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21 Frankenstein: Prodigal Son

This is an amazing book where his forte, corruption in the science industry, is clearly seen. -

An easy read that left me wanting #2 which I just finished. On to #3!

Absolutely top-notch Dean Koontz

Must read

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22 The Door to December

My favorite book of Koontz. Didn't sleep for a week after finishing it.

Excellent writing and visualization

Great book! Just could not put it down.

Big time awesome...great read...

23 The Bad Place

By far the best book I have ever read. Kept me interested and racing ahead to find out what was happening, The only book that I could get up in the middle of the night and want to carry on reading!

My wife and I enjoy Koontz novels; however she could not finish this one as she started having nightmares. Considering she has read most of King and Koontz novels that is saying something.

First one of his I read as a kid and have read it many times over again along with Cold Fire and The Voice of the Night

One of the earlier books I have read by Dean knootz. Loved it. Bout to pick or book.or two from him to start reading just checking onsome advise on where I should go to next!

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24 False Memory

I love every Dean Koontz book. I have read them all, but False Memory is the book I first recommend to someone. It is so scary and believable. I love this book.

The most evil villain in the history of evil villains

This book will blow your mind... a must read!

25 Sole Survivor

You can feel the main characters feelings eminating off the page. - fireinside96

Cool plot. Great book.

26 By the Light of the Moon

I loved this book! Have read it about 10 times so far.

Top five in my humble opinion.

27 Dark Rivers of the Heart

Roy Miro... Pure empathy, power of compassion, creating killers as he goes... Reminds me of hannibal in a way. Great story!

Loved this one. He killed with compassion.

Some of the best dialogue I've ever read

This book is pure Gold!

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28 The Taking

This was the seventh Dean Koontz book I've read and as much as I love just about anything from Koontz, this one is my absolute favorite so far. Koontz has this uncanny ability to make his readers think "what if this actually happened? " Creepiest, most terrifying book so far, with an awesome twist ending.

For me at least I loved this book! I was startled that it isn't one of his popular ones! Awesome book! Had me thinking about it long after I finished it!

An interesting apocalyptic twist

29 Strangers

One of the first Koontz book I read and have been reading all his books since. I think this is one of my favorites, however so many of his books are great. I like his lighter fare such as Life Expectancy and Odd Thomas just as much as From the Corner of his Eye which might be his most intense novel.

The first Dean Koontz I ever read. I'll add that it got me into the habit of reading in general. It was such a strange viewpoint at the time. Really impressed with his knowledge of military type spying devices. He pushes you right to the edge of reality in order to make his stories believable.

Apparently Stephen King's favourite Koontz book. Would have to agree. Enjoyed it even more than Watchers.

Needs only 3 pages to hook you. Then the hook stays...

30 Demon Seed

This is a great, intense thriller. -

31 Darkfall
32 The Face

A really fun story, hard to put down once you start.

This is his best

33 Innocence

Incredible story! Read it two hours, I was that enthralled. Rates up there with 'Twilight Eyes' and 'From the Corner of his Eye'.

Loved this book and have shared it with many others.

Beautiful and sad with a truly unpredictable and heart breaking twist... encompasses the essence of the entire Odd series, including the first three which were the best in the series.

Anothers I come back to from time to time.koontz puts me in mind of flannery o'connor and I find new insights with each rereading.

34 The Darkest Evening of the Year

Superb - better than lightning which is terrific. Sad it's so under rated. It's my personal DK favorite and I have read several on this list

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35 The City

Well written, good characters, no gratuitous bad language. Classy!

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36 The Servants of Twilight

Just awesome; a true page turner. One can really relate to the characters. One of the absolute "bests" of any Koontz novels.

37 Chase
38 The Key to Midnight

I read it in one night, it was so great. First Koontz book I ever read, and is still the best in my opinion.

39 Brother Odd
40 Seize the Night

I struggled with this and Winter Moon. I got this mixed up with Fear Nothing in a previous comment. Perhaps I read Fear Nothing and Seize The Night in the wrong order. Love Koontz. Favorite author.

Great sequel to Fear Nothing. Both were one of a few books I have reread. Great story.

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