never get old.

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17 Brazil (2nd Edit)

I can't begin to comprehend how this isn't higher up in the list. This has the sickest, Spaced out vibe to it that is amazing. This song is the kind that gives you butterflies in your stomach from listening to it.

Come on guys!. This song is amazing. It has an amazing atmosphere and a perfect melody. It was because of this song that I make myself a Deadmau5 fan!

How is this song not on the list yet? Great song I really only like about 10 of his songs and this is definitely one of them. Strobe is still the best though

OH, in the newcomers... I can wait that Brazil get on the list.

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18 Channel 42

This is a great song and, even though the higher ones are good, I find this amazing.

I Find This Song Better Than Strobe And any other of his songs I know I will get a lot of hate because I don't like Strobe

I used my mixing software to mix this song with Skrillex and it turned out awesome. Love this song.

This track is the best track of deadmau5..

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19 FML

True progressive House indeed! One of the best...

How is FML not even in part 1?! It belongs in the top five!

How is FML not in the top ten?!


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20 Cthulhu Sleeps

Literally one of his bests songs, its no strobe but this song definitely deserves top 10

Awesome song. My favorite by far because of its unique beat drop. The chill section starting at 30 is simply amazing. It hypnotized you.

The most epic track ever. It is like a movie- long, and iconic. However there are so many good deadmau5 tracks/songs that you can't really form a single list.

I adore this song a lot. It's sooo underrated. - SwagFlicks

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21 Alone with You

I once listened to Brazil-Alone with You, back-to-back, while running. I think by the time that I was halfway sick of the songs, I had already put in well over 10 miles.

I love this so much! This is the reason why I listen to Deadmau5! I have heard most of his stuff and its all amazing but none of it has come close to this. It just has these beautiful melodies that run through it, and it feels like isolation, but in a good way. Its just so satisfying. Its something to listen to when you feel stressed like after a hard day at school, and when you here it, you just feel isolated from all your troubles. My favorite from R.A.T..

Takes you on a magical journey from high to high. No matter how bad things are, this tune brings back hope.

...I honestly like this song more than I Remember. I said it. Best off of Random Album Title, hands down. It's been eight years since this song was first released and it still isn't old. - Nebby_

This is way better than I Remember. It's my favorite by Deadmau5. But you have to admit that I Remember is great to. - Slipperyjack40

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22 Not Exactly

I could say something like "Sick Beat! " or "Come on guys, vote it up! " But honestly, this is one of the best deadmau5 tracks ever produced. It is perfectly paced and is thoroughly enjoyable. At least in the Top 10 for me.

Yeah um what's with the mix up, kick some chords down a few pegs and put this up in the top 10 it deserves to be in. If you don't believe me check out the 2010 mix, I think it's better than strobe!

This is the song that turned me onto Deadmau5. I then picked up a copy of Random Album Title in the Louvre...says it all really!

100% deserves top 10 if not top 5

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23 A City in Florida

How is this not number 1? I've listened to 3 of Deadmau5's albums, and I have to say, this is my absolute favorite song. Listening to it on a great speaker system also enhances the quality, too.

This this song is $&@! Amazing! I've listened to all the top ten and this one is by far my favorite. Most songs are to slow for M. This song has a faster beat and a great song. Can't believe this song is so far down!

This song got me into electronic music... Definitely deserves a higher spot!

This should be number one!

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24 Hi Friend

This song is okay if you're able to withstand six minutes of constant beeping. I think it's good, but it was definitely one of the lesser songs on For Lack of a Better Name. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but not the best. - Nebby_

One of my favorites. What a great addition the voice was - Ajkloth

What is this song doing this down?

Just awesome... I like Mc Flip's contrubution, but the song would still be perfect as an instrumental

25 Jaded

Simplicity is the name of the game here, and Deadmau5 delivers with a beautiful track. If you haven't heard this track, do yourself a favor and listen! It builds on the same progression throughout, adding subtle elements to the timbre of the synths and to the beat. Add in a perfect breakdown and you've got a top 10 track!

