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101 Christmas
102 Hump
103 Nosebleed

Really low one if their best songs especially when chino does that whispery singing it's an eargasm

104 Drive

Great cover of a classic song by The Cars. This version is bliss.

105 Geometric Headdress
106 Rubicon

Anyone else thinks the guitar riff in the chorus is absolutely stunning? - Bicyclerepairman

107 Rapture

This is definitely in my top 20, if not 15, if not, 10. It just doesn't get old... TWO DIFFERENT SIDES... Saturday night wrist is an amazing album.

Best song from my favourite Deftones album after White Poney - Bicyclerepairman

One of their top ten songs for sure! Amazingly powerful and catchy riffage here. If only I'd two votes - Bicyclerepairman

108 Battle-Axe

This song is just amazing. The chorus just gets you with its strong guitar work and haunting vocals. - darkmeyer

Their best song along with rosemary just in your face with a laid back ass kicking. Very cool

How is this song so low down? It is a masterpiece.

109 Kimdracula

There are not 44 better songs than this one. This is one of the most beautiful sounding songs that Deftones has to offer. Horribly underrated more people should vote for this amazing song.

This song is so explosive and ethereal sounding. Really, how is this not top 10?

This song is unique beautiful and scary... Very underrated

Really really like it!

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110 Cherry Waves

This song is so catchy and atmospheric. BEST SONG VER.

So many emotions! It's definitely a gorgeous song that deserves to at the top!

This gots to be at least on the top 10 so atmospheric like being pulled under a wave of blue

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111 Beauty School

One of the most beautiful songs I ever listened to. Not only from Deftones, but also from any rock band. Definitely a favourite. It's a shame that not many people know about it besides fans - everyone should.

This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard! Every time I hear it I have to completely stop what I'm doing and just listen 100%. Such an incredibly beautiful song, and deserves to be so much higher.

One of the best songs from the Diamond Eyes Album! I Can't believe it's not voted higher on this list! Truly a work of art!

Can't stop listening

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