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101 Up V 1 Comment
102 Old Ways

This is an amazing song and has so much passion give it some love people I love all Demi's songs but by far this is my favourite

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103 For You

This is my favourite song of all time, should be number 1 now

How is this song so low? It is amazing!

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104 No Promises - Cheat Codes
105 Open
106 Shadow
107 Ride
108 Rascacielo
109 Why Don't You Love Me
110 Besame Mucho

I wish she released this song in her album its an amazing song

111 Shiver

Shiver is a new 2014 Demi song. It is very catchy. It should be number 50 for me... great voice and great music! Listen to it on YouTube, guys! - dmitrijfruci

This is a new 2014 Demi song. It's spectacular: voice and music are perfect! Listen to it and watch the video on YouTube, guys! - dmitrijfruci

Love this song been trying to find the lyrics for this song. but I can't find them.

This is a new Demi Lovato 2014 Song. Beautiful voice, beautiful music. Listen to it on YouTube, guys! - dmitrijfruci

112 Stay
113 Stars
114 Me, Myself and Time

This song has been one of my favorites ever since it aired on Sonny with a chance. A brilliant chorus, meaningful lyrics, and to think this was before her difficult time, it brings tears to my eyes thinking of what she's been through and what an inspiration she is to every underdog.

This song honestly means so much to me and it says everything I'm feeling right now at this point of my life. It's a weird combination of confusing yet hopeful lyrics. I wish this song was more well known and ranked higher. I love you Demi! Thanks for saying everything I wanted to say!

This song should be one of top songs of Demi Lovato. I think this song very good to make us to confidence about ourselves. Whatever it takes to be, what we were meant to be, we gonna try!

This is an amazing song! Easily in the top 7!

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115 In Real Life

I love this song it's my new favorite song she might sound a little squeeky but she has an amazing voice and her songs are off the chain so I think this should be one of the top 10 songs well at least top 10 demi lovato songs but hat's even better is to be one of the top 10 songs from all singers. I LOVE DEMI LOVATO AND YOU SHOULD LOVE HER TOO just saying ok well I'm done here

Its just an awesomme song! How could it be on no.38? Didn't anyone listen it? Oh common people! This is an rocking emotional truthful=best song. Please listen to this song. This is a very good song. I've never heard such a different song. And vote for it you all craps!

Love this song too33 OH MY GOODNESS. ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE/UNDERRATED SONGS ON THE ALBUM UNBROKEN... Its just great I mean her voice, the change in lyrics... Just flawless Puts me in a great mood too!

It's special. That's all I have to say!

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116 Behind Enemy Lines

What the heck! Nobody has heard this too? Its pretty cool! Very different from her other stuff! Beautiful song with a beautiful meaning!

117 Just a Dream
118 Trash
119 Something That We're Not

Really people 55! It's really catchy and it has a great story Demi lovato is the type of person who knows how to write a song

NOO not 64th? No this is a great song. So catchy! I hadn't heard of it at first but then I listened to it and now I love it! This is a prime example of underrated music.

I can really get up and dance to this song.

This song relates to me. And please ask me WHY IS IT 62? Should be number 1. At LEAST top five

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120 Moves Me

An amazing song with a heart touching meaning

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