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1 George Kollias - Nile Georgios "George" Kollias is a Greek heavy metal drummer and music teacher best known for his work with American technical death metal band Nile.

I love his drums man I am a death metal drummer an I don't have anything on him his blast beats are insane.

This guy is very good. he's better with his hands then most death metal drummers and in the top 15 fastest double base pedals ever so yeah he's number on. - maggot-104

Insane drummer, his solo album is pure class

I love him. He is the BLAST BEATS

2 Gene Hoglan Eugene "Gene" Victor Hoglan II is an American drummer. He is acclaimed for his creativity in drum arrangements, including use of odd devices for percussion effects and his trademark lengthy double-kick drum rhythms.

Gene deserves to be #1, he can play everything, from Death Metal to Technical Death Metal to Melodic Death Metal, Power Metal, Black Metal. - GREYBOYY

What the hell? George kolias number.1 ok
But gene holgan not even in top ten? He is one of the best drummers nowadays hear his drums with Death, Dethklok Or Any band he joined in - nooreldeen

Not only is he so technical and his immense foot work that is probably the best in the industry, I think people forget his creative and diverse he can be. There’s no mistaking his playing for when listening you know it’s him behind that set. With that said pretty different styles when playing for death Testament and especially unique when combined with fear factory. Such a great dude to talk to, Modest, and very humble. I got the chance to see him live with the great Chuck Schuldiner back in the day with Death, Devon Townsend Strapping Young Lad, and of course one of my all time favorites FEAR FACTORY twice with Burt, Dino, Byron. Blew my mind live! He makes it look so easy. Salute!

3 Paul Mazurkiewicz - Cannibal Corpse Paul Mazurkiewicz is an American drummer best known as a member for death metal band Cannibal Corpse. Mazurkiewicz was originally the drummer for the band, Tirant Sin, alongside two other future Cannibal Corpse members Chris Barnes and Bob Rusay.

Cradle of filth and suicide silence are not death metal laugh out loud, and cannibal corpse is one of the best

Should be the top of the list, for he is has the best timing in the world, he never misses a note and plays exactly like in the cd when he plays live.

Best best best in the world

Techniqualy not the best, but he has style that is reconizable and its one of those things that make Cannibal corpse sound different from any other death metal band. he's also one of the pioneers in this genre.

4 Nils Fjellström

Played in Aeon, Sanctification and Dark funeral. Now in Nordjevel. Just a great drummer for death metal and black metal.

A fast hardhitting speed demon. Great and underrated.

5 Francesco Paoli - Fleshgod Apocalypse Francesco Paoli is the drummer for the Italian technical death metal band Fleshgod Apocalypse, formed in 2007.

Nobody can't beat him on blast beats


God-tier drummer! just listen to his INSANE blastbeats in "The Violation" or the precision in "Minotaur"...

6 Krimh - Decapitated

Great drummer, just check out his YouTube channel!

Sick drummer!

He's in SepticFlesh now. Insane power and precision - BoyBlue

7 John Longstreth - Origin, Skinless, Gorguts

No questions asked, by far one of the most technical and fastest drummers, and he still is able to make it catchy

8 Flo Mounier Flo Mounier is the drummer of technical death metal band Cryptopsy. He has toured Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and the United States as a headlining act over the last 24 years, and combined record sales have reached over 300,000 copies to date.

What! 29th place! On extreme tracks like defenestration and two-pound torch. great drummer and has been around for 23 years. needs to be top 3 easily.

Not as good as Kollias, but this guy deserves top 5

Utterly insane drummer,his talent hasn't gotten through unnoticed but he still needs more than what he gets!

9 Mike Smith - Suffocation

Talking about Mike Smith is not only about his career with Suffo but also his contribution into death metal and extreme drumming technique. God has sent him to the world for inventing death metal drumming.

Suffocation deserves a high vote

Who's the master? Of course Mike Smith. With his multi instrumentalist background, he's able to put the "art of drumming" proportionaly. He's the best drummer ever.

10 Pete "The Feet" Sandoval - Morbid Angel

He is one the best drummers


Not higher how? He blast beats like a motherf*****, his work on Formulas Fatal to the flesh is just amazing

He basically created the death metal drumming style

The Contenders

11 Dave McGraw - Cattle Decapitation

An absolute beast on the skins.

Cattle Decap is one of the heaviest band around, and this guy is one of the reasons.

12 Hannes Grossmann - Necrophagist, Obscura Hannes Grossmann is a German drummer who plays for the US death metal band Hate Eternal, German progressive band Alkaloid, and for U.S. technical extreme metal supergroup Blotted Science. He was also the drummer during Necrophagist's Epitaph era and played with Obscura.

Was about to vote for George Kolias until I scrolled down a bit and saw Hannes, absolute monster, his work for Necrophagist, Obscura, Blotted Science and Alkaloid is incredible.

He's a beast. His work for Blotted Science is also remarkable. - Metal_Treasure

13 Richard Christy - Death

Hey Richard this is your Dad. Killed a opossum today caught it tryin to eat the chickens. Ok bub we'll talk to you later.

Only one one album of Death but he was the best one in my opinion.

Guy is an absolute monster. Way underrated. Super quick feet.

The blast beats were awesome. - GREYBOYY

14 Lyle Cooper - Absvrdist, The Faceless, Abhorrent

Planetary Duality is a piece of art because of his work. What a creative and cool drummer!

Shawn Cameron?!?!? But no Lyle Cooper? Listen to his work with Abhorrent and look me in my face and tell me even a quarter of this list is on his level.
Disgraceful. - Xenosapien

15 Zbigniew "Inferno" Promiński - Behemoth

Inferno is my master in death and black drumming


Great doublebass drumwork, A variety of blastbeats.
When he's playing live he uses different kinds of tempo's for the blast making the liveset diverse, also great technic.