This is the most beautiful song ever created.
A true masterpiece. In 500 years, people will know deadmau5 by jaded.

The intro is a pure masterclass of electronic music composing


26 Clockwork

This song got such an intense build up. Just lie down for 11 minutes and take a trip in your mind with this song.

Absolutely amazing! Seems like its always rising.

This is simply perfection, how this is not higher on the list is beyond me.

Awesome... like somebody else said, it seems like it is always rising. For eleven minutes. Top 20 material. - Nebby_

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27 8bit

8bit was one of deadmau5's first songs released, and definitely deserves a spot in the top 3 - amoepixl

This thing is called love on first sight! Its amazing! This is definitely one of the mau5's best songs and one of tjhe best songs I have ever seen

28 Drop the Poptart

After Strobe, I thought deadmau5 could never blow me away like that again. I had never herd anything that wasn't from his studio albums, but when I listened to this, it put me in a trance! I was blown away once again. Had it been on While 1<2, it would have been his most famous album and Drop the Poptart would have been the next Strobe. - Slipperyjack40

The vocals kinda ruin it, in my opinion it would be better without the vocals but great song otherwise.

Definitely would prefer this to Invidia or Ira from While (1<2). Damn good song

Best song for relax. This should be definitely in top.

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29 Orca

This is top 10 quality. It is one of my staple deadmau5 songs just like strobe, faxing Berlin, Brazil, and arguru. If you haven't heard it and like the songs I mentioned, I highly suggest it!

Awesome song! Unbelieavably heavy drop!

30 Fn Pig

One of the best intros I've ever heard in a song in a long time. The song is paced so well, and the drop is awesome. Brilliant

This song has a really cool beat! The first part tells you "get ready". Once it finally comes you are listening to a really sick beat! Listen and wait!

Amazing build up, which at first is ambient but after 2 minutes of the tempo going up and down, sometimes gradually, sometimes suddenly, the song becomes something different entirely. A chiptune melody plays for some time, which builds up into one of the coolest deadmau5 drops to date. All I can say is that you must listen to this.

To be honest this is probably the most underrated deadmau5 track on here, along with Jaded. Both deserve a top 10 spot

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31 Arcadia

This song will be in the top ten soon! I hope that.

I love this song so much. It's a shame Somewhere Up Here got a release and not the simplified version. The atmosphere of this song is breathtaking and genius.

ONE of the best song by deadmau5 it should be in the first 5 according to me.

32 No Problem

Best song off W:/2016ALBUM/. The sample doesn't give much but it's so worth your time, one of the best. Ever. Great job on this track, deadmau5. - Nebby_

33 Maths

Complex and hard hitting, beats Ghosts N Stuff anytime. Lovely glitchy sound to it, with great build up, breaks and drops!

I love this song! Best off >album title goes here<. If you hate math, give this a listen! - Slipperyjack40

Great song named after something I hate

M very high on dis 1

34 October

This song reminds me of strobe. I guess you could call it strobe 2. I love it, both the melody and the build up. My favorite song from the new deadmau5 album.

Masterpiece! For sure one of his best songs! The breakdowns are unbelieveable good!

35 Avaritia

This needs to be farther up, no question. Listen to the song, and you'll understand.

One of the best deadmau5 tracks out their. Not quite #1 but its still up there.

This song gives me the chills. The best synth in trance music ever.

This needs yo be in TOP 20s

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36 The 16th Hour

Get yourself in a dark room, play this song as loud as possible, close your eyes and try stopping yourself from dancing with goosebumps all over your back and coming down your arms.

Up you must go, The 16th Hour! Definitely one of the best off of For Lack of a Better Name. Deserves a spot in the top ten, or at least the top fifteen! - Nebby_

I've been listening to this song ever since I first found out about deadmau5! Truly a beautiful yet dark, progressive masterpiece.

