I love the song, lyrics, video... Everything... This was THE song which made me like Demi... And I agree (I would've written it if you had not) that the best lines are "Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper"! Keep on rocking, Demi!

This song doesn't only showcase Demi's amazing vocal range, control and abilities -- it's also proof of how she got back up after all that she has gone through. It's an inspiration for those who are going through difficult times -- that you CAN get through it. This song is truly Demi's greatest work and her iconic song. Warrior is also excellent

I love this song it is inspiring and I am going to play it on guitar for a school competition. I hope that the upcoming demi lovato songs are just as good as this one and this song also has meaning and whenever I hear it I feel as is demi is telling me this herself! If you are reading this demi, you have done a great job with this fabulous song.

My favourite song is by demi lovato and my favourite singer is and always will be demi lovato! She's a role model and this song explains me at the moment. Iv have lodes of ups and downs in my life AND I know so has demi lovato right? Bless her! But her songs have helped me to 'stay strong' and try to battle my eating disorder (anorexic)

This is the best song ever. I feel like I can relate to this song so much. First time I listened to it I stopped everything I was doing and just started listening to every word she was saying in this song. It's a very strong and powerful song. It show that she overcame a lot and didn't let it overcome her. Great job Demi, keep it up.

This song gained her so many fans and lovatics we are so lucky to have her in this world today she is a powerhouse vocalist, dead set gorgeous not to mention her inspirational story that has inspired millions of people she might have songs that are better then others but every song of hers has a meaning a lot of people no her as demi lovato but I know her as my inspiration. My hero, my ringtone, my wallpaper, my everything

I'm on so happy this song is on the top cause it totally deserves it... I love this song A LOT LOT LOT! I think this song tells us that we are supposed to be brave when people try to tear us down cause that tears them down instead! LOVE YOU DEMI!

This song clearly shows she has faith and strength and is not a quitter. Demi has a rare strength that more people need to obtain. This song encourages people to never give up and to always strive to do your best even if everyone around you is against you.

This is the song that everyone should listen to because if you were going through the things that she was going through, then you should listen to this song because one day,you will love her just like the way that I love her because she has been going through a lot within her life and everyone has been supporting her ever since she was in rehab and I believe that she love her fans,or should I say her friends and her family. I love her because her music inspires me to become a stronger and better person throughout my life right now and my future and I want to have a great future;to be successful, to have my own business, to make a lot of money in order for me to buy my own house, and let me live my single life I DO NOT WANT ANY KIDS AND I DO NOT WANT A HUSBAND. I JUST TO LIVE MY SINGKE LIFE BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN THROUGH A LOT AND I JUST WANT COMPLETE PRIVACY.

The best Demi song EVER! I love this song and I am so happy this is on number 1! I love the whole song and the lyrics and the video but my favorite part in the whole song is
"Go run run run, I'm gonna stay right here, watch you disappear yeah, go run run run, yeah it's a long way down, but I'm closer to the clouds up here! " Love you Demi!

This brings you to tears, especially when you recall how Demi struggled with her image and finally overcame all the negativity. She may be from Disney Channel, but her voice is SUPERB. probably her rawest piece.

Although the old songs of demi made her popular.. This track made her even more popular and the start of her greatest career in her life... Her new album will surely gets a grammy nomination.. And she has a better voice than selena or miley..

I absolutely LOVE this song, so beautiful! But I have another one to add from the same album. Fix a Heart, Its really really really GOOD! I have to say that even though I wasn't a big fan of Camp Rock, I still loved this is me

Demi Lovato this is the second best song I have ever heard that you wrote but the best song that you wrote which is " What to do" but my favourite singer is Victoria Justice and Demi Lovato I love you both!

I can't believe what an amazing song this is! Every time I hear it I feel like I can be good at anything and be more outgoing. It gives me courage! Her voice is real and beautiful! One of the best songs of all time.

I love this song! It has helped me so much. I have depression, and Demi is one of my saviors. In this song, she gives me courage. She is the person who tells me it's ok. That I can make it. She powers me through my darkest moments. There's a Demi song for every occasion, happy or sad. She taught me to love myself, and is the person who taught me how to be a Skyscraper.

Great song but out of this list this is the best to me with a great artist you can never really choose the best song. When they're as talented as demi you can't but out of this I agree this is the best song

Ok I don't wanna sound like some sob story here, but that song. I've gotten bullied every day from 1st grade until now 5th grade and this song is just the best thing ever. It's helped me through so much

It's so beautiful and powerful. She talks about being broken but getting strong again. The lines that stick with me the most are: "Would it make you feel better/ To watch me while I bleed" "Do you have to make me feel like/ There's nothing left of me" "Yeah, it's a long way down/ But I am closer to the clouds up here"
Love this song! So amazing! Stay strong.

Demi lovato really shows how sad she is when she sings this song she don't care what anyone else thinks she just goes out there and has a fun time singing

I won't bat an eyelid before giving her the oscar for this at least 3 times.. Or something better. Singing and yelling a song is one thing. And singing it THIS way is wholly another

Her voice rocks! I love the ring in her voice and I love the song as well as her voice and the message of the song to those people that like hurting her feelings go demi whoop

This song is a really good and meaning full song it has a lot of weird words in it but it is pretty I love this song when I listen to demi lovatoes voice I cry like no other

This is the best of the best Demi's songs. Her voice is strong, it makes me stronger every time I listen to this song. I have no idea why people this talented girl.

In my opinion this song should be first. Because I think most of her fans can relate to the lyrics. The lyrics are really powerful and a beautiful message.