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61 Frank Rijkaard
62 Roberto Ayala

One of the best headers of the ball in professional soccer. for a man of his height, he climbs very high - has a great leap. Very clean defender.

Regarded as one of the best central defenders in the world, has been captain of the Argentine national team for almost 10 years and has played in three World Cups.

He made far too many mistakes to be on this list. Talented, yes, but his "parralelism" style made him too error prone and unbalanced.

63 Ferreira
64 Maza Rodriguez

I'm entirely confused as to how Rodriguez isn't in the top ten defenders. Someone who moves as swiftly as he does while maintaining strict defenses deserves to be among the best. - kusanagi_sanasara

A truly solid defender in Mexico. Plus he plays for club America.

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65 Gennaro Gattuso

he is simply a beast of defending and has real heart for the game

66 Tony Adams Tony Adams

What, Tony was and is an arsenal legend. To be 27 is an insult. He is a fantastic defender and knew the game like the back of his hand. The only other better arsenal player was Thierry Henry, the best striker in the world when he was at his peak

How can this man not be in the top 30 let alone the top ten he wos a rock for arsenal and england for years

Amazing player well under rated

67 Pejman Montazeri

Pejman is the best defender in Iran and Asia. He is play in esteghlal team of Iran - tehran

Just pejman I love him very very much I am amir haqiqi from iran mashhad

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68 Ricardo Osorio
69 Tony McManus
70 Alex Rodrigo Dias da Costa

he a quality defender and he plays for chelsea

71 Herman Abanda

Best Defender On Indonesia's Legue

72 Radostin Kishishev

Great name- Great Player

Cannot fault this guy... Great 40 yarder the other day... Top Quality

73 Thomas Vermaelen

Best defender in Arsenal.

74 Toby Alderweireld

One of the best defenders in the premier league right now. Has patched a Tottenham defense that had been infamous for being easy to penetrate and has helped them to have the best defense in the league.

75 Paolo Montero
76 Maman Abdurahman
77 Jose Santamaria
78 Berti Vogts
79 Raphael Varane

The best defender in real madrid I'd say... Very outstanding performance and top class defending..

What. Varane doesn't even start in Real Madrid yet he's on the list for the greatest defenders in the history of the game. Same ranking as Santamaria, a real Real Madrid legend? Just no.

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80 Pablo Zabaleta
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