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1 Rock Leone

Well I had a leone and he's went like an attack type no parts changed so I think leone is like a deffence and attack type because you know I called my anger and he went a little bit more spinning I want to be in a beyblade tournament but with leone he mimics me I think so like metal fusion said leones a wild beast on the hunt in rumur of metal bey city so basically leones like a type of attack and defense like A REAL lion so if you combine attack and defense with leone no parts changed ever and you fuse his habitates how he reacts when he moves fast no parts changed its like a deffenattack like and my leone was so great and so cool his facebolt was stuck and wouldn't come out with any assembly tools I had and if you put leone battling with a wind like or wild habitate heel probably win a lot and due to his strong reputation he's maybe a strongest beyblade in metal fusion storm pegasus has to hit leone and finish it quickly to win so because of the parts defense and power it could ...more

Rock leone's superb! After several battles it gains a flower pattern attack movement which is extremely cool. So practically its 3 part attack and 8 part defense. Nice bey. Go for it!

I totally have to get rock leone, my friend has it and it is better than my fireblaze and my galaxy pegasus teamed together! I really recommend getting rock leone for the people who don't have it.

It survived three galaxy peagasus and knocked them over in 42.7 seconds

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2 Basalt Horogium

Basalt Horologium is the BEST. Go on youtube and basalt beats every bey.
Though the tip makes it vulnerable but of course, the wheel absorbs it all! Plus the metal wheel has a cool staircase pattern.

The reason they took a chunk out of his metal is because he was much too good! P.S. bASALT HOROGIUM RULES! Wo! P.S. he spins for like 2 min 42 sec

It really rules! I beaten Earth Eagle and Rock Leone! He spins a lot! I will buy it!

He is the best the combo of defense and stamina why there another category for twisted tempo they are the same

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3 Earth Eagle

Eagle is so strong not only in defense but all other qualities. No bey stands a chance against Eagle. P.S. when I battled my friend using my Rock Scorpio, Scorpio attacked like Pegasus and Eagle used it's defense to body slam Scorpio to the wall. Also it went like 60-2 in my Beyblade/tennis b-day party. GO EAGLE!

It's the best defense Beyblade I don't know why earth eagle is 2nd rock leone is 2nd

Earth eagle is to cool he is to good when I launch all my attack and defense beyblades he was still standing like that wasn't even a challenge so vote for earth eagle

Its just awesome once beat my phantom orion and meteo l drago

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4 Gravity Perseus

I used gravity perseus in counter mode against galaxy pegasis and at first pegasis threw my gravity perseus, then my gravity perseus counterattacked pegasis. Pegasis went in middle when suddenly gravity attacked it again, this time by slamming over it and do you know what happened next. Pegasis got dug in the stadiums floor! This happened due to three reasons, first the stadium was fake, second pegasis had fallen on that part with its fusion wheel, and the last and most important part, gravity perseus is too strong.

Gravity perseus is an awesome bey. Even though it's not so good in defense, it makes up for it with its amazing attack power. Some other cool features about this bey is that he can spin left and right. You can make him spin steal with left spin. There are also two modes: defense mode and counter mode. If you use this with an attack tip in counter mode, its attack power is amazing. Use it with defense mode, and you get better defense. You have to switch the energy ring 180 degrees to change modes, then you screw the facebolt back in. There are holes on the outside in defense mode, and there are none at all in counter mode. This is the reason I think gravity destroyer is the best.

This is definitely the coolest Beyblade for several reasons: It is a left and right spinning Bey, it can switch between two modes: defense and counter (defense has better defense, but counter adds extra attack) and the unique shape of it's fusion wheel and energy ring (this is also bad because the two parts only work with each other). It also looks sick and is really good; it beat Meteo L-Drago several times. Buy it!

It is Beast I love it you should get it my friend has itjmi sanjkd iuydxjjmadjkbgj nbcxhujn kmldftxl;',jmpdrxmAC6rcftvm l;p.cxraewzdxslopizsl;.[l jqwsZj

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5 Fang Leone

Fang Leone is awesome. I want him so bad. He can switch from defense mode to counter attack mode and he will be awesome. His defense is so high he barely even moves when an attack type strikes it. And you can also have a strategy to beat your opponent. First you battle your opponent in defense mode so it will be defensive. Then in round two your opponent will prepare for a defense type so switch it to counter attack mode so it will have attack power and then continue this pattern until you win. So PLEASE vote for Fang Leone.

