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1 Adam Torres Adam Torres

Adam taught all audiences an important story line and even though the main aspect of the character that degrassi brang out he was also kind, helping Claire with her cancer was one thing, he saw the good in people and always managed to put on a smile. Even his death brought out an important story line, texting and driving, teaching teenagers all over the world not to text and drive. Adam Torres death was heartbreaking and we'll never say goodbye to Adam Torres. - thereadingthief

Adam is really cute n the only guy that doesn't think he's a chick magnet

Hated it when he died

He really brought joy to the other students

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2 Spinner Mason Spinner Mason

spinner is the bomb! it was so great that he and emma got married! they make such a cute couple! can you believe they use to hate each other! they got married by accident, then they realized how much they really loved each other!

Dude spinner is the best. He had to go through so much and he ended up being the sweetest guy in the whole show. I love you spinner.

Spinners the hottest guy and always will be because he rocks and is mad hott

Didn't really feel he deserved this part

3 Eli Goldsworthy Eli Goldsworthy

He's just the best, he had the best character development, he's strong, he had to deal with a lot of problems, he fights for his friend, he's caring and had the best love story on the show

His personal character storyline was the best. Not to mention the accuracy of his journey through finding out about his bipolar disorder.

I'm voting for eli because he has most problems and he is a really dark person and a great writer and has a lot of care for people he is close to

He is hands down the best character. He is The reason I started watching the show and the reason I stopped (because he left)

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4 Holly J. Sinclair Holly J. Sinclair

Holly J was the best! Most entertaining character and so well played by wonderful Charlotte Arnold! She was one of the only reasons I watched Degrassi! Love Holly J!

HollyJ is the BEST Degrassi character.
I don't think any other character has pulled off transitioning from a bitchy snob to a great person.

I liked that her character developed

Holly J I loved her

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5 Sav Bhandari Sav Bhandari V 1 Comment
6 Jimmy Brooks Jimmy Brooks

DRIZZY is the best, how can anyone not agree that jimmy brooks was awesome and he still got all the chicks in the wheel chair love jimmy - terren65

Name drake rapper my faviorte. Degrassi character so is pagie

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7 Marco Del Rossi Marco Del Rossi
8 Campbell Saunders Campbell Saunders

He is so adorable and innocent. He has a cute puppy dog eyed face. His shyness and gentleman-like qualities is what makes him to die for.

Was around for the shortest amount of time, yet made the biggest impression.

He's so lovable and sweet. He was around for a small amount of time, but left the biggest impression on degrassi. They need to bring him back:(

My poor baby I love and miss him so much

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9 Anya Macpherson Anya Macpherson

I love Anya so much she's amazing.

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10 Tristan Milligan Tristan Milligan

Sucked to see what happened to him in season 3 of Next Class

He is SO funny and cute!

He's been a jerk lately...

That picture isn't of Tristan Milligan. - PerfectImpulseX

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11 Manny Santos Manny Santos V 2 Comments
12 Craig Manning Craig Manning

Actor Jake Epstein won the Gemini Award after the episode called "Tears are Not Enough"

Craig is amazingly hot

13 Ellie Nash Ellie Nash

Ellie had so much depth on the show. Unlike other characters, she never got things handed to her. She worked her ass off for everything!

She is just great character all around

14 Maya Matlin Maya Matlin

When she sings, you can obviously hear auto tune

I liked her then I didn't then I did now I don't

I used to love her. Then I was sympathetic with her. But, after that summer in Paris I hated her. Then I hated her slightly less. Now... I still hate her. She is my least favorite Disney character. She told her best friend secret. He got mad at Zoe for kissing my will but ended up dating him in the eye he got mad at Zoe for kissing Miles ( purposely ruined their relationship, tried making Miles jealous and stuff and tried making Zoƫ look like the villain when in reality the villain was Maya) but ended up dating him in the end.

In the last few seasons of Degrassi TNG, I thought she was a pretty good character, but in Degrassi: Next Class,
She got worse.

15 Drew Torres Drew Torres

Good guy in the end

He is awesome...because he was stupid and knew it and hey...

16 Fiona Coyne Fiona Coyne

Undoubtedly the best character on the show, she's had so much character growth from the snobby rich girl to the down to earth friendly girl she is now, and how can anyone not flail at her and Immogen's relationship?!

The best! I love the story about how she seems to have it all, but doesn't

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17 Declan Coyne Declan Coyne

Declan (Landon) is super hot! He should be #1 he will always be my #1

18 Jay Hogart Jay Hogart
19 J.T. Yorke J.T. Yorke

J.T. is the best character by far on the show. I still can not get over his death and I rewatch his scenes all the time. He was the funniest, sweetest guy there was and he did not deserve what happened to him in even the slightest way. The guy who killed him should be locked up for life and Johnny should be too.

Still tear up when I think about him

He sounds like an awesome person.

Everyone knows that J.T.'s death is the most saddest moment in Degrassi history. - PerfectImpulseX

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20 Jane Vaughn Jane Vaughn

Jane is perfection. She's tough yet sweet at the same time.

Shoulda end wit spinner hot, tough loving, yet smart, sweet
" she just kissed declan 4 times people make mistakes spinner cheated on paige with manny in season 4 so huh"
"Spinner and jane are the best couple why couldn't they make em together shame"

She's ok

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