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81 Grave Grave Grave is a Swedish death metal band that formed in 1986 by vocalist and guitarist Ola Lindgren, who is their only constant member.

One of the greatest death metal bands of all time.

82 Intestine Baalism Intestine Baalism Intestine Baalism is a death metal band hailing from Tokio/Kanto, Japan. The band was formed in 1991 as "Euthanasia" and changed 1992 their name to "Intestine Baalism", which is a term for the Sumerian god of the harvest. more.

This is a real treasure of Death Metal. Their sound is an awesome mix of old-school Death Metal and some kind of Melodic Death Metal.
They got fast, heavy blasting riffs and deep growls right from hell extremely well merged with some passages of euphonious melodies.
Some people call their very unique style "Brutal Melodic Death". In all this years I never heard a band playing like them, so definitely check them out! You'll miss something!
Listen to the song "Banquet in the Darkness", if you like more melody. Listen to "Agony in the stone chamber" for a heavier experience! - Juli

Insane band! Brutal and still melodic, not like the Gothenburg metal. - Flav

83 Spawn of Possession Spawn of Possession

The most underrated Death Metal band. Makes truly unique songs. Technical, uses orchestra elements without sounding stupid (it actually complements the songs) and amazing musicians. Should be A LOT higher on this list. If you don't know them, give 'The Evangelist' a chance if you're into really Technical songs or 'Apparition' for an all rounded fantastic experience.

84 Extol Extol Extol are a progressive extreme Christian metal band from Bekkestua, Norway that was formed in 1993. The band is known for playing a variety of different styles of metal which include progressive metal, death metal, black metal and thrash metal.

The best band there is. And I'm not just saying that.

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85 Deeds of Flesh Deeds of Flesh Deeds of Flesh is a four-piece death metal band from Los Osos, California, U.S. They were formed in 1993 by Jacoby Kingston, Erik Lindmark and Joey Heaslet and are still active.
86 Yyrkoon Yyrkoon V 1 Comment
87 Hate Eternal Hate Eternal
88 Luna Mortis
89 Crematory
90 Dismember Dismember

If you know the death metal history Dismember should among the top 5 five on this list.

Why are so many great and/or essential bands that low?!

Pure Death metal. heavy/epic classical theme has been injected into massive melodies. They know what to do.

Should be top 3

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91 Aborted Aborted

Aborted must be higher! One of the most brutal, craziest deathgrind bands out there - ryanrimmel

92 Insomnium Insomnium Insomnium is a Finnish melodic death metal band from Joensuu, Finland. The sound and lyrical themes of their music portray darkness, sorrow, loss, pain, and nature.

How where they not on this list until now?

93 Living Sacrifice

They have been around for about 30 years. Their self titled is amazing.

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94 Heaven Shall Burn Heaven Shall Burn

All of there songs are amazing but there cover of black tears was unreal and of no avail was perfect!

Just listen to "A Dying Ember" and you'll realize why this band is the best death metal band.

Almost every song is great. Should be in top ten

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95 Malevolent Creation Malevolent Creation Malevolent Creation is an American death metal band formed in Buffalo, New York in 1987. The band’s original members were vocalist Brett Hoffmann, guitarists Phil Fasciana and Jeff Juskiewicz, bassist Jason Blachowicz, and drummer Mark Simpson.

My favorite death metal band other than Death, I voted for Death if I didn't know they practically have a guaranteed #1 spot. This band should definitely be higher.

I am disgusted that these guys are not in the top 10, let alone at #99. My favorite death metal band of all time, MAYBE barring Gojira.

99 really?!?! Bands like a job for a cowboy and white chapel should not be here! Malevolent creation is easily one of my favourite death metal bands of all time. Listen to the Ten Commandments album. It'll blow your mind!

How can these guys not be in the top 20, let alone top 10.

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96 Gorgoroth Gorgoroth Gorgoroth is a Norwegian black metal band based in Bergen. Formed in 1992 by Infernus, the band is named after the dead plateau of evil and darkness in the land of Mordor.

Not Death Metal at all. - GREYBOYY

Gorgoroth is Black Metal, they should not be in this list.

Gorgoroth should b number 1 in the list. Look at the voice. Lyrics. Drum blasting. Heavy guitar riffs. What more you need than this
It should b no1 in the list. Look at lyrics. Voice. Drum blasting. Heavy guitar riffs. What more you need than this. Listen to 'the devil is calling'

97 Unleashed Unleashed Unleashed is a Swedish death metal band that was formed in 1989 by Johnny Hedlund in Stockholm. Common lyrical themes found in the band's music include Viking culture, recollection of a pre-Christian world, and Norse folklore.
98 Wintersun Wintersun Wintersun is a metal band from Helsinki, Finland and was originally created by guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, songwriter and vocalist Jari Mäenpää as a side project to folk metal band Ensiferum for whom he was lead singer and guitarist.

Wintersun 72 pfff haha Wintersun is one of the best at least better than children of bodom, amon amarth,arch enemy, behemoth,...

I disagree. I also like Wintersun, but in my opinion they aren't in the Top 100 of Death Metal. In Melodic Death Metal they certainly are in Top 50, but that's just a small part of a great genre. - Juli

99 Exhumed Exhumed Exhumed is an American death metal band from San Jose, California that is currently signed to Relapse Records. V 1 Comment
100 Master

Legendary! Master is worthy of a higher spot

So underrated! - Brobusky

Always been a big fan of Master. Great lyrical content and good sound overall. Extreamly underrated

Master is my favourite (thrash-) death metal band.

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