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1 I Will Follow You Into the Dark I Will Follow You Into the Dark Cover Art

Something what I call "The perfect song with the perfect lyrics with perfect tune and rhythm"
To be honest, I cried thinking about my ex hearing this song. Yuck. X__X
Well, that's one of the Dopest songs out there. And the best thing is that you can try singing it yourself only with an acoustic guitar! :'D

This song is utter perfection. I listened to this while reading one of my favorite books and I cried because of the feels that the two of them combined brought to me. I just can't praise this song enough.

This is such a beautifully worded song. The lyrics, the music and, especially, the feeling, they come together perfectly. I can't be happier that this is the first song of theirs that I heard.

One of the first songs I shared with who was my best friend, sadly circumstances forced us apart but I will always thank her for the music and she will always hold a place in my heart.

2 Transatlanticism Transatlanticism Cover Art

Heard this for the first time at a Arby's with my wife last week. We had just gotten out of work together and decided to get something to eat. I was in one of my melancholy moods on this day and feeling very depressed when this song started playing over the loudspeakers. As I was listening to the song my wife noticed my change in demeanor which usually tells her I'm deep In thought and probably getting ready to cry about something from my past. I told her that I was okay and that I was just listening to this emo song over the radio and asked her to see who sang this song. Even though I'm in my mid forties I know about the emo genre. she told me and I immediately know who death cab for cutie were because of their song from the Wicker park soundtrack. I ended up crying anyway before the song finished. Such a beautiful and depressing song. I have since listened to this song everyday a couple of times since then.

This song is pure despair and longing. Gibbard conveys his emotions very well in all his songs. But none more so than this one. He makes me feel exactly how he does when he wrote this. They repeat the line "I need you so much closer" a good portion of the song, and it works wonderfully. Sometimes less lyrics are better. It helps capture his emotion perfectly. All he can think about is that's she's thousands of miles away and not there with him. Beautiful song.

Unique song, that is risky in the way it has so much repetition and no drop. It is peak Death Cab in every way, and Gibbard manages to make epic lyrics, as well as create this crazy concept of Transatlanticism. When I first heard the song, I was in a long distance relationship, so it hit me hard.

I first heard this song from a movie and now I was moved by the lyrics. Because there was a time of my life that I loved someone that it hurts a lot. It feels like I can really connect myself from this song through facing my challenges in life. It was my most played in my playlist. I Love It!

3 Soul Meets Body Soul Meets Body Cover Art

Right. So. I kind of like this girl. And, well, lets say she's not really from around my place. And, I kind of wanted to tell her how I felt about her. Think this song was perfect, in that context. So, yeah. There you go. Thanks.

No other songs better than soul meets body...
I hear this songs, learn the guitar and perform at my school.. Many people question about the songs.. Amazing..

In a Sunday night at a summer bars in victoria I ask again why I don't know yet how is possible.

This song is so melodic and that's why it should be their best song. Period.

4 I Will Possess Your Heart I Will Possess Your Heart Cover Art

Amazing song! Creepy and perfectly worded in a stalkers eye view. The music is beautiful as well. As creepy as it is, it capures the stalker view so well and the song it's self is done to perfection how can can I not love this amazing and underrated song?!

The bass in this makes the intro perfect - the lyrics are dark and powerful

This is one of their greatest songs, it makes me believe.

So awesome and a bit underrated!

5 Marching Bands of Manhattan Marching Bands of Manhattan Cover Art

This song is absolutely beautiful! How is it not #1? When I first heard it, I fell in love with it and couldn't stop listening to it. It has well over 400 plays on my ipod right now and it's the most played song! Great and beautiful music, beautiful lyrics as well. The beginning is astounding!

This song is possibly the most beautiful song ever written. Title and Registration is equally moving. Sorrow drips into your heart through a pinhole just like a faucet that leaks and there is comfort in the sound... Its all so poetic.

I love the lyrics "I wish we could open our eyes to see in all directions at the same time." It reminds you to appreciate the things around you.

Never cried so hard while listening to a song. The last stanza really makes me thing.

6 What Sarah Said What Sarah Said Cover Art

Why the heck is this only number six?!?! Please, at least put it as number two. I love this song so dang much. The line “Love is watching someone die” hit me like a truck. I had a cousin who passed away in the ICU, and this song makes me think of him. This is one of my all time favorite songs. Seriously. I wouldn’t give this song up for anything.

Still hurts to listen to, no matter how many times I hear it. Losing someone is painful. It takes a lot of love to watch someone die so they are not alone.

Love is watching someone die.

