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101 Shadow
102 Ride
103 Rascacielo
104 Why Don't You Love Me
105 Besame Mucho

I wish she released this song in her album its an amazing song

106 Shiver

Shiver is a new 2014 Demi song. It is very catchy. It should be number 50 for me... great voice and great music! Listen to it on YouTube, guys! - dmitrijfruci

This is a new 2014 Demi song. It's spectacular: voice and music are perfect! Listen to it and watch the video on YouTube, guys! - dmitrijfruci

Love this song been trying to find the lyrics for this song. but I can't find them.

This is a new Demi Lovato 2014 Song. Beautiful voice, beautiful music. Listen to it on YouTube, guys! - dmitrijfruci

107 Old Ways

This is an amazing song and has so much passion give it some love people I love all Demi's songs but by far this is my favourite

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108 Stars
109 For You

This is my favourite song of all time, should be number 1 now

How is this song so low? It is amazing!

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110 Behind Enemy Lines

What the heck! Nobody has heard this too? Its pretty cool! Very different from her other stuff! Beautiful song with a beautiful meaning!

111 Just a Dream
112 Trash
113 Moves Me

An amazing song with a heart touching meaning

114 Mirror
115 Not Yet

Makes me feel safe

116 Stay
117 Without a Fight V 1 Comment
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