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61 Maximum Violence - Six Feet Under

This is the album that practically reincarnated in the late 90's

62 Unborn - Six Feet Under

You don't understand what I am saying!
Best death album ever who six feet under release at 2013

Awesome Album! I recommit that to everybody who want to listen true death metal, buy this album!

Great performance for six feet under!
They will be famous soon for this album!

63 Are You Dead Yet? - Children of Bodom

What? This album is not even in the list! Greatest album.
In your face
Punch me I bleed
Are you dead yet

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64 From Wisdom to Hate - Gorguts
65 Blessed Are the Sick - Morbid Angel
66 Pierced From Within - Suffocation
67 Thresholds - Nocturnus
68 Close to a World Below - Immolation
69 Clandestine - Entombed
70 The Jester Race - In Flames
71 The Stench of Redemption - Deicide

Such a beautiful album, should be in the ten twenty with bloodbath

What the hell? Why deicide best album is not here?
Deicide is one of the best DM band of All Time + Slayer is My Favorite band, But they are THRASH, Not Death!

72 Sinister Slaughter - Macabre
73 Seventh Swamphony - Kalmah
74 Colony - In Flames
75 The Apostasy - Behemoth
76 Arise - Selpultura
77 The Rack - Asphyx
78 To the Depths, In Degradation - Infester

Such an eerie and brutal album how has this not been added

79 Massacre - from Beyond

Vary underrated death metal album,and band. This album should at least be in the top ten list. Ps... You guys, just cause death made an influential album, doesn't mean the whole catalog is the most influential death metal.

80 Destroy the Opposition - Dying Fetus
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