Best Death Metal Albums & Demos

In 2005 Metal Side Webzine celebrated the 20 year history of Death Metal since the gods
Possessed debut album 'Seven Churches' hit the metal scene in 1985 as the first death metal album in history. As part of observing this metallic milestone, Metal Side Webzine invited select death metallers from the worldwide true metal underground to send their lists of their all time top ten death metal albums, demos & death metal musicians for all time. These results can be viewed at .

It's now December 2010, & 25 years to the month since that historic album hit the record stores - that's right to the month - after all being a 43 year old veteran of the metal scene, I was there at the time when 'Seven Churches' hit the record racks of the local metal record store in December '85. Following the tradition of Metal Side Webzine, I too am now observing the Quarter Century of Death Metal by ranking all time top death metal albums, demos, & musicians. True Death Metallers are invited to list their top Death Metal rankings as part of this observation of Death Metal History.

It should be noted that Possessed's 'Seven Churches' album was not the first ever Death Metal recording, & so did not begin the History of Death Metal - that honour should go to the first demo tape of Death [then called Mantas], 'Death By Metal'. Rather, Possessed's 'Seven Churches' album was the first Death Metal album of all time. To be exact, it was the first full length album of Death Metal History, because Sepultura, who themselves started as one of the first ever Death Metal bands, also unleashed their debut record, the legendary 'Bestial Devastation' mini album in '85. What a historic year for Death Metal that was. True Death Metallers should celebrate this milestone of Death Metal History.

First list is top ten Death Metal albums & demos of all time.

The Top Ten

1 Scream Bloody Gore - Death

Said to be the first ever death metal album - lukew95

2 Seven Churches - Possessed
3 Bestial Devastation - Sepultura
4 Abominations of Desolation - Morbid Angel
5 I.N.R.I. - Sarcofago
6 1984 Demo - Possessed
7 Thy Kingdom Come Demo - Morbid Angel
8 Reign of Terror Demo - Death

Wow, this was awesome. - GREYBOYY

9 Demo II - Pentagram
10 1986 Demo - Xecutioner [Obituary]

The Contenders

11 Altars of Madness - Morbid Angel

How it this not first? - levtomas1998

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