Nemanja Vidic


Dominant in air and titan on grounds, unarguably one of the best defenders there ever were, Vidic is steadfast and strong, and he helps make one of the best defenses, he will play with a knee, a broken knee, and no knee.

Just look on his body and you can feel this man is going to tear you apart if you get near him. High work rate, tough like a brick. The best center back of modern football, perhaps only name such as Baresi can be put at higher place than him.

He is amazing in all aspects a defender needs to be, miles ahead of the rest. He commands respect among his team and the opposition he is and amazing inspiration and is clearly the best defender in the world!

WIth his experience and skill, he was chosen to be a captain... He a good defender... even Messi the best UEFA of the year can pass him... He like a thick brick wall with iron and steel... The Wall of Serbia...

The best man utd performer for the past 5 years. He won the league by himself by ensuring man utd wins by keeping clean sheets. Check the 1-0 score man utd won matches over the past 3 years.

Pep Guardiola thinks he's the best as well. That just shows how much of a class player he is. He gets the job done. No complaining, no fuss, just in and out. Intelligent of the pitch too.

One and only Nemanja Vidic. The best defender in this moment! He is almost perfect and too bad Barcelona can't afford money for him. He's better than Puyol and stupid Pique together!

There are certain places where players don't dare to go with their feet. Vidic goes there with his head. Brick wall at the back, dominant in the air. He is always determined on the pitch, agressive and a true leader. Captain of Manchester United, even though he's not English. He can also score goals with his head.

He is one of the really best defenders. He defended so well for Serbia during the 2010 world cup and the matches he played had no goals conceded. He is such an inspirational player.

He's the captain of manchester united its obvious that he is the best defender in the world. A real backbone of a defense and has a great leadership on field!

Its got to be vidic look man his overall is 88 and that's pretty much awesome for a defender. Attackers also beg to get this much rating but can't make it so vidic has to be number 1

By far the best defender in the world and maybe just maybe history;'s best and manchester united's best defender, shame he was injured the other day by FC Basel

One of th greatest defenders, great performances every week for club and country, definitely deserves this top spot for the best defender of all time

Great football player, great man! Too bad Barca can't afford enough money for him. He's way much better than Pike or Puyol. Let's be realistic...

He is the base of Manchester United defense. can't break it. Great skills. Great captain. Without Vidic can't think about Manchester United defense.

So brave and tough in every situation. No one at the time was harder on the ball or stronger in the air, I will for always remember him as the bravest footballer of my time.

Nemanja Vidic has all that you think a defender should have to be the best, so he's surely the best. I've been admiring him since 2005 and still love him.

i think vidic i the best defender in the world right now.liken to nesta of milan,at the moment vidic is just the best 6 in the world now.

Defense General, Nemanja never lets you down, that's why he remains not only the hardest but also the best defender of his generation.

NO comments... His body and physical ability describe him better

I think the best person to describe him must be Didier Drogba...

He is like a rock in the heart of manu's defense line. He is such a wonderful player manu has. He deserves the top.

Nwmanja has better positioning, foresight, tackling and Captainship abilities than a certain other defender to whom he is no. 2 in this list... - kratos92

Leader of a sensational team rarely gets beaten by a striker, and thoroughly deserves the captaincy of Manchester united

Vidic is a solid defender who you can always rely on, he scores quite a few goals for a defender and he's very good in the air.

best defender in the world when paired with rio, worlds best partnership, doesn't work when one of them isn't there