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21 Someone to Hate

This song should be in the top ten! What's wrong with you psychos! How can you put this song in the twenties? Infected should be in the twenties not someone to hate! Geez!

I just got this song on iTunes! It is so amazing! Honestly if I were to make my own list it would probably start with fading away, collapsing, someone to hate... Etc.

22 Fiction Kingdom
23 Gasoline
24 The Science of Lies
25 My Destiny

This song has the best growling of all the tracks in the entire 'True Defiance album. Love it.

26 Turn Your Back and Run
27 Undying

Hell yeah. One of the bands first popular songs

What is this song not #1?

An absolutely solid and indespensible work from earlier Demon Hunter. You'd be hard pressed to find a more defining track to this band's career.

Should be #1

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28 Lead Us Home

Brilliant lyrics and amazing instrumentation make Lead Us Home one of Demon Hunter's greatest songs; you'll never get tired of listening to it!

29 Just Breathe
30 Crucifix

This song is heavy and very crafty. Have you not listened to the guitar melody in the verses and heard the master drumming as well? This song is a beast that cannot be tamed.

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31 Storm the Gates of Hell

Why is this so low on the list? This is probably Demon Hunters most aggressive song, which makes it worthy of the top ten.

Ryan Clark's screaming the vocals through the entire song makes this song really aggressive and awesome.

This is hands down one of Demon Hunter's heaviest songs. This should be higher on the list.

†" I agree with him ��"

32 Driving Nails

I can actually feel the driving nails! One of my best demon hunter songs

Wow, this song is just so amazing. I listened my ass of on this.

Most heart felt song ever written by Ryan Clark.

33 Blood In the Tears
34 In Time

How is this song not even on the list? I had to add it on. The heavy verses mixed with the choruses make this song my favorite.

35 I Have Seen Where It Grows
36 I Play Dead

I really can't say any of their songs should be above another, this band is just so ridiculously talented in so many ways. This is my personal favorite though, brought me to tears because of my fight with addiction my whole life and most o my loved ones' struggles with it as well.

This was the first Demon Hunter song I ever heard, and it is still the best! Their ability to write incredible ballads is obvious, but here they're able to "Hunter-fy" a pretty mellow song and make it outrageous!

This song says it all blends a smooth mix of metal and rock together to come out on top like always

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37 Screams of the Undead

Awesome song! I Love Demon Hunter because of this song... It deserves to be higher up on this list! Its a very angry and aggressive song and it shows their pain. Great song

How is this all the way down here? Its screams at the beginning represent the frustrations in life. So powerful...

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38 Helpless Hope
39 This I Know

Most epic intro EVER! Great deep tones that get you crazed! Super heavy drops and riffs that kick start adrenaline like no other

The drums are awesome

40 Tie This Around Your Neck

It's a crime that I had to add this to the list. Top 5 Demon Hunter material.

For me, It's their best song!
Great vocals, Cool lyrics...amazing music! - Ananya

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