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61 Where My Keys

Wait for 30 seconds and then go nuts! This song is insane!

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62 Phantoms Can't Hang

I really like this song. Such a pure progressive house build up

This track is amazing, one of my favorites.

This is as good as it will get


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63 Seeya

I AM SHOCKED! This song is way better than strobe and it deserves to be in the top 10! Listen to it right now and let's make it shoot up!

I can't believe this at #70. This deserves in that top 3. If not, I find it slightly better than Strobe. Please get this up.

What ranked 61? come on either seeya or seeya next tuesday should be ranked at least in top 20!

Very Daft Punk sounding. Love it.

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64 Move for Me

Perfect pacing, unique melody and great production make this a classic.

65 Meow
66 Terrors In My Head
67 Some Kind of Blue

Another one of his more minimalistic and percussive tracks. Fits right with the mood of RAT. Very addictive.

68 Suckfest 9001

UNREAL new track. Love the duality of hard hitting and super chill. But where is MY PET COELACANTH?! That is his best new song by far. Suckfest comes second.

SICK new track! Great admixture of beats and moods. There's a weird resilience in the moody part and it totally works for me.

Amazing song, its definitely one of his finest pieces. Give it a listen, won't regret it!

69 Polaris

Too relaxing. Feels like you're on a journey to outer space.

Far better than the 6-10

As good as strobe - akyreaper

Really good

70 Reward Is More Cheese

How is it not in part 1?! It should be in the top 30 at least!

71 Cocktail Queen

This one is very underrated. Sexy voice, powerful drop, and amazing sound. - PositronWildhawk

This is so good and dope and one of my favourite

72 The Longest Road
73 Stereo Fidelity
74 Vanishing Point

Common this has got to be in top 25 at least... The tune is classy... Its awesome.. The intro and exit.. Perfect... The beats... Epic

This song is awesome, enough said

75 Dirty Sexy Club Music
76 4ware

Great song, It's nice and happy and I like the technical skills of mau5.

Simply the best song of Deadmau5 after Strobe!

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77 Slip

Way too far down the list. This song has a great mysterious tense touch and the progression and the breakdowns sound legendary!

So surprised this is so low. Out of the songs on RAT, I would definitely take this over Faxing Berlin or Sometimes Things Get, Whatever.

Between the middle and ending the music got really dark, and very instrumental. It is a masterpiece... - HyenaLover

Very good song and must be higher than its rank right now.

78 Snowcone

Snowcone is an amazing track in my opinion, I listen to it every day and still hear new things that I never heard before, and the sudden changes just make this an amazing song, would be in my top 10

79 The Reward is Cheese

This song is in my opinion, one of deadmau5's finest. I think the buildup is amazing.

Such a deep and dirty track. Sounds awesome in nightclubs

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80 I'm Not Alone

One of my favorite songs overall (not just Deadmau5). The way the "instrumentality" (new word? ) fits with the vocals is stunning when you think about it closely.

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