Song what is considered one of his greatest tracks. And by no kidding.
Starting with noises of early morning rises to an afternoon. Then you can feel the incoming of the late night and then you know when the times right, you let everything go. This night is unforgettable, beautiful melody of music, progressive sound. And when its over, you feel a freezing midnight with wind which make noises that makes you cold. Risky, beautiful art.

This song is my favorite because whenever I'm sad, I listen to it. The rhythm makes me calm and happy. Being autistic, I get stressed easily, and this song always helped me. Joel's music has always made me happy. He is the person that makes me happy. He is going through depression and he needs some love. So here I am. I will give you love. Your music is really good and creative. You make me happy during depressing times. Thank you. - HyenaLover

Arguably ten of the greatest minutes ever cut in vinyl, "Strobe" is a spine-tingling, pathos-filled masterwork of progressive house. Don't waste your time on the club edit; the album version's slow builds and ambient samples/pads set up the listener for intensely satisfying drops (who in their right mind puts drops at minute six? ) This is an intense painting of life's joys and sorrows.

Listening to Strobe is like going on a journey. At first, there is uncertainty, even a hint of sadness, then the beat starts, bringing some hope. Then, of course, you are hit by the hook, which brings a feeling of fulfillment. This is perhaps the most brilliant piece of music Joel has been inspired with, both in terms of its beautiful structure, and how amazingly catchy the actual melodies used are.

Best song from Deadmau5 so far. 10 minutes that is not wasted in your life. The fact that this song is peaceful yet so party-going will set the mood for anyone(sober or high)to be enlightened by the beats of this song.

It's an amazing song. The beginning is so soothing and about 3 and a half minutes in, the beat starts to pick up and it's so... idk, neat. it gets you in the "groove" so to speak and it carries out throughout the song. It can be easily compared to life, stories, sensual experiences, etc. It's amazing. ;P

No doubt whatsoever, this song is a masterpiece. The tone of the keyboard, the appropriately soft drums, the bizarre yet very effective rhythm pattern in the intro. These all go so well together, and I think it would be criminal to deprive anyone of what I like to call the best song ever.

I made my Girlfriend listen to this. 'What is this crap? ' was her reaction. She's single now.

A song that deserves listening from start to finish. One of the most beautiful songs I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. So far it's the best song deadmau5 has produced!

A really wonderful masterpiece. Tension started from the first second and was released in one of the best bass drops ever. This song introduced me to songs in progressive house. I normally listen to dubstep but this showed me that progressive house is good too.

Notice in every nomination for the top tens, they say 'still not as good as strobe but... ' or something like that. It is because this song sums up deadmau5. Whenever I listen to this, I feel like tapping my feet or nodding my head. Great beat, really catchy, and just, a perfect song. That is why it is no. 1

Gives a new definition to 'epicly epic build-ups'. The way this track takes you through the song from beginning to end is amazing, and the drop at 6:48 is quite-literally orgasmic, you can't help but smile and nod your head to it. And I STILL can't figure out the pattern for the melody haha!

Strobe makes you feel as if you are the center of the earth as a human being. You will imagine seeing a sun rise and sunset as you listen to his ultimate masterpiece. The air of mystery in the song is always there. It is deadmau5's top 1 for a very good reason.

I've heard it countless times, but it continues to blow my mind whenever I listen to it. It's truly amazing how much emotion he was able to pack into a song with no vocals at all. This song is proof that he is a musical genius, in every sense of the phrase.

It's one of those songs that when it starts you think, hm, this is nice, chilled, let me listen and then it just doesn't let you go. It's like poetry each beat, each phase of the song just moves you forward and when it's over you're like, damn! Let's put this song on repeat for a while... it's seriously awesome.

I get butterflies in my stomach every single time I listen to Strobe. Also, if you haven't heard the live version, PLEASE go listen to it... it's even better than the original, at least in my opinion. Awesome song, it deserves it's number one spot. - Nebby_

Bar none the greatest Deadmau5 song ever. This song immediately puts you in a state of trance that cannot be beaten. When the beat drops words cannot describe the sensation you get. Listen an you will know exactly what I mean. - stevewhite

Simply... Nothing compares. Song that got me into electronic music and sometimes the song that keeps me in. I could ask nothing more from a track. Possibly the best song with no lyrics ever created

Oh my god. AMAZING. I listened to this once and got bored, so I stopped listening to it around 30. Then I listened to it later and heard the transition about halfway through and just about fell in love. You can fall asleep to it or dance to it. My favorite electro song ever

The buildup of this song is a masterpiece in itself. It's just beautiful. The drop is legendary and overall this is one of the best electronic house songs of all time. It's why he plays it at the end of his shows!

Close your eyes and let this magical song transport you to a place of great beauty and serenity. It truly is a masterpiece and will go down in history as the greatest song in electronic music evert.

Not only is this my favorite song from deadmau5, this is my favorite song of all time. Nothing else compares to this. I've heard thousands of songs from thousands of artists, and no other song has brought this much enjoyment and fascination to me.

Clearly one of joel's best. He uses a perfect, ambient intro that slowly progresses into some of the most haunting beats, and that drop gets me every time. Perfect for a club, alone, at a party, etc. This song is delicious

Even amongst all genres of music, the melody of Strobe stands out as pure genius. Relax to the ambient feeling of the song and jump to the beautiful melody which follows.

When I just listen to the song, I already liked it and, gee, I'm was so happy that when I saw that "Strobe" is the number 1 best deadmau5 song ever, I started to dance to that song with my shirt out... Fun Times!