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Deicide is an American Death Metal band from Florida and one of the leading Death Metal acts of late 80's and a genre defining band, as well.

Deicide has received considerable controversy relating to their albums and lyrics, which include vehement anti-Christian themes, such as Death to Jesus, F*** Your God, Kill the Christian, Behead The Prophet and Scars of the Crucifix, among others.

Here is a list to vote for the best songs by Deicide.

The Top Ten

Homage for Satan

Best solo in death metal!

No hay ninguna duda la mejor de ellos

Dead by Dawn

Classic Deicide at it's best. Nice upbeat tempo and able to sing along

Dead but Dreaming

The vocals sound like Patrick Star was trying to make a screamo song.

No this should be good at top 100

This song is pure evil
I love it

Scars of the Crucifix

An absolutely brutal and amazing song! The chorus has such a catchy tune and the solo is so unexpected and brilliant

Once Upon the Cross
In the Minds of Evil

Awesome song, best from Deicide for me m/

Lunatic of God's Creation

Good old school stuff

Awesome! Best opener from their first masterpiece!

The back round growel's are truly insane and evil sounding. glens best work and the bands best work in my opinion.

Death to Jesus

Deserves at least a top 10 spot

My favorite solo ever

One of the fastest Deicide songs with some really offensive/agressive lyrics.
I guess this one got a lot of criticism from the religious organisations and all, but overall it was killer!

Sacrificial Suicide

So violent and catchy! Who cares if Steve Ashiem drops a stick halfway through the bridge? It's not only Deicide's best song, it's one of the best death metal songs ever!

True death metal anthem should be #1 one of the best DM songs ever

The Contenders

When Satan Rules His World

Not their fastest or most brutal riffs, but masterful use of tempo changes and what I think is their best sounding studio album of all. Open your windows and share the glory of Deicide with other commuters while dressed in your business suit!

This one has it all

There is no god but Satan, and Mephistopheles is the messenger of Satan...

Oblivious to Evil
F*** Your God
Kill the Christian
To Hell with God
Bible Basher
Serpents of the Light

This song is their best one how can it be 18th

In Torment in Hell
In Hell I Burn
Crucified for the Innocence
When Heaven Burns

This song kicks so much ass that it's put in the list TWICE!

Holy Deception


End the Wrath of God

Dudes this song is amazing

Christ Denied

I'm surprised this wasn't already on the list. One of Deicide's most badass riffs

Bastard Of Christ
Satan Spawn, The Caco-Daemon


Blame It On God
Walk with the Devil in Dreams You Behold
The Beginning of the End
Father Baker's
The Lord's Sedition
Mad at God
Not of This Earth
Standing In the Flames
Child of God
The Stench of Redemption

Love that opening riff

Carnage in the Temple of the Damned
Day of Darkness
Repent to Die
Behead the Prophet (No Lord Shall Live)
Revocate the Agitator
Trick or Betrayed
They are the Children of the Underworld
Behind the Light Thou Shall Rise
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