16 Spencer Prewett - Archspire

Are you all crazy
Checkout archspire

Technical death metal legend

Speed, accuracy and groove

Mind numbingly fast

17 Steve Asheim - Deicide

Steve is the founding drummer of technical death metal drumming. Being one of the founding members of Deicide he also is one of the defining death metal drummers. His blast beats are insane, especially his early works (i. E Deicide and Legion) was completely impossible for it's time. The producers at Morrissound Studios were dumbfounded on how to clearly handle a blast beat like that. He is ranked the 14'th fastest blast beat drummer of all time (According to Guiness) and that alone makes Steve a drumming god. Not to mention that he can play the rack toms and cymbals so fast and fluently that I'd sometimes rather just listen to Deicide's drum tracks and not the whole song. He may not be as fast as George Kollias or some other drummer but he is a musical genius and will always be my top drummer.

By far best metal drummer in the world should be number one

Steve is the man

18 Fabio Ramirez - Internal Suffering, Christ Denied
19 Derek Roddy

I hate all of you, derek roddy is up there with george kollias in skill level and he's not even in the list at all. his work in I, Monarch is some of the best drumming I've ever heard in death metal.

By far the best drummer in the death metal scene right now, he's up there with george kollias but plays so well that he's done every single recording in one take, hence the nickname derek "onetake" roddy

He is the best... No question about that

He's NUMBER 1 OR 2 that's ALL I KNOW

20 Romain Goulon - Necrophagist

These top ten are based on famous they are. Technically, Romain Goulon blows Gene Hoglan clear out of the water.

At least top 10. come on now

21 Darren Cesca - Deeds of Flesh, Goratory, Arsis
22 Ken Bedene - Aborted

Insane speed and power. Technique is flawless and is one of the cleanest players in death metal

Monster among drummers!

Technical monster.

23 Krzysztof Raczkowski - Vader

Best DM drummer of all time, no doubt!

24 Shawn Cameron - Carnifex
25 Marco Pitruzzella - Braindrill

Hell yea baby

26 Trey Williams - Braindrill
27 Martin Marthus Škaroupka - Cradle of Filth

As for me, he's inimitable drummer. He has high level of technical and speed.

What a razor sharp player dead on nice blasts in COF but speed and precision & taste with Inner FeAr

28 Dirk Verbeuren - Soilwork
29 Donald Tardy - Obituary

He may not be the fastest drummer around, but he always knows how to hold a beat, which makes the riffs even more awesome. Hail Obituary

Obituary are true pioneers in aggressive metal

This guy is fantastic! Keeps beats that are both not overly technical but brutal at the same time! Definitely deserves a higher spot!

30 Aaron Kitcher - Infant Annihilator

...look up YouTube videos of this guy

31 Shannon Lucas - The Black Dahlia Murder Shannon Lucas is an American heavy metal drummer from Staunton, Virginia. He is best known as the former drummer for death metal band The Black Dahlia Murder and metalcore band All That Remains.

How is this guy not higher up? I mean the guy was on Nocturnal and was on all that remains best album in my opinion.

32 Alan Cassidy - The Black Dahlia Murder

Alan Is more faster than Shawn Cameron

Alan did an amazing job following Shannon :) TBDM for life

33 Sean Reinert Sean Reinert was the drummer of Æon Spoke. He was also the drummer and founding member of Cynic, until leaving the band in September 2015.

Best Death drummer ever - BossDj0

Listen to the death album human c and you will see

How’s the hell is Reinhart not higher?

I love this gay sonofabitch! Human and Focus have some of the best drumming EVER!

34 Mario Duplantier - Gojira Mario Duplantier is a French musician and artist best known as the drummer of technical death metal band Gojira.

His live solos combined with damn near every song Gojira have ever released are evidence enough

35 Alex Lopez - Suicide Silence
36 Witold "Vitek" Kiełtyka - Decapitated

By Far Better than anyone on this list

37 Mauro Mercurio
38 Max Kolesne - Krisiun

Max is kind of a show of his own. I simply can't stop looking at his performance on the stage.

39 John Longstreth - Origin

There is absolutely no way any ass from an 'old-school' death metal band, or any deathcore band should be above Longstreth. There is no one who combines that type of speed with that technicality. He's the most complete dm drummer.

Longstreth should be 36 places higher

Longstreth combines that speed with technicality. He tops Kolias, Hoglan...anyone.
Longstreth is the number ONE death metal drummer...hands down. - Xenosapien

40 Chason Westmoreland - Abigail Williams, Hate Eternal, Oceano
41 Jean Dolabella - Sepultura
42 Jaska Raatikainen
43 Stanisław "Hexen" Malanowicz - Hate
44 Kevin Talley - Dååth
45 Ole Öhman - Dissection
46 Steve Shalaty - Immolation
47 Martin Lopez - Opeth, Soen

I’m personally a bigger fan of Axenrot, but unfortunately Axe isn’t on any dm records save for Watershed, SO MARTIN IT IS! both are geniuses, and Martin’s work on Deliverance, BWP, etc. Is the stuff of legends

48 Daniel Erlandsson

The race,The world is yours etc. This is one Hell of a skilled drummer

49 Jon Rice - Job for a Cowboy

He is probably the most wicked drummer in modern death metal. He plays some extremely complicated parts and is one of the most technical drummers on the market. I put him right at or above George Kollias.

50 Jay Blaisdell - Abnormality
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