You can't argue that Strobe is the best song from LoaBN. But the problem I have is that everybody skips this to get to Strobe! I feel like Strobe needs 16th Hour in order to be really good. The 16th Hour should not be skipped EVER! Its still a stand out track on LoaBN. If catch any of you skipping over 16th Hour, I will call the police! - Slipperyjack40

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37 All I Had

All I Had is beautiful, just as emotional as Strobe in my opinion. This track deserves to be up in the top 10, I'd take it over Bleed any day. - Nebby_

Better than All I Have, the complexity of the notes are beautiful and harmonic. Love this song.

The melody. Oh My. This song is so beautifully sad.

Needs to be top 10.

38 My Pet Coelacanth

Awesome build up, the drop is perfect. By far one of his greatest. The beat is addicting to get you moving and dancing.

I find myself coming back to My Pet Coelacanth over and over again... so catchy, very unique. - Nebby_

This song has a very good build up and break definitely deserves in top 10

Love it - super intense, crazy build up, and you can't help but yell "f***" at the climax!

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39 Finished Symphony

Why this song wasn't in this list?! It's so amazing, I like it a lot.. It makes me fly high..

This song is musical definition of spiritual bliss and enlightenment

Great mixture of orchestra and electronic music. Should be higher!

His my friends is something you should listen to before you die.

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40 Bad Selection

This is one of those songs that I should hate a lot, but I really do enjoy it.

Come on number 33 put it number 8 - me3p0

41 Polaris

Great song, very chill and an amazing beat. Just as good as Strobe without a doubt.

Too relaxing. Feels like you're on a journey to outer space.

Far better than the 6-10


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42 Waking Up from the American Dream

Amazing song, love the piano beat drop! This song always gets me in a really good mood, definitely a contender for Strobe's crown.

43 Petting Zoo

WHAT?!?! 108?! Just wait, this'll be in the top 20 in no time. This song has a great beat and gets me tapping my foot or humming it later. Plus it's in goat simulator.

This song is just amazing.

This one is good because of the tune near the middle. My God.

Thank you Goat Simulator...

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44 Secondary Complications

Gosh this is amazing. So minimalistic and strange and unique, with satisfying sounds. Love it!

45 Creep

This song deserves a listen. So melancholy and powerful, it has to be one of his deepest songs.

That dubstep-sounding beat fits surprisingly well against the piano melody.

46 Soma

The piano part in this song is the most melancholy depressing thing you will ever hear. and its awesome

True to the name it really does make you feel like you're on a drug.

47 Complications

As a person who loves dark music, this song is just right. About halfway into the song, things start to get very dark and aggressive. I love it!

This is simple yet dark. Pure awesomeness

Needs to be higher than v2. This one blends an interesting pattern with ambient sounds and the whole damn song is just so catchy and moving to me.

This deserves to be higher, in my opinion
Classic Deadmau5

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48 Cthulhu Dreams

Wow, I'm surprised this song isn't higher on the list because it starts out with a beautiful intro and then scares the living carp out of you with an extremely dreadful beat drop. Definitely deserves top 50.

Epic unreleased song with a touch of dubstep. Personally I think that this version of Cthulhu sleeps should have been on 4X4=12. Cthulhu Sleeps was far too long but this is just right.

49 Sleepless

Very underrated. I love the warm cozy feel it gives off. - Slipperyjack40

50 One Trick Pony

This song is so raw and gets your blood flowing with the bass drops. The way the song just all comes together is hands down one of my favorite Deadmau5 songs. I understand it's probably not as popular due to the vocals but damn with that beat it's tough to do any better.

Should be in top 10! With the huge dirty wobble bass, deep kicking drum beat, and amazing vocals, this song is one of his best

Don't see how this isn't even up there! The bass is simply amazing and the vocals are spectacular!

Love the bass and rhythm in this song. Instrumental part is best but SOFI also spices it up

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