Professional Groomers (The Dog Lover's Deadmau5 Parody)

Barking Sound, Intro Drop

I like the sound of the pekingeses
I like the styles and the pugs with pigtails
We got machines but the dogs got leashes
We'd like our pooch with a straighter coat, please!

Bitch can't help you
They will dye you
Watch them get her trimmed just like you
Ethanoate fragrance, ear drops, see?
Spaniel cross with cosmetic sheath

Isn't the pound, you see
Another firm besides that's full of all the shortened hairs that I made
Just give me a mutt, a breed
Another dog tonight that's full of all the awful hairs out of place

We like to brush, but the comb's more accurate
Turn on the fans, and blow across the back coat
Not too much cash, unless it dwarfs a schnauzer
And maybe more if you want de-louse-r!

Tail correction
Canine affection
Clippers give iPhones a tech shun
Ethanoate fragrance, ear drops, see?
Papillons with bows in hair

Tongue-lick lacing
On our faces
Photograph montage slowing paces
Bonus for frequent visits
Unless you can't get them to sit

Grime infection
Mud destruction
Relax for the final treatment
Black-lab king, Shih tzu team
Stay clean or seeya next time!

You see, my dear hound, you see
Another dog inside that's getting all the beauty tricks that I made
So maybe you cannot breed
But neutering is nice 'cos we don't want you screwing hounds in our face
'Cos we aren't the last to see
Another stressful life that's full of all the stressing pups that are made
And we've got the eyes to see
Another stressful life that's full of all the tiring work done today...

Original lyrics can be found here


Cheeky. - Puga

PetSounds said creepy. - PositronWildhawk

Nice! - RiverClanRocks

I was actually singing through this parody with a smirk on my face. Awesome! - Kiteretsunu

Wow... - JaysTop10List


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wouldn't go that far! For the record, I mostly suck at songwriting. But I'm proud of this one. - PositronWildhawk

good - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Done to tune, this is hilarious! - keycha1n

Cool - RockStarr

Awesome - visitor

This is AWESOME! - PhoenixAura81