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Anyone who has read a Dean Koontz book will surely say he is a master at his work.

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Watchers Watchers Product Image

This was my first Koontz book. Just loved the story, characters, suspense. He writes the relationship between people and dogs like no other.

An amazing story of the corruption going on in todays science industry.

This is my very favorite book of all times "ever" I am a big James Patterson reader this is my very favorite book of all times ever I'm a big James Patterson reader but I just pass this book on to my 11-year-old granddaughter I remember staying up till 3 AM because I could not put this book down if you love a dog or ever have loved a dog this is a book for you you'll never look at a dog the same again but then a good way!

Velocity and intensity should be after watchers #2 and #3. the only writer better than Koontz is Stephen king and they are neck n neck

Lightning Lightning Product Image

My personal favorite Koontz book. I've read it twice and I have encouraged others in my family to read it, and they all loved it as well

This is by far Koontz's best book. The twist and turns keeps you interested until the last page. I have read this book 3 times, and it is always the book I recommend to anyone wanting to start Koontz books.

The best book I have ever read. It is so unique and lovable

I loved this book. It is my newest favorite Koontz book and I have read quite a few!

Midnight Midnight Product Image

Again... a perfect book to show the corruption in government and science.

Stands out even among excellent books.

Could not put it down! Totally awesome!

My first Dean Koontz book, and by far the best. Its been my favorite book for four to five years. I recomend everyone to read it.

Winter Moon Winter Moon Product Image

The one that lead me into the wonderful world of Koontz. Might there be something in the forest, amidst the pines, beneath the winter moon, lurking and waiting to become?

Great read

Dragon Tears Dragon Tears Product Image

Dragon tears was my first introduction to Koontz. Many years later and having read much of his work, the antagonist in this story is still my favorite.

Really good book. One of his best.

Excellent read!

The very best!

Hideaway Hideaway Product Image

Dark disturbing book, at the same time filled with beauty & mystery.

The third Dean Koontz I've ever read and I'm not sorry at all. A great book.

Phantoms Phantoms Product Image

This is one of the few novels of Dean Koontz's that I've revisited over and over again. It made me look at shadows very carefully for a long time and to always turn off a dripping tap. I enjoy the plot and the characters very much.

I literally could not or would not put this book down. I was afraid to put it down - felt like I had to get through to the end to find out what was in the drain...

I read this when I was 13(probably a little young), it scared me so much that I didn't sleep that night. It was a while before I would go to the bathroom at night! I would turn out my lights and jump into bed, which eventually became mattress and box spring on the floor( there were things under the bed)! Dean Koontz was my boogieman.

The first novel I have read. And Dean Koontz catches my attention. He touches My heart. This book is very sentimental and historic to my life

Tick Tock Tick Tock Product Image

It is such an interesting book and has a lot going on, ending was a bit weird.

This book is awesome! Read it for yourself because its really hard to explain.

I was actually sad when I finished it because I wanted to know what was going to happen to the lovable characters

By far one of my favorite books of all time. It has so much suspense that you won't want to put the book down until you have finished it. Great read!

From the Corner of His Eye From the Corner of His Eye Product Image

I have so many Dean Koontz favorites, and this one tops the list! I laughed, I cried, and was struck dumb in awe. The only fault I could find with this book was that it wasn't longer...

I have read a lot of Dean Koontz novels, many twice. This book however, is by far my favorite. The way he describes his characters and their emotions it makes you feel like you are part of the book and can't put it down. My recommendation is just read it!

First book I read by Koontz, then I was hooked! I have read many more of his books since then, but this one is still my favorite.

First book I read by Koontz. It made me want to read more. Too bad his writing isn't always this good.

Intensity Intensity Product Image

Intensity, in my opinion, is the touchstone by which all suspense thrillers should be measured. It is one of the rare books that never gets boring even during the middle of the book. It starts off in high gear, climbs into overdrive in the middle, and by the end, it is nothing short of pure nitro! It is a true masterpiece.

My daughter asked me to recommend a gripping book because she was bored with what she had been reading. She then yelled at me because she said she couldn't read this one at night. Laugh out loud It's that good. Following this gal as she travels right along with the killer had me looking over my shoulder the entire time I read this book. Such an excellent idea for a story but man, it scared the heck outta me at the same time.

This is the first Dean Koontz book I have ever read and since then I never lost interest with his works. You can feel you adrenaline rushing through your veins as the story unfolds. The emotional roller is balanced with intellectual and psychological journey of the main character, rooting the deep courage Chyna manifested. Truly a hard-gripping books and one of the best!

Most fitting book title ever. I was read this book several years ago, alone, at night (big mistake). I was so entrenched in the book that when my stomach growled it scared me so badly I cursed and threw the book across the room. I have never been so drawn into a book. I vividly remember the story even now years later.

