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41 Fireal

When I listen to this song and the chorus comes up, The vocals remind me of an alien being stabbed continuously and then Chino screams at it afterwards, I dunno why but the vocals just don't sound human, well-done Chino! - entersandman35

One of the most emotional songs ever.

This song makes me smile every time

42 Gore V 1 Comment
43 Minus Blindfold

Some of these songs on Adrenaline as so underrated!

44 Graphic Nature

What! This song needs to be number 1

45 Mein

Honestly incredible and I love that Serj is featured. Completely underrated song should be in the top 10

My two favourite vocalists in a song together, couldn't get any better. It's so soothing

46 What Happened to You?

An amazing song about a couple throughout their life span. Initial romanticism, breakup, and a realization of being soul mates. The chorus... my God, if the chorus doesn't make you introspective on where your life had been and where it's going, I don't know what will make you have a deep thought ever in your life. Chino really hit this one out of the park, especially with Koi No Yokan. The entire album is a masterpiece in its own right. People can always lean on White Pony, but to put it simply, Deftones have evolved in to their own genre of music, and this song, with its thought-provoking and otherworldly demeanor in an all too real world subject, really exemplifies just how far they've come as individuals and as a group.

This is the best deftones song ever, I don't understand how its not higher...

47 Entombed

Their most emotionally powerful work to date

Not the hardest but it's catchy, and fun to sing along with! Deftones is just it's own thing.

This song is beautiful, what is it doing all the way down here? :(

One of their best

48 Lotion

Holy Jesus very underrated song... But one of their hardest and so classic Chino

V 1 Comment
49 Hexagram

Need to be in the top 5, it's a MASTERPIECE! Very heavy and the guitar is very catchy, as chino's voice is perfect, like always, GREAT SONG!

This is messed up, best Deftones song in my opinion.

May be hard for newcomers to get into. But by far their most emotionally raw song ever. - cjWriter1997

Unfair... this is top 3

50 Needles and Pins

One of the best deftones song for me, from a very underestimated album

51 When Girls Telephone Boys

How is this song not on here? Yeah its not their best ever but its definitely stand out and one of the top 3 tracks off the Deftones album

One the heaviest in their catalog, should be in the top 20 at least!

52 Savory
53 Romantic Dreams

How is this down at 49? One of their best songs!

How is this song so low on this list, sure it's not their best but it produces such emotion with the medolic riffs and the inspiration behind the lyrics, this song really puts me into a trance and reminds me of an amazing, life changing night.

54 Prayers/Triangles
55 Xenon

This has such an extremely catchy chorus and guitar riff, amazing song! - Bicyclerepairman

56 Riviere
57 Risk

How on gods green earth is this number 44. The fools who voted must drink penguin piss with a straw.

Amazing song I think it should be higher emotive and excelent lyrics.
I, m a deftones fans since 2002 and this is and excelent song of all the album of deftones.

58 Fist
59 Damone

Definitely underrated, it's such an amazing and relatable song and I really wish more people knew about it

This feeling gets old. And so do your eyes. This is why. I hate you.

Great song! So underrated

Absolutely love this song. Originally listening to MX but I was confused to why it had almost 25 mintues of silence so I waited it out and low and behold, my favorite Deftones song appeared. Chi's screams are in time perfectly with Chino's vocal follow-ups and the lyrics are especially intriguing on this track.

60 Gauze

Never really cared for Deftones until I heard this song, the chorus is amazing

This song comes after Tempest and what a couple! KNY is fantastic especially on the last curve.

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