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1 Ai Haibara

Ai haibara is the best not only because she's the most unique but because she can inspire anyone even the non-likers of her through her words even though she was considered one of the bad guys before... She has talents in her just waiting to be recognized and she sure brings out the total package of being an intelligent and independent woman even in her child form.

She is awesome, talented, good-looking, genius! Or, simply SHE IS PERFECT. She is the strongest woman in Detective Conan, I think. She has so many bad memories.

"in my opinion, she is more complex and interesting to watch than Ran. I mean I can guess what Ran is going to do next - she is like an open book - but the same can't be said for Ai. "

Best girl

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2 Kudo Shinichi

WHAT...?! Kudo Shinichi is the 2nd?! How can that be? I mean, look at him! He's a super smart guy, cool, loves cases, hot, and so much more..! This is perfectly why a lot o people likes him


That's a no no

I mean look at him!

He's practically intelligent, kind, smart, always cares for others first, handsome (sexy...), flexible, great soccer player, can control his fear (unlike haibara who shakes in fear whenever the BO comes near, at least as conan he just tensed not shakes and hide behind someone --"), the closest one to catch KID, willingly sacrifices himself for anyone, always prevails the truth, care for anyone even the murderers, and so on. I really think he's awesome.

He's intelligent and really kind.

It's funnu to see Haibara beating Shinichi! Lol! I think voters has never seen the series probably!

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3 Edogawa Conan

Conan is cool! I like him more than Shinichi, he seems more mature to me..

Whaatt?! How come he's number 5?! The smaller version of Shinichi is still smart and cool! Not to mention he's more cuter!

Of course Conan is the best. I would want to keep him forever.

I would like Conan to be top 1 and Haibara to be top 1 or 2.

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4 Heiji Hattori

Heiji, completely. I really think he's one of the only ones that Shinichi can trust his life with, and I think he might trust him even more than Ran. He'd do almost anything to help him and would protect him with his life. Heiji is the best!

He is the most perfect character in the series without being completely perfect. He makes mistakes, he's impulsive and rash, but he's one of the most genuine characters in the show. He's incredibly talented, but has faults, unlike many of the other perfect characters in the show that come off as robotic with their perfection. Heiji is and always will be my favorite.

Heiji is the best... I feel he is the only charecter who could be trusted by kudo.

Cool and handsome love his osaka accent he should number 3

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5 Ran Mouri

She's really cool. Unlike what people are saying here, she is extremely strong emotionally, physically and intellectually. She has solved cases without Conan/Shinichi's help (around episode 350), she kicks ASS all the time ("Ran-nee-chan! Save me! " *roundhouse kicks bad guys* *wins karate tournaments*) and she completely supports her depressed alcoholic father (and he is, especially in the beginning of the series, depressed - he is smart, he shouldn't have that hard of a time solving cases really he's giving up.) by CHOICE when her parents split up, and is constantly trying to help him. She is one of the most loyal characters I have ever heard of outside a super natural story, she loves Shinichi as a valued childhood friend and perhaps more, even though he is (admittedly) a jerk to her, even after his 'disappearance.' She works through her abandonment issues to be the best daughter, sister and friend she can possibly be, never becoming cold, and I love her for it. She loves ...more

I don't hate her until I watch DC movies. She always gets in trouble for doing something she knows she can't, it's like showing off. And yet, others have to save her instead and get in trouble that get their lives in danger. And she always brings her trouble for others to solve. She thinks she could but actually she couldn't, AND when she knows she couldn't, she would cried and called Shinichi name. :vv I'm so happy watching movie 20, 'cause she didn't do anything stupid so that others have to save her again, like movie 13, 17,... Always crying, knows Karate but not really know Karate. I must say, if she's not Shin's girlfriend, no one will care... I have more to say but I'm sure I'll get hates so should stop here.

Ran is really alright but Goushou made her personality go bad.
For Example: when you're in trouble or you're scared, most people want their parents. But Ran always thinks of Shinichi and Shinichi only. She never shouted out for her father or her mother.
There's one more: she didn't even answer Shinichi's confession of love for her, but she still calls out for Shinichi. If she loves him so much, why didn't she just say "yes" then? This means that she actually doesn't love Shinichi, which also means that Ran is Shinichi's stalker.


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6 Kaitou Kid

He looks a lot like Kudo and the guy has cooler hair and a bigger sense of humour.