The Contenders

Odd Thomas Odd Thomas Product Image

Loved the protagonist -read the full series. One of my all time favorite series

Odd Thomas is probably one of the few "perfect novels" that Koontz has ever written (along with Watchers), as it has a great protagonist, an excellent plot and ends exactly how it's supposed to, but with a few surprises along the way.

My daughter recommended this to me and I could not read through the series fast enough. Cannot wait for the next one.

Love this book. Have read the next 2 in the series as well, also very good.

Cold Fire Cold Fire Product Image

Loved the character Tom Ironheart. One of Koontz best inventions.

Top of the line suspence. Great for a book report. Believe my A .

One of the 1st books I read from Koontz, and after many years and even more books, it's still in my top five favorites list!

Night Chills Night Chills Product Image

"Truly awesome suspense novel about subliminal mind control. Would rank about sixth for most true Koontz fans. A fun and thrilling read."

So far my favorite. Fascinating and a fast read.

Excellent. Quick read.

House of Thunder House of Thunder Product Image

This was my first book from Dean Koontz and it's my favorite by far.

The best book of all.. Trust me!

One of my all time favorite book of Dean Koontz.

Very clever idea.

Icebound Icebound Product Image
The Eyes of Darkness The Eyes of Darkness Product Image
Life Expectancy Life Expectancy Product Image

Fun characters. Intense and suspenseful. I was actually laughing outloud at points. This book shows Koontz's skill for witty dialogue.

This book is a ton of fun. Great characters, lots of humour and just generally hard to stop reading. Definitely in Koontz's top 5. Prepare to be enchanted.

One of the few Koontz books with amazing suspense and plot, but is also quite funny

It is my favorite book of all time!

Fear Nothing Fear Nothing Product Image

This and seize the night may be my favorite koontz books. The humor mixed with suspense...

I've enjoyed over 35 Koontz books. For some reason I couldn't finish this or Winter Moon. Took forever for something to happen. I'm sure I'll try again and succeed.

Loved this and "Seize the Night". Keep hoping he'll write another Christopher Snow novel. Have read both several times.

One of only a few books I've read more than once. Seize the Night was also worthy of a reread.

The Bad Place The Bad Place Product Image

My favorite of all of Koontz's books. He dares to go to some very dark places in this one. The originality of the types of horror he brings here is so unexpected. Weirdly wild and full of unique characters. A must read.

By far the best book I have ever read. Kept me interested and racing ahead to find out what was happening, The only book that I could get up in the middle of the night and want to carry on reading!

My wife and I enjoy Koontz novels; however she could not finish this one as she started having nightmares. Considering she has read most of King and Koontz novels that is saying something.

First one of his I read as a kid and have read it many times over again along with Cold Fire and The Voice of the Night

One Door Away from Heaven One Door Away from Heaven Product Image

The first Koontz book which has bored me, it started with such promise, characters you could identify with and take to your heart.

I'm now on chapter 26 and can't be bothered picking it back up, it appears (to me), Koontz was under pressure to write this book and contracted to write ex amount of pages, most of which he's filled with unnecessary descriptions of characters and locations.

We all love to use our imaginations from an authors adjectivity, however I really don't care about full blown descritptions of minor characters and locations, I would much prefer a fluent storyline and not page fillers.

I will however at some point plod on with the story by skipping the unnecessary adjectives and thus drastically shortening the length of the book which saddens me greatly.

I'm very sorry about this review Mr Koontz but I would be doing you a disservice by saying anything different.

DEFINITE. It should and so should from the corner of his eye

One of my favorite books of his. I read it in the 90s and still think about it to this day.

Wonderful characters and great style.

Frankenstein: Prodigal Son Frankenstein: Prodigal Son Product Image

This is an amazing book where his forte, corruption in the science industry, is clearly seen.

An easy read that left me wanting #2 which I just finished. On to #3!

Absolutely top-notch Dean Koontz

Loved the whole series. I hope they definitely make these into a movie or T.V. series. It would have to have some money behind it so as not to be cheesy but, if done correctly, would be a huge hit.

The Door to December The Door to December Product Image

My favorite book of Koontz. Didn't sleep for a week after finishing it.

Excellent writing and visualization

Great book! Just could not put it down.

Big time awesome...great read...

Velocity Velocity Product Image

I have read this book four times and have bought three copies cause I'm constantly afraid that I am going to misplace it someday! It is just amazing a must read!

This is the best in my humble opinion

False Memory False Memory Product Image

I love every Dean Koontz book. I have read them all, but False Memory is the book I first recommend to someone. It is so scary and believable. I love this book.

The most evil villain in the history of evil villains

This book will blow your mind... a must read!

Dark Rivers of the Heart Dark Rivers of the Heart Product Image

Thank you for "Dark Rivers of the Heart." It still rings true 25 years later.

Roy Miro... Pure empathy, power of compassion, creating killers as he goes... Reminds me of hannibal in a way. Great story!

Loved this one. He killed with compassion.

Some of the best dialogue I've ever read

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