Decyfer Down Album Review #2: End of Grey

Hello. Welcome. This is LightningBlade and this is my review for Decyfer Down's first studio album - End of Grey. I know not many would be reading this review but if you are, thank you.

Vanity: The hardest song on the album! The song wasn’t rated high on the original list and nor was it called a ‘highlight’ by official reviewers. But many Decyfer fans who’ve really known the song, really know the song’s true ranking. Perfectly at number 1 on this list. The song has impressive, less varying, catchy guitar solos that are harder than iron and better than Decyfer Down would have expected this track. This is definitely the most underrated song of Decyfer. It’s shocking that Vanity isn’t as liked as Crash or No Longer. The song is a perfect example of hard rock blended with great riffs. The guitar sounds like it has been paulstretched or something (which is awesome!) Like any other Decyfer song, it drives in a great rush of emotion. TJ Harris, the lead vocalist, sounds so awesome and the beats are awesome. Overall, this is the Decyfer Down song with the best guitar.

Life Again: This is one of the highlights of the album. The song has a stunning guitar intro that still amazes me after I’ve heard it more than a hundred times. The guitar solo is stunning and I wish I had words beyond that. Being a die-hard hard-rock fan, this song has been in my favorite lists since the start. The drumming performance is brilliant. This song has to be one of Decyfer Down’s proudest creations until now. This gem rocked several Christian radio stations when the album was still airing for a long time.

Burn Back The Sun: This song has been my favorites since I was young. I may not believe in ‘love at first sight’ but I believe in ‘love at first listen’. This track is impressive. Pardon me if I’m being to appreciative of this song. Lol. This song is a good power ballad. A review I read said, ‘Burn Back the Sun certainly has the potential to become that guilty pleasure every rock fan has. The band draws lyrics from scripture like “Betrayal with a Kiss” and “Open up the door for the prodigal”. But, it’s a secular song and is also one of the highlights of the album or please can I say ‘The entire album is a highlight’? Lol.

No Longer: This song is the most loved song from this album. Evidently from the original ‘Best Decyfer Down Songs’ list, this is the highest song from End of Grey and I’ll say its overrated. Neverthelss, its amazing. The song sets a sad, gloomy, repentant intro and the song is rather reflective and med-paced. The chorus is valuably great. Even though it’s been the best song on the “End of Grey”, I love Vanity the best. But, there’s no denying that this song is impressive. It’s the lyrics again that make the song so loved. The greatest part of the song starts when the chorus hits when it has all the “No Longer....shame” words. Seriously, it deserves to be this loved. Even I’m rating it this low, it doesn’t mean it’s any less than the best on this list.

Walking Dead: This song is harder than Break Free and is probably the hardest song on the album alongside the beautiful, deadly Vanity. The guitar solos are amazing and the song’ lyrics are surprisingly graphic and explicit but they don’t use any swearing words or cusses. The hardness makes up for it. The drumming is good as well. It relies on the shock value to convey its message.

Fight Like This: This song, being the most popular songs of the album, boasts its catchy chorus and shares a lot of common characteristics with Break Free and I say that it deserves the praise that it gets. It was featured in a certain Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy match in WWE once. The song has repetitive lyrics but has its moments. The breakdown in the middle is awesome just like Break Free. The song is an excellent hard-rock song with a headbanging tune to it.

Break Free: The album opens with hard-rocking madness – Break Free. The intro is fabulous, fast paced. This song sets an excellent, brightly lit stage for the consequent tracks. With the headbang-worthy tune and tensile licks, this song is perfect for the first track of an album. The song has an awesome breakdown in the middle.

Here To You: This song is slower and gentler than the rest of the tracks on this album and Decyfer Down succeeded in giving a perfect slow-paced song. Harris’ vocals are angelic and chorus is well done. The song isn’t the best but good. The guitars are melodic and softer and all well-handled to perfection just like Forever With You of the succeeding album.

That's it. Thanks for reading. Peace out.