I will only listen to Indie music from many genres. Justin, Taylor, One Direction, etc. etc. What's so new and creative about them? No different from pop we have heard before and before and oh yeah, before! Every decade before this one and the 2000's, for the most part, has had something original. A sound that changed music and that change defined each decade. This decade, one has to look real deep and go to particular genres. Unlike decades before popular music today is bland and has not picked up on an original sound to define it. It's there but just not popular and mainstream, like every other decade before the 2000's. It's getting late and this decade needs to find a memorable sound. It's there it just needs to come to the forefront and let the bland, shallow, less important sound take a back seat.

Popular music isn't supposed to be so great. Songs on the radio have to be catchy and have to communicate a simple message in about four minutes without need for repeat listens, and as music gets more cryptic and experimental, the best music isn't always going to be popular. There will be a few dozen stand-out albums that get a lot of recognition from the internet music community, though. For example, To Pimp A Butterfly is extremely well-known, but it's not being played on Top 40 Radio.

I'll admit that the rock charts in this decade are much more disappointing than in, say, the 90s, but many bands being categorized into "alternative rock" (Coldplay, the 1975) are just playing left-of-center pop music.

What you think of a decade's music is all in where you look. Sure the Pop music of today is terrible, but plenty of it was awful in other decades as well. Music is constantly evolving, changing, progressing. Other generations of music were great and crucial innovative, but we shouldn't just try and look back to recapture that sound. Forward is the only way, even if it references and holds onto what was great back then, true artistry is going to come from continued innovation. And there are plenty of artists that are doing that today. Jack White (and all his side projects), Twenty One Pilots, Bring Me the Horizon, Pierce the Veil, Muse, Front Bottoms (anyone? Well check them out).

A resurgence of electronic pop, this time with much more powerful synths, and better production value. Really the only people that hate this decade are either pretentious misguided hipsters or dry old philistines. The indie scene is larger, more experimental, and easier to access than it ever has been -- thanks to the maturation of the Internet. Musicianship can be found with artists such as Lady Gaga, Sia, the 1975, the Chainsmokers, Marina and the Diamonds, Grimes, and many many more. I see a previous commenter states that the sound of the 2010s isn't memorable. I wonder what the "sound" of the 70s was? The 90s? Is music no longer to be experimental? One day these people will look back on the 2010s with rose-tinted glasses, abandoning their hatred to instead replace it with a new fresh disgust for the 2020s, or whatever unfortunate decade is to suffer their inane criticism.

Electronic music is ok but its programed. Most will always prefer people actually playing real instruments. It's really a personal preference though. There is too much programed music in today's music, especially pop music that does make it sound less with emotion and cold or just lying there with like I said less emotion than music with real instruments. When you listen to today's pop music you can tell the drums are programed and where's a real guitar. Not much, it's just beats in the background sometimes. Loses some feeling and creativeness. Yes I go into non mainstream music now to find some music quality. Just not what's popular. Popular is boring to me anymore.

I have a mixed reaction to the 2010s. There is either pure garbage or pure genius. Examples of trash are: Nicki Manaj, One Direction, Justin Bieber, Lorde, and pretty much the whole dub step scene. Examples of genius are: MGMT, Tyler the Creator, Disclosure, and many others. Although, to me, these seem like the worst years for music. Every "famous" music artist now are either crappy rappers or boy bands that are clones from other boy bands. Every artist use many dub step influenced beats, which to me, seems a little unoriginal. But like I said, this decade either has pure trash or pure genius.

While I agree those first few are trash, you lose all credibility by mentioning Tyler the Creator as a genius.

The 2010s don't even deserve to be on this list. Someone please save our music. It used to be so good from the 50s to the 80s. - Rpemk

Other than a few catchy pop songs, this decades music is mostly slow and boring. They almost sound like something performed at a funeral. In previous era's, artist tried to mix it up. Some songs had a quicker pace and other songs were laid back but still had a slight build to them. Artist like Hall & Oates, Billy Ocean, Journey, Chicago, the Police, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Elton John, Matchbox 20, Pearl Jam, Lionel Ritchie, Heart, the Pretenders, Madonna, Taylor Dayne and many more gave us a change of pace.

As far as popular music goes, it's not the best (especially earlier in the decade). But, a strong presence of quality underground music separates this decade from the 90s and 00s. These decades had good music, yes, but little of it was popular and easy to access. As streaming services and a more connected internet emerged, all the great music of the past and plenty of newer music that would otherwise had not been heard was available for everyone to hear.

Yeah everything is going downhill now. Everything that isn't the 2010's is better. - Songsta41

Where is good rock music this decade? No one plays an instrument or has interesting lyrics anymore. All the songs are either stupid pop songs, annoying electronic or depressing heartbreak/ deception songs. A lot of the singers sound alike, so no one is making a break from the pack. The fake country music is the worst, nobody lives what they sing about anymore.

Does anybody play an instrument anymore? Other than a occasional piano or acoustic guitar, all the backing music comes out of a computer, of some sort. Most of the songs are too slow (boring), nothing builds to a climax (having energy). The lyrics have no substance, just depressing, angry or heartbroken thrash. The artist try to sound like Marvin Gaye or Whitney Houston. The only problem, is that auto tune can't make anybody sound that good. Where are the rock bands? Does anybody do that kind of music anymore?

Also one more thing? I can truly say that the 2010's definitely changed the face of music. It's now more futuristic than ever before and restored the coolness that the 80's invented. Artists have more freedom and varieties than ever before, plus more platforms for aspiring artists. I can honestly say that's a change. - ShaunnyB0y

I recently read that hip hop has overtaken rock as the #1 genre of music. That's kind of funny, since the decade it now dominates is rated 7th on this list, at a pathetic 5 percent of the vote. The six decades ranked above, all had rock influence. So what does that say about the future of music?

This is the worst decade for music! All it is, is fake electronic dance music featuring some well-known rapper. It's overly-sexualized and sounds all the same. Plus, rock music is totally dead! The 2010's are not only the worst decade for music, they're the worst decade for everything! - olliv

"Oh it's the exact same thing your grandparents did to your generation's music." The difference is that even our generation hates 2010's music so no, music has never been so bad in the history of time.

There is a reason why so many teens like myself are listening to older music.

There are shallow, cheesy artists at this decade. However some geniuses appeared as well. But it is in general an awful decade for music.

Most music from the 2010's are just poor imitations of music from the 80's and 90's. The lyrics are shallow and repetitive. - FlakyCuddles43

I like it. The music isn't that bad. When looking back over past decades there isn't actually that much difference between each one.

The 80s generation is doing what the 60s generation did to them by hating on the 2010s

This is actually not a bad decade for music, people just don't like new music they never have!

2010's was absolutely the worst. One Direction is horrible. Justin Bieber is awful. The good old days were much better.

I hate the music from this decade because talentless rap artists are taking over the mainstream.

Sia, and Alan Wake are other notable artists. - ShaunnyB0y

This is the worst decade for music