Top Ten Best Detective Movies


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21 R.I.P.D
22 Vertigo
23 Untraceable

Like this film, super climax, Diane Lane got a very strong charecter, everything is perfect, recommend watching

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24 The Shawshank Redemption

No one could have predicted the climax of this movie while seeing it.. The best movie ever made.. Truly Inspirational as well.. May the entire team that made this movie rest in peace

I agree The Shawshank Redemption is one of the best films I have seen three times and would watch again. It is inspirational.

Great movie. I have seen three times. Must watch category

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25 Dangerous Game
26 Dick Tracy
27 Rookie
28 Inside Man

perfect planning
perfect plot
and a perfect thief
it is a great movie I must on the top 3
but unluckily very rare people have seen this awesome movie

Great work on this movie and the investigation start after robbery from one of great movie of robbery and investigation sure it be

Clive Owen is so good in this movie.

29 Basic Instinct
30 Gone Baby Gone

Exponentially better than any movie on this list

Awesome plot that hammered my head at the end

Excellent movie..
One of the best I have seen

31 Manhattan Murder Mystery
32 Zodiac
33 Smilla's Sense of Snow
34 The Untouchables
35 Saw IV

Very thrilling and was so full of puzzles and twists. It has some of the best detective actors you will ever see

I think this was a very underrated Saw, and it had a lot of loops and puzzles to solve - robertoantonioortuso

I like saw is the best film

It full of twists and turns and is undoubtably one of the most traumatising Saw's

36 Sin City
37 Beyond the Law
38 Body Heat
39 Blow Out

Mind blowing these movies are with John Travolta. I like this star

40 Primal Fear

Come on, this should be above bad boys!

Should be in top 5. Great thriller with a twist. Geres best

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