LightningStrike Album Review: Machine Head - Deep Purple

Album Review number 7

This is Deep Purple's 6th album released in March 25th 1972. Recorded in Grand Hotel Studios in Montreux, Switzerland. The genre is hard rock even though alot of people say it's heavy metal, the length is 37:46. Let's review.


Highway star:

Now this is a very good way to start an album, and I mean VERY good. They style it gives to make yourself really rocking and all of this catchiness it gives really does get my attention. I gotta say this kind of awesomeness is perfect for alot of montages. They keyboards are well played and very appealing, the guitars are making the right just right, it's super catchy! It's about riding very hard on a road saying to not take his car or his girl or his head in each verse. And he also describes how tough they are too. Very epic I must say. This has got to be one of the most exciting songs in existence especially if it's catchy and awesome. I love it so much.

Maybe i'm a leo:

Very awesome and nice riff. Very appealing I must say. This song maybe not that exciting but it's awesome anyways and is also the big spirit of deep purple sounds just like that. The lyrics are very short but it's about going to some girl's house with a surprise but then realizing she's not there. So yes, he just feels sad about it and wonders where she is now. I don't know if this has to do with zodiacs by the way (zodiacs don't matter)

Pictures of home:

Love that drum solo in the beginning including with great riffs and cool tune in a different way. I love how they produced this is a very good way too. The song is about being alone in some cold mountain area without any record of him being seen. And describing what he's done that doesn't impress anyone or give anyone's attention. The instrumentals are very great too. Totally awesome and fun way to make this kind of music.

Never before:

The riff is fine. Not as catchy as the other riffs of the album but it's still fine. The tone is great too. Very cool. By the way the song lyrics is about having depression and unsatisfaction from getting messed by some woman, and he keeps on trying to ask for help to stop this. What a great way to make music, songs that ask people their help. Now this is just meaningful right here.

Smoke on the water:

Familiar with that riff? I think everyone is. The intro is adding up from guitar to drum to bass. And is done in just the right beat to make this song a popular hit and having one of the best riffs of all time. Very catchy and awesome, very great way to make music. Overrated you say? Yeah right. And the lyrics are are really getting my attention. They're mentioning about their studio that they recorded on and recording there and they even mentioned about Frank Zappa and the mothers! Look at that. And they also said that someone with a flare gun burned the studio down. And they also get to find another place to record... In a truck (lol). Very catchy I must say. Totally a classic.


It starts with relaxing organ music that gets harder and in your face. The song itself is very long so get ready. The organ into is not the most appealing sound but it's still very cool how they played it. The beats are soft and can get your attention as some points of the song. Very long instrumental in the beginning too. The lyrics haven't started until 4:22. The tune is very cool and awesome just like the band itself. The lyrics are about laziness and not wanting anything at the moment.

Space truckin':

Very good riffs and I like the tone of this song especially if it's deep purple at they're greatness and explains about the solar system in the lyrics. It's about going through the solar system visit planets and describing how fun each of them are and what it's like going on fictional trip through them. The way they put it at they're fine tone with this song makes this song very fun and creative. I like it.


Overall, it's a fun album with the most catchiest riffs with the most fun and meaningful lyrics too. I can also say this album really does describe Deep Purple. When you think of that band, you think of this album, and when you think of this album, you think of smoke on the water. By the way, I think highway star is the best one on this album. I love this album.


Nobody gonna take my album
I'm gonna play it to the ground (lol)
Nobody gonna beat this album
It's gonna break the speed of sound
Ooh it's a killing machine
It's got everything
Like a playing power, catchy riffs and everything. - LightningStrike