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141 Derp

Must go up in the top 5 you go

Should be in the top tens

142 Overdraft
143 Suckfest 9001

UNREAL new track. Love the duality of hard hitting and super chill. But where is MY PET COELACANTH?! That is his best new song by far. Suckfest comes second.

SICK new track! Great admixture of beats and moods. There's a weird resilience in the moody part and it totally works for me.

Amazing song, its definitely one of his finest pieces. Give it a listen, won't regret it!

144 Seeya

I AM SHOCKED! This song is way better than strobe and it deserves to be in the top 10! Listen to it right now and let's make it shoot up!

I can't believe this at #70. This deserves in that top 3. If not, I find it slightly better than Strobe. Please get this up.

What ranked 61? come on either seeya or seeya next tuesday should be ranked at least in top 20!

Very Daft Punk sounding. Love it.

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145 Superliminal

Wow, I think this is a great track! Not sure why it's so unpopular.


146 Bot

Bot was actually one of the better tracks on For Lack of a Better Name. Putting it below "Hi Friend! " is ridiculous. - Nebby_

I actually kinda like this song, but that's just my opinion.

147 Sometimes Things Get, Whatever

The robotic voice kinda ruins it in my opinion, without it the song would probably be much higher. Either way, great song, love it! - Nebby_

How is it not even in part one?! It belongs in the top ten!

Love the little joke they made in this (Sometimes Things Get Constipated)

148 Attention Whore
149 Sofi Needs a Ladder

This song is pure beat pumping, dance floor awesomeness.

This song, in my opinion, might be not the best, but hell yeah a great song! I think it is not right that this amazing song is down here below in the 16 place. Deadmau5 forever!

This just makes me want to dance in a club in Vegas (or anywhere laugh out loud). It gets stuck in your head, but you don't care because you love it!

This have the best female rap verse I have ever herd! I personally like this much better than raise your weapon.

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150 Lack of a Better Name

Wow, all the way down here? No way! Lack of a Better Name is awesome. It's so minimal, but just amazing. - Nebby_

This song is amazing, I have no idea why it's all the way down here.

This is a great song. Why is it so low?

It's really cool! Why is it so low?

151 Sex Slave
152 Telemisscommunications

I'm very surprised this isn't higher. It's not your typical deadmau5 and I kind of like that. It's calm, no drops, just purely euphoric piano keys. And Imogen's vocals are magnificent, as always. One of his best collaborations to date. Hope this gains more votes.

What I really love about this song is how the song, the lyrics from Imogen Heap and the music video blend together. Without the lyrics and the music video, this song wouldn't make any sense. I think this deserves top 20.

I've heard part of it on soundcloud and it is incredible! Imogen Heap and (2 of my favorite artists) collaborated on this one and it is beautiful. I'm sure when it comes out it will be up top!

Telemisscommunications is by far one of the best Songs ever. It just goes to prove, you don't need a bass or beat drop to make an amazing edm track

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