The 60s and 70s music was great. However the 80s was sterling and the last defining decade of great music. Kids and adults alike may not have grown up in that era like myself but love that kind of music as if they did. The 80s was also a time of hope and change and when you though you could accomplish anything. I don't think music since then has ever quite captured that similar emotion.

A lot of the bands listed on here were not even 80s bands. Someone obviously hasn't done their research. Rolling Stones? They were a 60s band for crying out loud! Bruce Springsteen was a singer from the 70s! So was Kenny Loggins, The Police were also a 70s band and they were bigger then than they were in the 80s. I really like 80s music too but I swear some 80s fans can be so deluded, making out EVERY band came out in the 80s, giving no credit to the 60s, 70s or 90s.

I think the 80s was the last original decade. Even though all decades are influenced by previous decades the futuristic styles, innovative concepts, and mix of both Light & Dark, plus Happy & Sad that made such great sounds as New Wave to Goth was a sophisticated mix of both the shallow & deep. It was psychologically and spiritually moving. Songs that on the surface seemed simply about love often had deeper lyrics and tones of nuclear wars or of ghostly happenings.

To the people claiming a lot of bands were not from the 80's are forgetting that they are being mentioned for their music that was being produced in the 80's, amongst all of the other great bands that spawned in the 80s. New Wave actually started in the late 70's stretching all across the 80's before being lost into the 1990's...people class new wave as the 80's because it had its longest life span in the 80s, I think people are too quick to judge and feel the need to stick their nose in for no reason other than to make themselves feel like they know more. did you ask them if that's what they meant or did you just assume that's what they meant, there are two sides to every argument.

I was born in the 2000s and grew up listening mostly to my parents 80s music, and it is so much better than todays Rap and Pop music garbage. I am so glad my parents exposed me to this music at a young age. The 80s were the time when people were actually worthy of being famous and had real talent. The times when people could actually sing and didn't rely on autotune. Listening to 80s music is even better on vinyl, sounds much better than streaming on my phone.

80s is the only decade of past music I still listened too it's not even close the 80s blow the other decades away I try listening to other decades including the crap today and the 80s is the only decade of music that I genuinely like to hear most of the famous songs you hear today come from this decade and many of the best bands ever emerged during this time favorite songs Africa by toto and living on a prayer

I honestly think people voting for the 80s have never listened to anything prior to it. The 80s had some good stuff, but so does any decade. Music in the 80s was so boring compared to the 60s or 70s. All bands in the 80s were either 70s bands that were burnt out or bands trying too hard to be commercial. Disco was absolutely terrible. This decade should be at the bottom of the list with the 2000s.

Michael Jackson, Run-DMC, Robert Palmer, George Michael, The Pretenders, Journey, Men At Work, Kenny Loggins, Cyndi Lauper, Hall & Oates, Madonna, Rick Astley, Prince, Talking Heads, Huey Lewis, Eddie Money, Wham! Starship, Chicago, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, definitely Leppard, Foreigner, Poison, Rush, ZZ Top, Survivor, Tears For Fears, Soft Cell, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, The Cars, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Erasure, Eurythmics, A Flock of Seagulls, The B-52s, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, The Police

To the person with the long list of artists, Michael Jackson, Robert Palmer, Kenny Loggins, Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins and The Police all started in the 70s, not the 80s. Read it on Wikipedia and their discography.

The variety of music was enormous. No other decade is like it. The older decades before the 70s are anyway out of question. The 70s although they had high qualitiy and innovative music, it didn't have this variety. Not only many 70s bands continued to produce, there was so much new stuff in the 80s. Look alone at Heavy Metal, which hat enormous output, but was still not dominating the music. In the 90s the output flattend somewhat. It had Nirvana and otherwise more or less the electronic stuff like Techno, Trance and everything in between. But the variety diminished. So for me the 80s win this easily.

I absolutely agree I love music. But hand down 80's take it all from the Police, The Cure, U2, Bon jovi, Michael Jackson, Freestyle revolution. The start of real rap music. Modern English, even country music evolved in the eighties. There no comparison. 80's hand down

This was the decade of mostly fun music. There were a bunch of catchy songs that you could sing to, in all genres. Also, there was a nice blend of new artist and older artist from the 60's and 70's that we're making their last stand. It was just a magical time, that will not be seen again.

Killin it. The 80s has the most remakes until today by far. Many of the best remakes are from the 80s. The melodies were most creative yet rythmic. From synth to sax to guitar to careless whisper. This decade had such varied music and positive vibes. I know this is just an opinion, but if anyone looks, they will be surprised at the depth and volume of types of music that carved the best decade.

I was born in 1999, and I wish I grew up in the 1980's. The 80's was the greatest music era of all time, classic rock has always been my favorite and I wish I didn't live in this generation of music where it's all stupid raps and fake drum beats. I can't say enough how much I love 80's rock.

These songs are like the best ever. The people that wrote them and performed them were actual geniuses and had real talent. Also, they didn't make music from laptops unlike some artists today.

1980s music is literally the only music I ever listen to. The only reason I know any songs after 1989 is because everyone at my school is constantly singing what my pathetic generation calls "music." - RockFashionista

80s is absolutely the happiest decade with an attitude of dressing up with big hair while Footloose is playing.. 80s music is 'taking everything easy' era even though people work hard all day long like Crockett.

The start of true alternative music and the forgoer of the separate music side Indie. If indie has its origin to thank to anyone it would be to 80's music as it was the most experimental and unique of its and nows time.

I asked my high school students what decade produced the best music, almost unanimously they agreed it was the 1980's music. They are still listening to the music that I grew up with, I guess that says how timeless it is.

Nearly everyone can agree that these songs were way better than what we hear today. I wasn't a fan of a lot of the bad language that some of those songs had but other than that these songs were great!

Music in the 80s was definitely the best, and I'm a 90s kid! Australia in particular had plenty of great singers and bands with awesome songs coming through in the 80s. John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes, Hunters and Collectors, Kylie Minogue, Air Supply, Divinyls, Cold Chisel, Men At Work, INXS, Paul Kelly, Midnight Oil etc etc.

1980s music just had that goosebump factor that no decade apart from the 70s and 90s could get close to matching.

All decades have had something to contribute, but their is something about the 80's. Maybe it's the fact that I was in HS and college at the time and the theme of 80's music was party harder :). Unlike other decades like the 60's and 90's which had a greater social message to share- just simple party on bro.

The 1980s opened a new door for me. They rocked hard, it was a time when pop music was actually good, when rock was the heart and soul of America, and when girl bands were around. 80s hand down rocked.

Undisputed. Unanimous. No doubt the greatest music of all time came from the 80s. Born in 2001, my parents made me grow up listening to 80s music. No wonder why it's my favorite decade of music.

I have to agree the 80s was the best decade but why is the 1970s decade of music so far down the list?