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41 Monday Morning

One of the catchiest song I've ever heard from them! It was playing all the time in my mind the first time I listened to it. The lyrics are cute too, love to think it's about growing old with zooey deschanel

I'm surprised no one has added this song much higher up in the list! It's amazing!

42 The Ice Is Getting Thinner

The song is so sweet. Its so nice and soothing.

Heard it on gossip girl! Love this song

43 Stay Young, Go Dancing

Something's so wrong that this song's not on the list. This is BEAUTIFUL! Even Taylor Swift would agree to this.

This needs to be top 10! Such a great song!

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44 Song for Kelly Huckaby
45 Different Names for the Same Thing
46 Home Is a Fire

This song has wonderful lyrics, anyone can relate to it. And I find the whole idea that everything is constantly changing to be an incredible, unique, indescribable thought/feeling. It's strong. And this song does an excellent job of mixing a couple emotions to really perfectly express the feeling of being in constant change, never having a single home that'll last forever. Its upbeat temp/rhythm sets the tempo at which life hits you. The way song sounds kinda happy, and transitions into a more eerie chord progression. And the chorus goes through a series of feelings, the way any life would go. This song is powerful and it is one of the best I've ever heard.

47 Scientist Studies
48 We Looked Like Giants
49 Bend to Squares

Should be in the top ten lists... Just listen to it friends...

50 Blacking Out the Friction
51 Little Fury Bugs
52 Unobstructed Views
53 Death of an Interior Decorator
54 You've Haunted Me All My Life

How is this #50?! This song is so damn beautiful. It's in my top 3 alongside Transatlanticism and I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Come on, people...!

55 The Employment Pages
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57 Little Bribes
58 Talking Bird

Seriously? This is one of my favorite songs ever. It saddens me to see that its not even mentioned.

59 Fake Frowns
60 President of What?
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