Decyfer Down Album Review #1: Crash

Hello. Welcome. This is LightningBlade and this is my review for Decyfer Down's second studio album - Crash. I know not many would be reading this review but if you are, thank you.

Fading: Before the release of Decyfer Down’s newest album, Fading had been called “the best” Decyfer Down song. The song’s incredible intro with the slow, soft guitar and then followed by the hard, loud (nu-metal-like) guitar is awesome. The lyrical quality of the song is loved a lot by many faith walkers. Fading is also the most watched and most viewed Decyfer Down on You Tube. They’ve made a great success with the release of songs like this and Nothing More. Fading always brings me goose bumps and the song’s apparent shadiness makes it all the more great. The emotion that the song imprints in us is awesome. I've also made a remix review for this song but I made a post in case my effort doesn't go in vain.

Crash: Crash is one of the most successful songs of Decyfer Down. People have rated this song very high. It was also featured in a Jeff vs. Matt Hardy match in a certain PPV (I don’t remember all the details too well). The song’s really great. One of the best rock songs I’ve ever heard and it also means a lot to me because this is a song that got me interested in Decyfer Down. It guitars are solid perfect and the chorus is perfect for any rock fan. But, it has been kinda overrated (or perhaps perfectly rated).

Now I'm Alive: This song hasn’t been known even unto many Decyfer Down fans. Its an EP from Crash and an excellent, flawless and couldn’t top 3 in this album. Let me acknowledge this song. The song has a great, electronic intro and Harris’ vocals are angelic and the chorus and bridge are excellent. The song IS the most unrecognized and unheard Decyfer Down songs. I wish many people heard it. It’s a great song.

Wasting Away: This is the album’s biggest song alongside Crash and Fading. The guitar intro is awesome. The vocals are marvelous and the chorus is toe-gripping. The song has set a dark background of guilt and sorrow and it delivers the lyrics perfectly especially the ‘not too late’ part of the song 1:49. Beautiful song and it deserves to be high on the list.

Best I Can: This song has been admired and loved by all Christian listeners because it is a mirror of souls for them. It is a reflection of most Christian lives trying it out to battle against what’s almost impossible to conquer. It deserves to be on the top ten because its really touching. I personally rate this as the Decyfer Down song with the best, most touching lyrics. This song can change souls and melt hearts (well, at least for me). It’s a med-paced song that wholly talks about the inner struggle of a Christian as he battles evil in order to walk the tough path of Righteous. I think the song is very overrated on the original list and the intro is good but the song is not very memorable apart from its epic lyrics.

The Life: The Life is easily the most underrated Decyfer Down song ever. The song has a great start and a sorrowful setting that can bring tears to your eyes. Personally, I would rate this song number number 5 or 6 on this album and above number 20 overall. The song may not be the best song on the album or it may not be the catchiest song of all but it definitely deserves more than it already does. “Never again, I’m gonna leave all this behind. I found a better life”

Forever With You: Forever with You is a slow-paced song that focuses more on the messages it conveys that focusing on heavy guitars and piano riffs. The vocals are clean and clear and the chorus is emotional and strong n impressive. Just like Believe in Me and Burn Back the Sun (Acoustic), this song brought Decyfer Down the much needed appreciation for the lyrical harmony.

Ride With Me: This song has a good intro with the guitars and the tune of the song is catchy. The lyrics are great just like the classic Decyfer Down! Ride with Me is underrated on this album list and it should be higher. I keep humming this song sometimes without my own knowledge. Lol.

Over My Head: This song is another one of Decyfer’s successful tracks on Crash. This song is great with the guitars and the stunning vocals. I just wish this band was more known than it already is. This band is heavily, hugely and unimaginably underrated folks. I just wish there were more people to give Decyfer Down a try even if just as an ordinary rock band.

Desperate: Again, this song is sweet. Has an amp-progressive intro and it is a great song too. The chorus is good – “I desperately want you, I desperately need you, I need a love that stands true, I desperately want you!” The guitars in this song are good and the riffs are fantastic. Its not a standout from the album and its definitely worth hearing.

Moving On: Moving on has a smooth, sweet intro with the acoustics and TJ Harris’ angelic voice is pleasant and the chorus is hard but slow-paced and the song is overall, a good but underrated song on this list as well as on the original list and I don’t hear people mentioning this song at all.

That's it. Thanks for reading. Peace out.