COME ON DUDE! KAITO KID! He's just amazing, totally my favourite character in the series, and also my crush. He's funny, EXTREMELY talented, master of disguise and escape, and just overall AWESOME. I mean, even Shinichi hasn't been able to catch him. He's like the villain who everyone loves, since he's not even technically a thief, he returns all the stuff. I also love his costume, the white cape and the monocle. In conclusion, he really deserves more attention.

He is really smart, sometimes smarter than Kudo, plus he is talented, with all his disguises. Thus, sometime I wish Kid would end up with Ai if she wouldn't get Kudo-kun.

Super talented

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7 Shuichi Akai

WHAT?! HE IS IN THE EIGHTH PLACE?! WHY?! Between all the guys, he is the coolest, and the most expert, professional, and detailed when it comes to planning strategies and on...Unlike Kudo Shinichi, Akai is the type of a guy who's cool and non-chalant. But also the one who cares about his missions. He's intellectual and quick-reacting when dealing to strangers and hard missions. He's very expert in using weapons and in shooting from far-away distances.

Akai is so cool and smart and handsome

Akai thinks on par with conan and he and conan together allowed him to fake is death, so professional.

Dude was so op at sniping that he shot a bullet through the scope of the gun of a guy that was targeting him

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8 Gin

Ice cold killer who wouldn't bat an eyelash before riddling you with bullets. Smart and able to react to situations quickly and without emotion. He is also extremely physically capable and has that murderer appearance =)

One of the best villains in the anime, it gets really intense and scary when he is around, his influence in the anime is really scary and impressive. He has such great intellect and patience, he really is a dangerous man, and an excellent villain in DC, very thriller to watch.

Colder than ice, but just great "bad guy" for this anime/manga. Don't tell me that you're not nervous if he get too near to Conan or Ai... he just has this "I will kill you" aura. Great!

Badass, intimidating, charismatic, great villain. Death to Makoto. - FakuB20

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9 Kogoro Mouri

He is like Shikamaru, clever but too lazy to use his brain.

Kogoro Mouri has just so much potential, that it isn't even funny anymore. He can solve cases if he wants too, as shown in episode 27 and he is intelligent, strong, cares for the people around him and has a cool moustache. He is the second best character in the whole series, in my opinion.

Even though some people laughs at his wrong explanations and jumping to conclusions, he's still an intelligent detective, and can solve cases and put the pieces together(that even us, fans, cannot even solve ourselves). He just needs a little push I think, and to top it all, when push comes to shove, he's an extremely reliable detective/friend/family.

He's relatable and funny.

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10 Ayumi Yoshida

Ayumi have to be rank 2 after ai-chan she is adorable cute she is really great vote ayumi because you now she is the most cutes character

You cannot watch an episode without thinking, "OH MY GOSH AYUMI IS so ADORABLE! "

Shes just so adorable

Ayumi is my vavourite character

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11 Sonoko Suzuki

With sonoko the episodes are more fun, interesting and funny because sonoko acts like a kid

I feel like Sonoko is the younger, and female version of Mouri Kogoro. She's alright, but I don't like how she takes Conan's credit for solving a case, without stopping and thinking that she has no memory of it. That's why I think she somewhat similar to Kogoro, that and the fact that their both hopeless flirts.


Looks ugly - Frodomar49

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12 Kudo Yukiko

Shinichi's mother, she doesn't appear much because of her work as an actress just like her husband.

The best mother in case closed. She beautiful and so good at masquerade. I eas so glad she's not like haibara who make me sick

I like her, she's the coolest mom ever. And she acts like a teenager, she's somewhat similar to Chikage(Kaito's mom)

Haibara isn't stupid u r

13 Kazuha Toyama

Kazuha is pretty and a real talented student at school. She's sometimes mean to Heiji but actually just because she wants to hide her true feeling toward him

She is very beautiful and deep souled

I love Kazuha so much

I like her very much. She and Heji are so cute together. When they fight I always laugh

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14 Hiroshi Agasa

Many believe he is Ano Kata the boss of the black organization, but I say he's not.

Are you kidding me?! He is the best EVER

15 Wataru Takagi

Through he is kinda foolish and unconfident outside, he has a strong heart which full of justice and honesty inside. Whenever his lover is in danger, he is soberer than anyone. He is lovable and kind. I am always moved when seeing he protect his girlfriend even at a cost of his life.

I think he is the bravest

This is a loveable doofus.

16 Tooru Amuro (Bourbon)

You know, this boy got a whole movie for himself next year. He's terribly popular in Japan and can easily makes it to the top 3. I don't even surprise that such a good character only got 18th place here, knowing he is pretty underrated in the western side.