Amazing song. I wish everyone could feel what I felt when I heard this song for the first time. This song got me througo some very hard times

When you have a girlfriend named Sarah... , Oh dear god the water works! Such a deep sad song... But I love it

7 Grapevine Fires Grapevine Fires Cover Art

This song is like a melancholic march through an existential crisis. The cooing vocals and the ballad chord progressions put me in a trance like state like no other Death Cab song. The take away is that in the face of disaster there are always silver-linings. Beautiful song, the group's crowning atmospheric achievement.

The best song of ever. Of all time. The most subtle sad story there is. With a slow, not-quite-happy but not-quite-sad, rolling of drums as the background... It really is like a bicycle ride, like in the music video.

I agree with that guy. This might be one of the best songs in music history. Severely, grossly underrated and under-discussed.

I can't believe this isn't one of the most popular ones - it is so beautiful! Great imagery, and a strong but subtle message.

8 Crooked Teeth Crooked Teeth Cover Art

Catchiest song I have ever heard! I don't understand why everybody doesn't know this song it's amazing

Catchy song, beautiful lyrics

It was the song that I came to know DCFC off of and is a really good song with great lyrics and instrumentals

9 A Lack of Color A Lack of Color Cover Art

This song is so underrated. Is so beautiful and deep

This song is so awesome but so underrated

Good song,I don't understand why this song is so underrated

NUMBER 14?! HOW? THIS SHOULD BE AT LEAST IN THE TOP 5! If not no. 1 then 2. Because no.2 is okay okay.

10 You are a Tourist You are a Tourist Cover Art

So inexplicably good. Melancholy and hopeful at the same time.

Its an amzing song so catchy!

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? Northern Lights Northern Lights Cover Art

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11 Title and Registration Title and Registration Cover Art

This song seriously is perfectly arranged. The guitar is acoustic and mellow, the back beat is driving but not intense, and the vocals are ephemeral, all adding up to a soothing listening experience! Love it

These lyrics are the best lyrics ever written for anything

One of their best. Wish they would play it on the radio.

Absolutely brilliant. Has that eerie feel to it.

12 Tiny Vessels Tiny Vessels Cover Art

The best-written dcfc song in my opinion, I have a feeling a lot of fans have skipped over this track due to how slow it starts out. my favorite track without a doubt.

How in the hell is this number 40? This is an absolute gem. Death Cab at its finest.

This is easily one of their top 10 songs!

The best of the best

13 Summer Skin Summer Skin Cover Art

Lyrically, this blows the top three out of the water, and for a band that plays less complex melodies, I'm confused as to why more of their lyrical juggernauts aren't on this list. Where is "Tiny Vessels" or "Brothers on a Hotel Bed" for instance?

14 Someday You Will Be Loved

I wonder why this isn't in the list! I personally think this should be at least in the top 5

Song that anyone recovering from a breakup should give a listen. Trully touching. Gets me every time!

I love this song for so many reasons it's an amazing song that makes my heart drop every single time I listen to it and it makes me really happy even though it's a sad/tragic song but full of hope at the same time

15 Your Heart is an Empty Room Your Heart is an Empty Room Cover Art

It was my first song I heard from them. I love this song. I remember listening it early in the morning and I felt good.

Never hooked on the band, but one of my favorite songs ever

It's a simple song. Loved by all simple ones

16 The Ghosts of Beverly Drive The Ghosts of Beverly Drive Cover Art

First Death Cab song I ever heard, so maybe I have a personal attachment to it. I think this song is very pretty and unique (though I do think most Death Cab songs are unique).

Really underrated song off of Kintsugi.

17 The Sound of Settling The Sound of Settling Cover Art

Gets me running! Mood changer. You tend to feel good about yourself, when you listen to this one. The is the sound of settling!

18 Brothers on a Hotel Bed Brothers on a Hotel Bed Cover Art

I love everything about this song

19 Company Calls Epilogue Company Calls Epilogue Cover Art

If you haven't gone back and listened to this early death cab album, you have missed out so much. Definitely their best album, and this song is the absolute highlight of the album

If you don't know, figure it out.

20 Codes and Keys

This song makes me cry every time I hear that!

21 President of What? President of What? Cover Art
22 Cath....

How is this song at no 30? I voted for this because this song deserves to be in at least top five. Listen to the song and you will know.

This song makes you feel things! You can listen to it on repeat for days and call it an emotional experience in itself

Best all time song about settling.

One of my favourite songs ever. deserves to be so much higher.

23 Black Sun Black Sun Cover Art

So simple. So brilliant.

24 Pictures In an Exhibition

Hardcore DCFC fans will love this tune

25 St. Peter's Cathedral

So bleak, yet so beautiful. These lyrics make me cry every time.

Great song - deserves to be higher

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