Best Delain Songs

List of some of the best tracks by one of the best female-fronted metal bands of the moment.

The Top Ten

1 April Rain

WOW! How is this not number 1?!

When you play the best quality version of this on a stereo very loudly, this song is immense! :O

2 The Glory and the Scum

The most perfect compotition of Delain


3 Get the Devil Out of Me

The driving metal beat complements her voice perfectly.

4 Frozen

It's amazing. I love her voice. Brilliant. Good work!

For me the number one

5 We Are the Others

This isn't number one?! Between the lyrics and the intense melody, this song targets the innermost feelings of any outsider.

My brother abused me physically and mentally. This song kept me alive. It will always hold the memories. Thanks to my loving friends for supporting me. Most of all thank you Charrlotte for making a song such as this.

The song that introduced me to the band. A great discovery.

Love this song

6 Not Enough
7 Sleepwalker's Dream
8 Lullaby

Very catchy & atmospheric song, especially with Charlotte's seductive vocals - petrucci75hammet

9 Stay Forever
10 Nothing Left

The Contenders

11 Invidia
12 Go Away

Amazing when played loudly...

13 Control the Storm
14 Start Swimming

Excellent rock ballad. Love the way it has powerful vocals and excellent acoustic affects

Great song! Should be number 1!

15 Army of Dolls
16 The Gathering

Just can't stop listening it.

17 Are You Done with Me

Not their best song but still a beautiful song that deserves to be on this list

18 Electricity
19 Collars & Suits
20 Here Come the Vultures

Best Delain Song.

21 Breathe On Me
22 Virtue and Vice
23 Scarlet
24 I Want You
25 See Me In Shadow
26 Stardust

This is my no. 1

27 Cordell
28 Mother Machine
29 Come Closer
30 Suckerpunch
31 Such a Shame
32 Smalltown Boy
33 (Deep) Frozen
34 Your Body Is a Battleground
35 Tell Me, Mechanist
36 Sever
37 Babylon
38 A Day for Ghosts
39 Silhouette of a Dancer
40 Shattered
41 Daylight Lucidity
42 Pristine
43 No Compliance
44 Lost
45 I'll Reach You
46 Where Is the Blood
47 Generation Me
48 My Masquerade
49 Sing to Me
50 The Tragedy of the Commons
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1. April Rain
2. Lullaby
3. Frozen
1. April Rain
2. Stay Forever
3. Nothing Left
1. Control the Storm
2. Sleepwalker's Dream
3. Go Away

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