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1 White Pony

An absolute masterpiece. My favorite album of all time. This is true art in music form. Deftones were at their best as a band in the White Pony era.

Back to school- a very different Deftones song. It's got a lot more rap than normal and it's one of the heavier songs on the album.

Feiticeira- Abrasive and Has a cool drum part. Not much to say, it's a pretty run-of-the-mill Deftones song.

Digital Bath- I didn't like this song at first but I love it now that I've listened to the whole thing. It's very relaxing yet jammable as hell. Very original and ponderous. Chilling vocals and atmospheric melodies, this is one of their best songs.

Elite- One of the heavier songs on the album, elite is a rage-y song reminiscent of their early years. The guitar tone in this song is really cool and the screaming vocals are done well.

Rx Queen- A somewhat emotional tune, this is a very original song. The chorus is catchy and the lyrics are nothing less than what is to be ...more

While many consider it the best, and rightfully so, the songs on this album are so overplayed that they begin to get monotonous. There's a lot of songs on this album that I love, but there's an equal amount that I tend to skip over immediately.

DEFTONES sets themselves apart from all other metal bands during this era and stapled their brand of music to be the best among the rest! Definitely an instant classic...

Korea is one of my all time favorite songs

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2 Around the Fur

This was definitely their heaviest album, and greatest. My Own Summer, Lhabia, Mascara, Around the Fur, Rickets, and Be Quiet and Drive are some of the best songs on the album. But overall, all the songs are great!

My favorite album by them is a hard choice between this and White Pony, but I'd say this is their best.

I think this should be ranked higher than adrenaline - Imreallyboredrightnow


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3 Koi No Yokan

I just believe this band just can't make a bad album

I just like tempest, leathers, and rosemary together in one album - sharky

Even better than white pony

For me #1.

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4 Diamond Eyes

Really good album. I wouldn't call it the best, but it's certainly up there. I'm happy that Deftones actively dispels the myth that a band's old material is automatically better than the new material.

I have never understood why fans think this is such a good song... I always felt Diamond Eyes was a surprisingly dull FM-rock anthem for Tones' standards, and their worst album opener. Rocket Skates and The Butcher were so much better singles guitar-wise. But just my opinion of course! - Bicyclerepairman

There's no song on this album that isn't perfect.

Amazing album. I find myself listening to it more than any other. KNY is also great. Their only flaws are the weak opening tracks. - CosmicSea

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5 Adrenaline

7 Words, Engine No 9, Bored, Root, this is their best album by far

The more heavyest album from Deftones

Bored, 7 Words, Engine No. 9, Fireal. There are some pretty amazing Deftones tracks here. - cjWriter1997

6 Deftones

The first album I got of them, and it's really good. I love the artwork and the way it fits the music

This is a album that you need to listen to for awhile
The best song (to me) are Minerva and Deathblow which are rather slower deftones song are really really great
Overall this album is solid but not the best I think it should be 4, but that's my opinion

7 Saturday Night Wrist

Saturday Night Wrist is definitely better than the albums ranked 3-6. There is maybe only one bad song on this album while almost every other consists of 2 or more not so great songs.

Please make this higher asap. I don't know why this album is here. This is their best album, along with Diamond Eyes. It needs more love. Awesomeness. That's all I can say.

Come on. The tones at their most experimental.

Beware is the best title on this album

8 Gore

The first time I heard this album, the first five tracks brought me back to all of the dreams I've had when I sleep. The songs have a unique and digitally impressive sound that is innovative and deeply atmospherical. Prayers/Triangles and Acid Hologram have such beauty converged into their sound. And overall this album deserves to be a new genre of it's own. Deftones has done impressively well ever since Adrenaline, and I reckon Gore defines their update or change or adaptation to the modern/soon-to-be era of alt/nu/metal. Gore deserves a much higher rank.

This album is full of great songs. The only one I didn't really care for too much was the title track. Every other one I found absolutely stellar. My favorites would have to be Geometric Headdress, Hearts/Wires and Rubicon. In my opinion, it's their best album.

Very great album. Songs like Prayers/Triangles and Acid Hologram are very amazing. Check it out!

This album is way better than Koi No Yokan and Saturday Night Wrist. I mean come on. How can someone not enter an aesthetic, atmospherical trance when listening to Acid Hologram. I just can't understand why a lot of poeple hate Gore. It deserves way more credit for its experimentalism and atmospherical sounds.

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9 B-Sides & Rarities
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11 Eros
12 Linus
13 The Vinyl Collection, 1995-2011
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