Its nearly awesome buy it you must know that its spintrack is 145w2b its a best defense type bey in the whole world even kyoua tagattagmi is a legend with fang leon by fang leon and win the battles in every bey stadium

Have a fang leone and it has 2 fighting modes to battle with. You can flip it's wheel and I love it. I still think that my custom Beyblade it best but Fang Leone is almost as good. My custom is bigbang zurafa with fang leone tip and the ballerina's spin track! It looks like fire. Leone Needs to be 3 place instead or 5th

He beat lightning l drago medo l drago and l drago destroyer and poised serpent and it Kerberos

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6 Twisted Tempo

To beat it twisted tempo stamina and attack are week but it defense is so good the only way to beat it is to lose it stamina and is the bay of time

This is the heaviest non 4d bey it can demolish anything... The reason they took a chunk out was to make it beatable, but that is it's only flaw and it is a very minor one.P.S. twisted tempo and basalt horogium are the same thing, so how is that #2 and this #12

He is the heaviest bey so it's really hard to stop him or out

I have this beyblade and I have put him up against my rock leone and HE DID A STADIUM OUT IN HIS FIRST ATTACK! And I was like what how did it do that?!?! He is also really heavy so it takes a while to knock him down! If you want to beat this bey I recommend using a stamina type because the only way I have found to beat this truck is to wait for him to run out of stamina!

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7 Rock Aries

Rock Aries is a great defense-type. It is hard for other beys to move him while he is spinning. He has great stamina for a defense type, and even out-spun some of my better stamina types. He has decent attack and none of my other beys can beat him. I highly recommend Rock Aries. If you see it, you may as well get it. You definitely will NOT regret having him.

*As a side note, many of the beys on this list aren't even defense types. Earth Eagle is a balance type, Earth Virgo is a stamina type, hell kerbecs is a stamina type, poison serpent is a balance type, and Lightning L-Drago ^^ Storm Pegasus are attack types. Flame Aries is a balance type. *

I think Rock Aries is good because it has great stamina and defense. the stamina is to keep him spinning for a long time and defense is to keep him from flying out of the stadium

I personally think that Aries should be in the top five he, has amazing defense, and everyone should know that he belongs in the top five. I beat L' Drago ass.

This should be way higher.. Especially since half the beys on this list aren't even defense types..

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8 Hell Kerbecs

This definitely the best defense bey. It not only has good defense but it even has good stamina. It has good balance and it even has ok attack properties. Its track is top tier for defense and stamina combos. Its track is 8grams which is the heaviest track ever created. The heaviest beyblade that could ever be created is metal face diablo kerbecs bd145rs which is made of two parts from hell kerbecs. It beat all my beyblades easily. Every blader should own this bey. Please vote for this bey to be the best defense bey ever.

Hell kerbecs is the best stamina type out there. He is awesome in boost mode and sucks in normal mode. He is incredible. My gravity destroyer couldn't even beat him. He is an awesome three headed dog!

I won a tournament with hell kerbexs no joke it is so strong in defense it beat earth eagle and basalt horogium

I put him in with my other Beyblade and he defeated him in just 4 seconds. The other Beyblade's name is oroachi.

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9 Rock Zurafa

Rock zurafa is so good because it beat earth virgo like 20 times in my house. I think it should be number 1 so much! - pizzza

Rock zurafa should be first it defeated my rock leone. Best bey ever. It s spin track is the best spin track ever. The hard rubber attached to it is the best. And rock fusion wheel makes it a better look. The first defense type Beyblade having 17 defense power

The spin track is the best defense spin track
The fusion wheel is the ultimate. It looks cool.
The tip is like Rock leone.


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10 Lightning L-Drago Lightning L-Drago

THIS Beyblade IS NOT A DEFENSE TYPE! IT IS AN ATTACK TYPE Beyblade! It even acts like an attack type. It does not block attacks like a defense type or dodge attacks like a defense type or have a big spin track! - pizzza

He is an attack type he is only good because he has good attack never get him and never trade for him. Boot him off this list and put aries here

Its works best when you gave it 85xf track and r2f performance tip

Lightning L-Drago's energy ring has 2 positions, changing its type from attack to defense. if the energy ring fits flush with the fusion wheel, its in defense. if it looks like it sits slightly above the fusion wheel, its in attack.(from side point of view)

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11 Rock Orso

The guy that put the last comment that Beyblade sucks, you probably love it you wouldn't look this up if you didn't so stop acting like you hate it I doubt your friends look at this also Earth sagitario is the best defense me and my friend Thomas used Galaxy Pegasus and I used Lightning l-drago and we lost and his brothers earth sagitario was still spinning at full speed.

