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21 Vermouth

No woman has a more charismatic combination of intellect, beauty, and empathy than she does. One of my favorite female manga characters of all time.

She should be in top 10! She's the only sharp, cunning woman and even helps Kudou in some instances... In the series.. Like diverting gin from killing Kogoro. Even after knowing the true identities if Conan and Haibara she doesn't tell the Black organization anything! The Best Mysterious character ever

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22 Subaru Okiya

Polite and Chilled

Very a polite person, sooo cute when handling the detective boys

Big spoiler!

He is akai shuichi but masked

He always keeps his cool and acts mysteriously. It was no surprise tie when I found out he was actually akai shuiichi.

23 Matsuda Jinpei
24 Inspector Migure

First off, it's Inspector Megure not Migure, and second well that's it.

25 Ninzaburo Shiratori
26 Eisuke Hondou V 1 Comment
27 Aoko Nakamori
28 Makoto Kyougoku V 1 Comment
29 Tomoaki Araide

Why is Tomoaki sensei not here! I fell for him the first time I saw him.
He is such a sweet, caring and nice guy!
Husband material.

30 James Black
31 Vodka
32 Okino Yoko
33 Narumi Asai

Cute, deadly, with a nice voice, and a good pianist. I could hardly tell that she's a he the way she presents herself. I wish Conan was able to save him during the Moonlight Sonata Murder case (ep 11)

34 Kansuke Yamato
35 Yumi
36 Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya

Such a cute character!

He's arguably smart for a child his age ^^

37 Genta Kojima

I find him annoying sometimes when he's disregarding Conan, like Kogoro Mouri.

38 Lupin the Third

Because his ability similar to Conan/Kudo Shinichi. he appear in Case closed movie "Lupin vs Detective Conan".

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