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141 Yay Cubase

Short I know but I love it.

142 Templar V 1 Comment
143 Rope

Its an awesome beats song

144 Acedia

Seriously people. 130? This song has a fantastic piano melody for the intro. Then, after 90 seconds of that beautiful melody, the song drops to this extremely catchy melody that gets better every time I hear it. One of the best songs from the 2nd disk of While 1<2.

Best way to open disk 2 of While (1<2)

145 Invidia

Boring Boring Track

146 Somewhere Up Here

Cool intro and overall amazing song - Ajkloth

147 Catbread

Catbread is honestly really good, not sure what it's doing at #121. It should at least be in the top 40. - Nebby_

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148 2448

This song is a hard-hitting take on the cat-thruster chord progression. One of the best from w:/2016album! - justinlong810

149 Cat Thruster

A chilled out but funky bass-heavy jam that makes you want to dance! - justinlong810

150 Whelk Then

In my opinion this is the greatest song from w:/2016album. An unorthodox intro sets up beautifully for a spaced-out, intense beat, all along with some dark piano chords. - justinlong810

151 Polaris

Great song, very chill and an amazing beat. Just as good as Strobe without a doubt.

Too relaxing. Feels like you're on a journey to outer space.

Far better than the 6-10

Really good

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152 Heavy Petting Zoo
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