Best Deathcore Songs

Best Deathcore Songs. Only deathcore, no metalcore like As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red.

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1 You Only Live Once - Suicide Silence

Man I only know like two bands on here and there Chelsea grin and suicide silence. and I forgot to say this is the greatest song and if you people say there are better songs on here then you clearly haven't heard this

2 Lie to My Face - Carnifex
3 Reign of Darkness - Thy Art Is Murder

"Fear Me
I am the destruction of innocence
I am the violence embedded in flesh
I am the pain in the bones of the mortal shell
the dark heart of the earth
I am hell"
Potentially the best intro in deathcore history, besides the instrumental intro to Whore to a Chainsaw, by the same band. - Ethansics

4 Behold the Kindom of the Wretched Undying - Infant Annihilator
5 Eradication - All Shall Perish
6 Possession - Whitechapel
7 My Damnation - Chelsea Grin
8 The Somatic Defilement - Whitechapel
9 Deceiver - Impending Doom
10 Grey Skies - Animosity

The Contenders

11 Knee Deep - Job for a Cowboy
12 No Pity for a Coward - Suicide Silence
13 Recreant - Chelsea Grin

Kick ass song it deserve the second spot after YOLO... - nooreldeen

14 Furtive Monologue - Despised Icon
15 This Is Exile - Whitechapel

One of the greatest for me: minimalism in music and truly devilish vocal

16 The Fallen - Suicide Silence
17 Ophiophagy - Aversions Crown

This new deathcore song, but I like this song since hear first time

18 District of Misery - Oceano
19 Pray for Plagues - Bring Me the Horizon

An epic classic! How is this not in the top 10?

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20 Samael the Destroyer - Oceano

This song is so brutal! It needs to be in the top ten for sure. It has a very eerie and evil sound that make you want to recklessly break stuff when listening to it. - MetalFoREVer1228

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1. Behold the Kindom of the Wretched Undying - Infant Annihilator
2. Reign of Darkness - Thy Art Is Murder
3. Possession - Whitechapel
1. Love Lost - Betraying the Martyrs
2. A Dying Ember - Heaven Shall Burn
3. Das Ende - We Butter the Bread with Butter
1. Behold the Kindom of the Wretched Undying - Infant Annihilator
2. Reign of Darkness - Thy Art Is Murder
3. Lie to My Face - Carnifex

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