I battle with my rock orso I win battle with my brother's Beyblade is dark wolf

I have a Rock Orso and one day I was battling Rock Orso V/S Meteo L Drago V/S Galaxy pegasus V/S Earth Eagle and Rock Orso Won and if you want to win battles you should have Rock Orso.

You are right he rocks the guy who made worst defense type Beyblades list is

12 Grand Cetus

Grand cetus is a cool bey it beat all my other 31 beys total I have 32 beys and its fusion wheel is rock solid

Cetus is great. He beat all my beys except Poison Zurafa, but I didn't see zurafa on here so I voted cetus

ITS MOST EXCITING BEYBLADE. It even beat earth virgo, earth eagle, rock scorpion, l dragon meteo. Its just awesome. Very difficult 2 beat him. He spins for 4 mins.

It beat my all 50 beys, it is super duper cool

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13 Storm Pegasus Storm Pegasus

He's not even a defense type
Do you know that pegasis is an ATTACK Beyblade

It's pretty good at smash attacks and the rf gives it good grip for speed and it will knock out even the best defense bey on a good launch

It clashes firecly wieth Lithgning L-Drago. Usually it loses, but it can win too!

This is cool!
Storm Pegasus
Is the greatest attack bey in metal fight bey

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14 Poison Serpent

Serpent's defense is extremly well. Better than giraffe. Even in attack mode it still has great defense

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15 Jade Jupiter

This bey is so cool it has really high defense and can effortlessly beat sol blaze and almost every bey except for diablo nemesis and phantom orion this must be top!

For real he beat my brothers scythe Kronos

Dude Jade Jupiter is the best he best one around he destroyed all my freinds beys combined they told me if I wanted to trade I broke their hearts so get this bey now!

This guy uses his size for a boost. Good defense.

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16 Vulcan Horuseus

Amazing defense type. If a bey attacks it it smashes it out of the stadium! He also is very very good in attack. It also has great stamina. You should definitely get this guy he is amazing!

This bey is a very good defense type. My friend's galaxy Pegasus kept attacking and it ran out of stamina and lost. Its height gives it advantage against stamina types. An no thus is a awesome bey

This bey has good attack power it beat my rock leone badly

Why is it in 18th place it should be ahead

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17 Earth Virgo

Dude I just got earth Virgo today. My friend has earth eagle and I went over his house to beat him so when we battled I beat him and I was so happy.

Man I serisouly want the 2 pack evil pisces and earth virgo but I say that earth virgo should be 100% power full it should be number one

My Virgo went against Galaxy Pegasus ^^ guess who won? Virgo did! When Galaxy came charging at Virgo at high speed I thought Virgo will lose but he won the attack only made Virgo charge back and knocked out Pegasus!

18 Rock Scorpio

Rock scorpio is extremely good. I tried it against every one of my Beyblades and it took out all of them except my stamina types. My friend said it was horrible but I did otherwise. I suggest rock scorpio over all other defense type. If I buy another defense type that can take out rock scorpio, I stand corrected.

I got him and he has won against every bey I have put it up against. It also moves like an attack type but dominates in defense at the same time. Best bey ever!

Hell kerbecs is the bomb took out all my Beyblades even my rock leone so take that rock leone fans >

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19 Counter Leone

Go Counter Leone it is awesome. It beat my friend's Earth Eagle and Storm Aquario.

My friend has counter leone it rocks it can beat my rock pegasis, cyber pegasis and my storm capricorn

The best with amazing attack, defense and stamina and mine has NEVER been beat.Destroys everything with ease.

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20 Rock Pegasus

Rock pegasus is one of my 1st beyblades. He destroyed my mothers favorite vase and window. Once by an accident I made a huge dent on my nabors car door and their trunk. It has beast defense power. Every time my friends/family snipes at rock pegasus it does no effect and damages there beyblade. This beyblade should be #1. I don't care what all you guys say. So if you guys want to battle me well 3..2..1.. Don't let it rip or feel the pain of my super beyblade but kicking of my rock pegasus.

Even my earth eagle can't stand my rock Pegasus knoks him out every time no problem vote for rock Pegasus for number one!

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