At first, I don't have any impression toward him. But there's chapter when he punched the bad guy on chest, then I fall for him.

He's badass, sexy, but manipulative and dangerous.

He's is a good guy who thinks goals justify the means and act with that in mind, one of his better traits is his morality faults which make him a better character. And he's sexy and a good boxer and that obssessive side of his make me love him more.

One word: Badass

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17 Jodie Starling

I'm surprised Jodie doesn't have more of a following! She's definitely one of my favorite characters and I almost feel a bit funny saying that when she was first introduced, I laughed at her engrish and what-not, but as we discovered more about her, I began to really appreciate her as a character. After Akai's... Well.. "death", it really sealed the deal for me. She's a great, complex character and I really appreciate her presence in the Detective Conan universe. She's awesome!

Fbi's top investigator and one of the badass women of dc!

The best FBI's! Second after akai, hehe. Well, she beautiful, smart, and good enough at use gun. Well, at least not like haibara who so loser when meet and face to face to vermouth. Hate haibara so much

Fbi's top investigator and akai shuuichi's partner. She is one of the badass and beautiful women of dc!

18 Miwako Sato

She has a strong sense of justice and sacrifice, hates power of darkness. She is sober and brave. She always deals with cases resolutely. She also has a soft heart inside and even childish. She is a pretty policewoman and almost every males of colleague like her. Through she has boyfriend, her charm is not affected.

Strong, brave, and beautiful. That's all sato characters. Yeah, I love her, because she not like haibara who fake and cry a lot

She came out as a very strong woman in Conan vs Lupin the Third.

19 Kudo Yusaku

I really would like to know more about him, what he think about his son just doing all crazy stuffs while he write book. He is crazy smart, yet as parent... I really want to know what he THINKS.

He is smarter and cooler. He is faster than Shinichi in solving cases. He is calm and I never saw him loosing his temper. He is reliable. I prefer at least 3 or 4 place for him.

Really? Only rang 22? He's awesome

He is very smart and he knows the answer of the case before Kudo Shinichi (Jimmy Kudo) does. I still prefer Kudo shinichi

20 Masumi Sera

Masumi Sera is easily forgotten after her at the moment character impact but she is the only kind of regular female detective in the anime so why is there no more votes for her?

Masumi sera is a cute girl and she have a cool characteristics. Always helping people with her beautiful smile

Cutest girl ever!

I like her personallity, she's literally girl version of Shinichi. I wanted her to get show more often. And I hope she get better rangking than this

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21 Vermouth

No woman has a more charismatic combination of intellect, beauty, and empathy than she does. One of my favorite female manga characters of all time.

She is fabulous.

Vermouth makes women women

Seriously? she should be on the top 3. She's mysterious, cunning, beautiful, manipulative, intelligent, charismatic, and also unpredictable.

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22 Subaru Okiya

Polite and Chilled

Very a polite person, sooo cute when handling the detective boys

Big spoiler!

He is akai shuichi but masked

He always keeps his cool and acts mysteriously. It was no surprise tie when I found out he was actually akai shuiichi.

23 Ninzaburo Shiratori
24 Makoto Kyougoku


25 Aoko Nakamori
26 Matsuda Jinpei
27 Inspector Migure

First off, it's Inspector Megure not Migure, and second well that's it.

28 Eisuke Hondou

He's clumbsy and makes the anime much more humorous

29 Yumi
30 Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya

Such a cute character!

Pretty smart for a 7 year old

He's arguably smart for a child his age ^^

31 Genta Kojima

I find him annoying sometimes when he's disregarding Conan, like Kogoro Mouri.

32 Lupin the Third

Because his ability similar to Conan/Kudo Shinichi. he appear in Case closed movie "Lupin vs Detective Conan".

33 Tomoaki Araide

Why is Tomoaki sensei not here! I fell for him the first time I saw him.
He is such a sweet, caring and nice guy!
Husband material.

34 James Black
35 Vodka
36 Okino Yoko
37 Narumi Asai

Cute, deadly, with a nice voice, and a good pianist. I could hardly tell that she's a he the way she presents herself. I wish Conan was able to save him during the Moonlight Sonata Murder case (ep 11)

38 Kansuke Yamato
39 Robert Taylor
40 Inspector Joseph Meguire
41 Irish
42 Akemi Miyano
43 Toichi Kuroba
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