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41 Genetic Reconstruction
42 In Human Form

This is a flawless flowing song, the way chuck measure the vocals with those riffs just so brilliantly catchy

Every song in this album deserves to be at least #20

The most underrated Death song, one of the best!

43 Within the Mind
44 Altering the Future V 2 Comments
45 Baptized in Blood

Songs like Baptized in blood, Mutilation, Forgotten past, Primitive ways, Defensive personalities, Nothing is everything, I.T.P, Sacred serenity, 1.000 eyes, Misanthrope, Bite the pain, To forgive is to suffer... will be always overlooked, perhaps for their own good while Crystal mountain and Spirit crusher (guess they have a pretty face) will reign in every top ten. Well well... - CosmicSea

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46 Individual Thought Patterns
47 Destiny

How is this not at number one? It is by far one of the most amazing songs by Death. And it has a more than beautiful beginnings. Okay now I'm just ranting to get the minimum content.

Beautiful acoustic intro, killer switch to death metal, awesome bass guitars, great lyrics!

48 Sacred Serenity

The first lead on this solo is so badass. I think this song deserves to be higher up on the list

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49 Nothing Is Everything

Staring beyond the wall a thousand times over

50 Cosmic Sea

Come on guys... I know every songs by this band are awesome!
But Cosmic Sea 57th I don't think so...

51 Low Life

A killer, a taker, a fighter is what you are!

Fake... is a word... you represent
Your existence. On. Earth... I resent

Awesome riffing and vocal rhythm there, and the solo section absolutely smokes, James seems to have brought the best out of Chuck in my opinion. Best death album and lineup

52 Forgotten Past V 1 Comment
53 Vacant Planets

No choice but to adapt to an underground world!

54 Defensive Personalities

This song is seriously underrated. The drums compliment the rif fag e to perfection.

55 Land of No Return
56 See Through Dreams

Best why so low?

57 Jealousy
58 Out of Touch
59 Primitive Ways
60 Regurgitated Guts V 1 Comment
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