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1 Violator Violator

Okay, let's start quoting: This is my best Depeche Mode album I like all the songs, my best is Policy Of Truth:

1. Nodisco (Speak & Spell 1981)

2. Monument (A Broken Frame 1982)

3. Pipeline (Construction Time Again 1983)

4. Stories Of Old (Some Great Reward 1984)

5. A Question Of Lust (Black Celebration 1986)

6. Little 15 (Music For The Masses 1987)

7. Policy Of Truth (Violator 1990)

8. Walking In My Shoes (Songs Of Faith And Devotion 1993)

9. The Bottom Line / Sister Of Night (Ultra 1997)

10. I Am You (Exciter 2001)

11. A Pain That I'm Used To / John The Revelator (Playing The Angel 2005)

12. Fragile Tension / In Chains / Perfect (Sounds Of The Universe 2009)

13. Heaven (Delta Machine 2013)

Enjoy The Silence, Policy Of Truth, Personal Jesus, etc. - alexthecat

The greatest album ever recorded, a must for every record collection...

It includes Enjoy The Silence... It means #1

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2 Music for the Masses Music for the Masses

Fantastic album that actually created the hype surrounding violators release

Strangelove, Behind the Wheel, Never Let Me Down Again, etc. - alexthecat

Really masterpiece. Great sound, style and lyrics.

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3 Black Celebration

A Question of Time, A Question of Lust, Stripped... Hard choice. Violator is almost as good... Sorry

One of my best albums of all time!

THIS IS AWESOME! Every song is perfect!

Awesome album from start to finish. Dark, sensual.

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4 Songs of Faith and Devotion Songs of Faith and Devotion

Apogee of their career. Last album with genius Alan Wilder.

Each note and each word of this album talks about passion, love and the pain within...

I Feel You, Condemnation, In Your Room, etc. - alexthecat

I really like this DM era but, don't think this is one is more relevant than Black Celebration.

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5 Playing the Angel Playing the Angel

Depeche Mode is my favorite band, and this albm sounds great!
1. Playing The Angel
2. Songs Of Faith And Devotion
3. Violator
4. Exiter
5. Ultra
6. Music For The Masses
7. Black Celebration
8. People Are People
9. Sounds Of The Universe
10. Some Great Reward

Mostly underrated. By far the best post-millenium album; glad not to see it at the bottom tough, shouldn't be over ULTRA.

Precious, A Pain That I'm Used to, Suffer Well, etc. - alexthecat

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6 Some Great Reward Some Great Reward

People Are People, Somebody, Blasphemous Rumours, etc. - alexthecat

Two absolute killers in Stories of old and Blasphemous rumours. A few other good songs, People are people, somebody are overrated sad to say...

7 Construction Time Again Construction Time Again

Top to bottom, one of the best albums ever. I'm shocked to see that it's ranked so low on so many charts. I find Violator (most peoples fave album) to be quite lackluster compared to this collection of hits. told you so, the landscape is changing, love in itself, more than a party, everything counts, shame

Everything Counts, Love In Itself, More Than A Party, etc. - alexthecat

Under Exciter... come on! At least this was quite innovative, though not popular.

8 Exciter Exciter

It's a favourite in Winter time.

"When the body speaks" is so soothing. I love the chorus because all we need is tenderness

"Freelove" is another excellent track.

Well done Martin Gore for having written these.

Disappointed that this album is not rated higher at it is in my top 5 of all times. I wish people would put on a quality earphone, lie down, close your eyes and listen. It is a superb use of instruments and sounds.

9 Ultra Ultra

Barrel of a Gun, It's No Good, Home, etc. - alexthecat

A couple positions ahead would be fair.

An incredible album. Very odd they don't perform such songs as Freestate and Insight at all

ULTRA This cd has a dynamic "bad" sound... I only have this cd and the "singles" cd's... Thinking of picking up a few more. years ago I had maybe 10 of their cassettes but no more. I'm looking for a good newer cd... Here what they sound like now.

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10 Delta Machine Delta Machine

Delta machine plate cover is nicely contains pretty nature picture, that could be good for the band in the future, to bring in their album cover designs

Common guys, it's 2nd best album after Violator.

Great album. They not getting older

Should be higher

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11 Sounds Of The Universe Sounds Of The Universe

If your in the mood its not so bad if your not in the mood, well what can be said it's just a mood album.

Clearly not great but... worse than Exciter and Delta Machine... really?

Wrong, Peace, Fragile Tension, etc. - alexthecat

12 A Broken Frame A Broken Frame

I think it's the most underrated album by DM - my favourite tracks: See You, My Secret Garden, Satellite... The cover is beatiful!

13 Speak & Spell Speak & Spell

The first album from depeche mode, that never will be forgotten, tracklist: just can't get enough, new life, dreaming of me etc.

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