La la Land


I really like it! Especially to the music video of it..
She rocks!
But I'm still with Miley Cyrus..
Demi is on my 4th place of favorite singers of mine..

I love this song oh mmmmmmmmmm ggggggg.. I love demi lovato..
shes my favorite singer.. other than selena gomez.. I'm glad she is her best friend cause I wanna be her best friend too.

The best song ever! Starting is great and the way she speaks "BABY" is the best! Her voice is great and the lyrics are simple AMAZING!
No other song can ever match it!

This song is one of my favorite songs. It says that even though she's famous, she's still herself. She's not always fancy dressed, she's still like she was before, and I love that about her!

I think that this is like... really cool. I love her pink wig in it! She's really amazing in that song. it tells the viewers about a superstar who wants her personal space. like when she just met that guy in the video their were pics of them in the magazines and all over. like come on! What the hell! 'she needs her space' is what the song wants to convey.

Remembers me of her still making part of Disney Channel, AND it's her greatest song up to now no regrets for saying that.

Demi is so awesome! This is my favourite song because you can really relate to it. She is just so awesome! More people need to know about her!

Love this song... It is one of the best songs I ave ever heard.. It has a very good beat.. And the way she sings it is simply mind blowing..

Demi can really show that she doesn't care what people think in this song. her voice can go so high. Demi is is awesome

Best song by demi she's the best. She helped me be more different and don't try to be the same as everyone else.

She was so sweet for letting her fellow cast members of "Sonny with a Chance" be in the music video

Guess what I love demi lovato no matter what cause she's the best and I hope you agree and read

Great song! I like how it really expresses her feelings. I like to do that to in songs

Awesome song Demi I would not be surprised if I was your biggest fan I love you Demi!

I love DEMI she shouldn't listen to what people say she is epic listen to yourself

I'm really not a fan of Demi or her later music but this one is a fantastic classic

I love this song it is the best demi song ever I think it should be number 1


I really like this song because demi is totally rock here!

I love this song, I always play it.

I love this song. It's such a good song. This one is the best.

It is the song that forced me to start loving demi

Just heard the song. Its awesome. Love you demi

I saw this song in concert and I was amazing!

This my favourite song! I love you Demi