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81 Mercedes
82 Cyclic Redundancy

I love this track. Especially the synths. It's so atmospheric.

I don't know how to describe but it's psychedelic and psychic

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83 71c

71c, despite its simplicity, is such a godly track. And what it turned into, "Imaginary Friends," is just incredible. Definitely deserves more attention than it gets. - Nebby_

The progression in this one is amazing. It's totally worth it to give it a listen if you're into this kind of music

This song is the definition of perfection. I hope he releases it!

Definitely the masterpiece of chords progression.

84 Saved

This is currently his newest track (at the time of my comment). I'd actually consider voting for this, as it's just that good. It's so new but already feels like a classic, and you can tell he really put a lot of effort into "Saved", despite it only being part of a "various artists" compilation album. This is the kind of material that should get us excited for his next album! - Dorito

I just don't get why people don't like this

85 Let Go

This is a true deadmau5 classic along the lines of Strobe, The Veldt, and others. Grabbitz's vocals perfectly mesh with the electronic synths. - justinlong810

86 Play Us Out

I don't know if he made this as a troll but it's so good and dancable

87 Subliminal
88 So There I Was

Extremely underrated. Goes through a very natural and smooth melodic progression, one of my all time favorites

"Severely looked over. The progression is great, and the hard beat makes you want to speed up while driving a car, or go hit something."

89 Hello Sugar
90 All I Have

How is this not in the top 10?

91 Dr. Funkenstein V 1 Comment
92 The Longest Road
93 Contact V 1 Comment
94 Aural Psynapse (Second Edit)

I think a lot of people are voting for Aural Psynapse when they mean to vote for Aural Psynapse second edit, since on the top ten electronic songs (artists varied), this one is placed at #3.

I just listened to it, and I don't see a difference between it and the original.

95 We Fail

On a good sound system, WE FAIL is hard to beat!

I just wanna get up and dance to this one!

96 Mr G

Creative bass and just amazing

97 Lai

So beautiful and love the pilot sounds

98 Not Alone
99 Stay
100 Bitter Kitten V 1 Comment
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