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41 Father
42 My Love is Like a Star My Love is Like a Star

I think this song should be no. 5. Point blank period. Demi's a great singer, and this is such an amazing song, I mean how could you not rate it in the top 10? The first time I heard this song, I fell in love with it.
"My loves' like a star, yeah, you can't always see me, but you know that I'm always there. If you see me shining, take it's mine, and remember I'm always near, If you see a comet, baby I'm on it, making my way back home (making my way back to you, just follow the glow, it won't be long, just know that you're not alone. "-Demi Lovato

It makes me sick that "who's that boy" is listed above this song... personally this is my favorite Demi song, but I get that not everyone is going to agree with me, but come on 32? it's for sure top 10 material, and the vote doesn't even have in top 30?!?!

This song is just.. Wow! The lyrics is great and her voice is fantastic. It so deserves to be in top 5.

This is the a great song.. To be honest I can't believe its not even in the top 20? I know it was not a commercial pop radio hit, but still...

My band Sampled this song..

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43 Wouldn't Change a Thing Wouldn't Change a Thing

This song is good it has a nice singers voice, a beautiful tune, a wonderful lyrics and a tremendous story... This song must be in the top 10 list

I'm in love with this song! This isn't right, it just MUST be #1 or at least #2! This isn't fair!

It lierally narrates my story.. love the song to death! Its awesome

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44 Work of Art Work of Art
45 Believe In Me Believe In Me

This is by far my favorite Demi song. I think almost everyone can relate to it. Basicly it aproches to all of the people who are to busy comparing themselves to others and searching what is wrong with them instead of just being themselves and learn to accept and love who they are.
It should be in a higher place in the list but it's to bad it's not a very known song of hers.
I love Demi and I love this song

This song is so good! It should defintely be higher up on the list. Its inspirational and very relatable. It makes me feel good about myself and want to be me. It does make me believe. Thanks Demi

Can't believe its so down.. The most amazing song ever.

Best of her song#1

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46 Mistake Mistake

This song is 1 of the best songs ever sung by Demi. It deserves to be in the top 10. I love almost all songs of Demi. She has an enchanting voice and her songs are full of meaning and emotion! I really wish that I could sing just about the way she does and I'd really love to meet her someday! (haha):)
Please vote for this song

It's my favorite song and... I can't believe anyone likes it. It's beautiful, really! Listen to the sample, please.

When I Listened to this song I loved it! - Curti2594

47 Without the Love Without the Love

It's an audio released in the early 2014, it has about 6million views, and I am telling you that it is such a good song! See the lyrics and you"ll fall in love with this song :) well at least it made me head over heels :3

It is so beautiful and catchy. I wish it was more popular! :D She has such a sweet voice in this song!

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48 It's On It's On
49 Never Been Hurt Never Been Hurt

This song is great. One of the best songs on the album DEMI!

This song is the best song of the album DEMI

How is this song number 27! It should be in the top 10. Best song ever!

50 Heart by Heart Heart by Heart

I love Demi and I love The Mortal Instruments. I ADORE BOTH, literally adore. The song is so well written and the sensitive tone she sang it with made me sob. It was so, so well done and Jace & Clary.. AGH, I adore them.

This is an amazing song, depicting the love journey of CLary and JACE

Listen to this song on repeat love the mortal instruments but that made it!

This song is so damn beautiful!

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51 U Got Nothin' On Me U Got Nothin' On Me

I just love this song. It tells a great story and how she overcomes it with pride and not heartbreak

! 57?!?!? Guys, this song brings memories. The tune is beautiful... I don't know what to say. you broke my heart

This one is the best, in my opinion. I remember when I heard it, good times, I didn't even know she had released a new CD, because I wasn't that fan of hers. But after Here We Go Again CD and all her songs, especy this, I became a great fan of hers and I've never regreted of that.

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52 Who Will I Be? Who Will I Be?

It is Awesome. Truely related to real life that no one can decide that who will you become? Its only upto us.

53 Me, Myself and Time Me, Myself and Time

This song has been one of my favorites ever since it aired on Sonny with a chance. A brilliant chorus, meaningful lyrics, and to think this was before her difficult time, it brings tears to my eyes thinking of what she's been through and what an inspiration she is to every underdog.

This song honestly means so much to me and it says everything I'm feeling right now at this point of my life. It's a weird combination of confusing yet hopeful lyrics. I wish this song was more well known and ranked higher. I love you Demi! Thanks for saying everything I wanted to say!

This song should be one of top songs of Demi Lovato. I think this song very good to make us to confidence about ourselves. Whatever it takes to be, what we were meant to be, we gonna try!

This is an amazing song! Easily in the top 7!

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54 One and the Same One and the Same

I really love this song, because it pictures a two different girl who has an unique and unforgettable friendship. And this song reminds me of demi-selena and I really upset with the fact that they are not close anymore :(

This song is sung by Demi and Selena and its super -awesome. Its one of my favorite songs and Demi is at her best in this. Try this

Too bad Stupid Selena ruined it.

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55 Quiet Quiet
56 So Far So Great So Far So Great

this is the best song she write that song

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57 Stop the World Stop the World

Demi I love you all songs but this is so cool it should be on the top :-)

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58 Fire Starter Fire Starter

It just grabs you by the first line. And I could really relate to it. The whole wallflower, hidden fire thing.
"There's an s under my clothes, on my chest where nobody else can see, I light up when the doors are closed, I am free"

I love this song. I was in Demi's world from the first line. the lyrics are amazing and I like how shes describing herself. she has an amazing voice.

From the first line it seems to ne in heaven. Sure guys, listen to this song and post a comment. It should be in the top 10... why it's just number 65?

This needs to be higher! This song is so iconic and empowering

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59 On the Line On the Line

Wowo This Songs Really Got A music in it is is just fabulous to hear is and it has a thing called"""""""Quality It

60 Party Party

My eyeballs just fell out.

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