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1 Sherlock Holmes

What a good film this is! The plot is unpredictable. Everybody is strongly recommended to watch this great movie.

This movie has the best plot. You don't come to know the real mystery till the end. The acting by Robert Downey Jr. ^^ Jude Law is remarkable. A must watch mystery movie.

it's the best of all detective movies
awesome sherlock holmes it one of my best film ever seen before
just watch it you don't regret it

Even I only know the start, the movie is great at once
My mom has allvthe films

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2 Seven

Good atmosphere, story and twist at the end. All the actors deliver great performances. Must see for anybody, anywhere.

It's an incredible movie! It's got Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, how can you beat that

Damn great movie you must see it the great ending best acting from morgan freeman and brad pitt

One of the best films in the world
It got Brad Pitt the diamond of the film

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3 Chinatown

I would Chinatown as number 1

Chinatown is the greatest. Period

Should be # 1 or 3

4 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

This movie is just 'overthrow' its previous sequel. The storyline is more complicated, more complex, but also very genius, very smart, and there's a lot comedy scene too. Holmes and Watson relationship is more 'intensified' here.
And this movie also convince me more that Robert Downey Jr. Is very suitable played as Sherlock Holmes. People say that he is not good just because Robert is American, not British just like the rest of the actors who have played Holmes. I love Robert Downey Jr because of his role as Sherlock Holmes, he doesn't look smart from his appearance but deep down in his head is the most genius mind that ever existed. That's why, to me, Robert Downey Jr. Is the most perfect Sherlock Holmes.

Basically I'm Sherlock Holmes fan. I have complete seasons of The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes, Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes.

Really enjoyed the acting, the story was great as well. I also thought that the slow motion camera work on some of the action was a great touch, especially when it showed what was about to happen, and how he planned everything. These movies are brilliant.

Such a commercial movie and waiting for Sherlock 3?

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5 Bad Boys II

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence make such comedy magic. Who needs Janet Scott and Rachael Baily when you can have Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett?

6 Rear Window V 1 Comment
7 L.A. Confidential


8 The X-Files: I Want to Believe

Do I really need to say why? I mean, Mulder, Scully, does anybody need anything else? I don't think so! I need them back!

A great movie! It's not just a cheap detective, it's a deep, very tender and philosophical thing... The X Files the best!

It's a real classic of T.V. shows. It was balanced movie, with great characters and basic aim with humanity. I really need them back

Unexplainable movie

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9 Rush Hour 3

I laughed my ass off the whole way through this film! It's amazing! - IronSabbathPriest

10 Minority Report V 1 Comment

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11 Bad Boys
12 The Heat V 1 Comment
13 Mulholland Dr.
14 The Silence of the Lambs

Based on famous detective, horrible, mysterious novel that the movie has improved these character of murder and violence childhood. palpitating!

Just awesome! Love this movie!


Come on guys! Why can't it be among "the top tens" 😦

15 The Maltese Falcon

THE ONLY WAY, you can keep up with this movie is by rewind and review! You won't get it if you watch it all the way through without interruption. Well that's my opinion anyway! I'm in my late 60s now and just got around to viewing it about 10 years ago and it blew me away. I instantly became of fan of Bogart after multiple decades of wondering why his adoration seemed timeless. He was absolutely off the charts in this movie. I remember hearing only Jack Nicholson could do any Bogart remakes and that's a big negative! I doubt if they'll ever be a remake of this movie... you will never improve on it, never! I only wish the young murder mystery fans will check it out!

This list proves that it is mainly younger adults and kids that do most of the internet surfing. Most of the probably haven't even HEARD of The Maltese Falcon, let alone seen it. Falcon, Chinatown and The Big Sleep should be jockeying for positions 1-3 on this list. Bad Boys?!? Really? And Shawshank, while a great PRISON film is NOT a detective film, so how is it even a"contender" in this category?!?

This is a silly list. Dumb movies like Sherlock Holmes and Bad Boys II ranked above Chinatown and The Maltese Falcon. Go figure.

Whoever said that it's mainly younger adults that do internet surfing, why shouldn't they vote for what they want? I have no issiue on people voting for Bad Boys and Sherlock Holmes franchises. Will Smith and Robert Downey Jr have charisma, that's why people vote for them. It's old farts spamming the crap on this lists for ancient movies that won't be relevent for modern audiences.

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16 Rush Hour
17 Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang V 1 Comment
18 Rush Hour 2

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are super funny in this

19 R.I.P.D
20 Vertigo
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