Rocking With Regret: The "Neo-Destruction" Albums by Destruction

I've decided to do once again another post of this series and this one will not just be one release but 3 albums since all 3 albums were actually disowned by the band because they were so bad, yes they are that bad, and this is the level of quality i'm dealing with here. So before i get to the 3 releases i'm going to explain who Destruction is.

Destruction is a German Thrash Metal band and is one of the members of the Teutonic Big 4 along with Sodom, Kreator and Tankard. Destruction started off as kinda a Blackened Thrash Metal band and it shows on their first 2 releases which were a ep titled Sentenced to Death and Infernal Overkill, both of which are awesome albums and are great but those two aren't their best, because the next album they made was one of their 3 magnum opus's as i call them. The next album they made was perfection, it was called Eternal Devastation and it has some of the best guitar work done in Thrash Metal, then they released a EP titled Mad Butcher which was a song from Sentence to Death but they re-recorded it and made the song even better, it was a very good EP and it established their mascot "The Mad Butcher". I should also mention the first 3 releases of Destruction only had 3 members which makes the music even more impressive. So then they got a new member made another album called Release from Agony which is their 2nd magnum-opus in my opinion, it had a very Techish sound to it which would later influence Tech Thrash bands. However after this while they were recording Cracked Brain Schimer, who i might add is the best member of Destruction, got fired and was instead replaced with André Grieder from Poltergiest, However Destruction went Downhill because Cracked Brain while not a bad album was a disappointing album in my opinion, i'm not a big fan of Andre's vocals but then, Destruction got a new vocalist by the name of Thomas Rosenmerkel, which brings me to the albums i'm reviewing today.

The first album that Destruction completely disowns is a self titled EP released in 1994.

This EP sucked, and it basically reinvented their sound with the Groove Metal that was made popular by bands such as Pantera which is the reason the album is Self Titled. The guitar riffs on this album are very repetitive and more repetitive then they normally are,the vocal's aren't that great here either. None of the songs on this album are worth listening too because they're all just mediocre songs with bland and repetitive groove metal riffs, the best thing about this album are the solos they are actually pretty thing about the songs, everything else about the songs is mediocre at best, at least the 2nd half of the song Smile actually sounds pretty decent and similar to what Destruction's past works were, but even then it's not that great, the last track doesn't even have a title and it's just lame. At least this was only 20 minutes long and was pretty short.

EP Rating: 68/100

Best Track: Smile
Worst Track: Untitled

Now the next release Destruction disowns is another EP titled Them Not Me, released in 1995.

This EP is basically a continuation of what Destruction was doing on the last EP, but this one sounds even more like a store brand Pantera than the last one did which as i previously stated, was very mediocre. This EP is much better than the last one, it is much better though, at least the first two tracks are better than the songs from the last EP but that doesn't mean anything because it's still not up to the level of Destruction's songs from previous releases. After that though the songs aren't that great there is even a lame filler interlude that is only 41 seconds long, seriously why does a EP need a interlude? The vocals and riffs sound much better here, it sounded like they were actually trying, but it still just isn't a very great EP, at least this EP was better than the next release Destruction did. Once again at least it was short this one is the shortest album at just under 20 minutes.

EP Rating: 71/100

Best Track: Scratch the Skin
Worst Track: Mole

Now on to the 3rd and the worst of the 3 releases Destruction disowns, The Least Successful Human Cannonball released in 1998.

That album title sums up the album perfectly, it is their least successful album because it sucked so bad that the band disowns it.
The two EPs were mediocre, but this album is even worse than them because it is much longer and the songs sound once again like a store brand Pantera but this album would probably be a dollar store brand Pantera, in fact this album sounds similar to another album Force of Habit by Exodus, but the difference is that album was actually pretty descent compared to this crap. The creativity of this album is pretty much nonexistent, the riffs are once again mediocre and the vocals are once again not very good. For some reason the last two tracks are split up they are just called Continental Drift I and II which plus they come after a interlude and it sums up the "creativity" of this album they just put two tracks titled the same but with the roman numerals for 1 and 2 next to them instead of combing the two tracks into one, plus the first 1 is just a intro to the 2nd song which even makes you wonder why they didn't just make them both into one track? The 2nd one is actually the best song on the album while the first one is the worst of the album, it's just boring vocal noises. This album is actually very similar to another album that came out in 1998; The album i am referring to is Van Halen III yes both of these albums have similar qualities between them, both are the only full length album with the 3rd vocalist of the band, both albums are crap, both albums have a cannon, a cannonball and a human on the cover and both are a crappy looking color. Basically what i am saying is this album is the Van Halen III of Thrash Metal. This album has no songs worth listen too what so ever, they are just mediocre Groove Metal songs with a occasional good solo but even here they aren't that great because the are short. This album also reminds me of another album Stomp 442 by Anthrax, that album was a giant ball of trash just like which is literally what the album cover of that album was, but anyway both of those albums have similarities as well, both of them were made to be a groove metal album, both have crappy mediocre riffs and both have something that relates to the quality of the album, for Stomp 442 it was the album cover and for this album it's the title. Overall this album is pretty bad, but there really isn't anything that is worst of all time worthy here it's just a boring and bland album.

Album Rating: 64/100

Best Track: Continental Drift II
Worst Track: Continental Drift I

As you can see these 3 releases were not very good they weren't worst of all time worthy but they are just boring and bland which makes them just generic mediocre Groove Metal albums, just so they can survive in the 90's (because the 90's was hard on Thrash Metal bands) It's really a shame but at least after this album Schimer came back to the band and then Destruction became good again, and even made another magnum opus, The Antichrist which is my favorite Destruction album., so yeah i would avoid these albums, they aren't torture to listen to but they have nothing special about them, they are just boring and bland albums,that is the reason why Destruction disowns them and will never remaster them or reissue them. i should also mention the other 3 bands in the Teutonic Big 4 never made a album as weak as these 3 releases, i would rather listen to St. Anger than these albums because at least that album had some redeemable qualities sure it was boring but at least it sounded unique. thanks for reading this post and have a good day.


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