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41 Waking Up from the American Dream

Amazing song, love the piano beat drop! This song always gets me in a really good mood, definitely a contender for Strobe's crown.

42 Petting Zoo

WHAT?!?! 108?! Just wait, this'll be in the top 20 in no time. This song has a great beat and gets me tapping my foot or humming it later. Plus it's in goat simulator.

This one is good because of the tune near the middle. My God.

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43 Secondary Complications

Gosh this is amazing. So minimalistic and strange and unique, with satisfying sounds. Love it!

44 Creep

This song deserves a listen. So melancholy and powerful, it has to be one of his deepest songs.

That dubstep-sounding beat fits surprisingly well against the piano melody.

45 Soma

The piano part in this song is the most melancholy depressing thing you will ever hear. and its awesome

True to the name it really does make you feel like you're on a drug.

46 Complications

As a person who loves dark music, this song is just right. About halfway into the song, things start to get very dark and aggressive. I love it!

This is simple yet dark. Pure awesomeness

Needs to be higher than v2. This one blends an interesting pattern with ambient sounds and the whole damn song is just so catchy and moving to me.

This deserves to be higher, in my opinion
Classic Deadmau5

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47 Cthulhu Dreams

Wow, I'm surprised this song isn't higher on the list because it starts out with a beautiful intro and then scares the living carp out of you with an extremely dreadful beat drop. Definitely deserves top 50.

Epic unreleased song with a touch of dubstep. Personally I think that this version of Cthulhu sleeps should have been on 4X4=12. Cthulhu Sleeps was far too long but this is just right.

48 Sleepless
49 One Trick Pony

This song is so raw and gets your blood flowing with the bass drops. The way the song just all comes together is hands down one of my favorite Deadmau5 songs. I understand it's probably not as popular due to the vocals but damn with that beat it's tough to do any better.

Should be in top 10! With the huge dirty wobble bass, deep kicking drum beat, and amazing vocals, this song is one of his best

Don't see how this isn't even up there! The bass is simply amazing and the vocals are spectacular!

Love the bass and rhythm in this song. Instrumental part is best but SOFI also spices it up

50 Pets

This is beautiful! I was listening to this when I was chatting with my girlfriend on New Years celebration... ! (ik you don't care but anyway)

Pets is an absolutely beautiful song, and the one that really got me into deadmau5's work. Incredible, deserves at least top 10.

Can't believe this track can be this far down, top 10 for sure!


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51 Gula

At first, I groaned at another piano song that ended the first disk of While (1<2). But then that beat change happened and the song became extremely dark and catchy. Love it.

The piano is indescribable and the beat is somehow made to be dark; I have no idea how he did this

This track is so mellow and dark, I love the piano so much. This live is a stunning opener too!

I understand why Joel chose to use the impressive theme from Avaritia in Gula to bring disc 1 of While (1<2) to a dramatic finish. If he were to release a track that was a mix of the two, as he has often played live, I would definitely want that in the top ten.

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52 Porcelain

A deadmau5 classic. The chords in this song are well placed and it sounds beautiful.

It's a beautiful, calming track, with some amazing vocals. It's like Moby mixed with Pink Floyd, and a little Ghosts N Stuff. I think that this track is not well enough known, and t should be listened to more often. Hey, maybe it's not strobe, or The Veltd. But It's my favorite song, period.

53 The Oshawa Connection

I love the guitar in this song! always pumps me up

54 Closer

If you've ever watched Close Encounters of the third kind, you can relate to this song. The beats and synth are awesome.

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55 A Moment to Myself

The surprisingly happy beat plays well against that piano melody. It's a shame the song is so short compared to the rest of the album, but I still love this song.

This song uplifts you on so many levels. The mix of glitchy synths and piano make it so unique and the tune is breathtaking.

Amazing album rework. Sounds so beautiful! The album screwed up songs like Creep and Bleed, But this Album edit was better than the soundcloud version. With the album edit, it may have surpassed legends like Aural Psynapse ( My past favorite) and Strobe ( Second behind AU PS). Just so amazing... makes you think of the future for some reason, but it is gorgeous.

56 Full Bloom V 1 Comment
57 Brazil (1st Edition)

Emotional and melancholic, makes me daydream so beautiful

58 777

Simply put, It needs to be longer, Top 5 at least.

This is a "Mau5terpiece", This track is one of the best song of deadmau5 with Strobe, This will be the Second best song of deadmau5.

This is more of a mix rather than a song, but they all flow very well. Superbia near the end is the best possible way to end a great masterpiece.

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59 Everything Before
60 You and I

Honest to god, I cannot comprehend the sins being committed by not placing this in the top 5. Like someone said before me, YouTube it, NOW.

Deadmau5's remix of the song by Medina, so good. YouTube IT. NAO.

Definitely one of my favorites, it should be up in the top 10.

My favourite deadmau5 track, definitely his best remix

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