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1 Bloodlines

Drums are epic.. And accompanied by the guitar riffs, it creates the perfect hardcore atmosphere.

it's best song of dethklok. riffs, solos and the last verse is amazing. Drums is awesome and guitars is fine. dethklok is best death metal band of new era.

The drums are epic, and along with the guitars, the song just has this atmosphere to it. Also, the music video kicks ass.

" I TAKE YOUR LIFE! I TAKE YOUR LIFE! BLOODLINES" I really love those lines. Makes the song awesome.

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2 Murmaider

No lyrics and/or riffs here are lower than awesome. I personally think this (awesome) song is better than its (awesome) sequel. The solo collaborates with the backing instruments beautifully, too. I really love the bridge/pre-chorus part that sings "MURDER, MURDER, MERMAID, MURDER! "

I'm a pretty new listener to dethklok so I'd really want to know what is the correlation between dethklok/metalocalypse and baseball.

This should definitely be top five I think has a great beat to it and really projects the Dethklok atmosphere of comedy and serious death metal that I think the band really is looking for. Not to mention the great chanting toward the end that really makes you get into the song.

I love the checks in this song. "KNIVES? CHECK. ROPE? CHECK. DAGGER. CHECK." you might have that in your head for days. Check.

The epic one.

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3 Thunderhorse

Thunderhorse is definitely Dethklok's best song. Although the band has many other kick-ass songs, this one definitely tops the list. The guitar riffs used within the song are awesome; I especially like the way the riffs are synchronized with one another. The vocal and instrumental pieces also add to one another, rather than overpower the song.

Normally a song gets killed by guitar hero, yet this one survived and still burns brightly!

omg I love this song really much! revenge... revenge..

Best Dethklok song period

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4 Murmaider II: The Water God

There are no alternatives to this. Murmaider II is just the best song that Dethklok have ever written. Brilliant lyrics and the riff is literally orgasmic.

Love this. I crank it in the car. SWIM ON!

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5 Laser Cannon Deth Sentence

Perfection. Just the name alone is pure amazement. Then you hear it and you're just like "man, I need a laser"


Drums are damn near impossible to cover

Awesome drums

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6 Skyhunter

"I will dig myself out of this coffin! I will dig myself out of the earth! I will bathe my body in a pool of blood! I will drink the liquid and I WILL BE REBORN! "

One of the best intros ever and pickles can play it even when he's dead drunk!

Such an epic atmosphere it really fires you up!

Best guitar

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7 Awaken

I like how this song reminds me exactly of the Metalocalypse episode, and makes me remember it in perfect clarity. Not the best song, but the best episode tie-in for sure.

Amazing song. top 3 for me

This song really makes we want to start fighting!

This is easily their best song, bitch.

8 Black Fire Upon Us

Top 3 for me, definitely not the fastest but the melodies throughout keep me coming back.

This is one of the best songs of Dethklok, no doubt. I am a big fan of Dethklok, and I assure you there are few songs better than this.

The intro is awesome, it starts with a very good sound, great melody to get the rhythm the song have later.

Then, the drums give power to the song... And: Tonight we ride on clouds of FIRE! The epic lyrics starts.

After that, Skwisgaar sounds, it's the perfect solo: it has an amazing aura that emites pure epicness... A perfectly performed picking, then goes the best sweep picking made in Brendon Small.

When the final part of the song arrives, with the same guitar solo in a background of pure epicness by Toki, while the dragons fly over the skies...

Then, the song closes like the beginning.

Best guitar part of any dethklok song ever!

Epic intro. Those riffs gave me goosebumps first time I heard it.
I love most Dethklok songs (you gotta admit it, the guys have chops) but I know I got this one first on my top ten list

9 Hatredcopter

Pickles has an amazing voice.

10 I Tamper with the Evidence at the Murder Site of Odin

Best solo ever!

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11 Go Forth and Die

Awesome song, definitely my favorite. Love the lyrics, and how I can really relate to them.

How is this 13?!?!?!? This must be 1!

The song with the most most powerful lyrics in my oppinion, it is hard to choose between many of the brilliant songs,
This 1 just beats Bloodlines with wich is directly my 2nd favorite song

12 Dethharmonic

This song has hilarious lyrics. I didn't realize it was about doing taxes for a long time.

Insane blend of guitar and orchestra, they sound so good together!

Great orchestra part! My personal favorite.

13 Bloodrocuted

Fast paced song that should be at the top 5

Bad ass song. Top 3 from dethklok for me

14 I Ejaculate Fire

How is this not the top song? The guitar is mind blowing in this song!

Obviously the best! The solo! The riffs! The vocals! Dethklok rules!

Easily the best Dethklok song. I want it played at my funeral.

Best general tone

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15 Go Into the Water

This probably my favorite song from dethklok because it's just so amazing. This song actually got me into the band and after I learned how to play it I was hooked. Not to mention it is similar on the guitar to a lot of Awaken. I LOVE THIS SONG DIE FOR DETHKLOK

From start to finish it just kicks ass. It hits hard, has amazing riffs, and the vocals tell an interesting tale.. Of maybe a foreshadowing of what's to come? Laugh out loud

The riffs are absolutely orgasmic! Dethklok's best song, period.

This definitely deserves to be in the top 10. It's killer! m/ - TheListLord

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16 The Galaxy

Great guitar rifs. Sounds like something in a space exploration movie!

So epic definitely one of the best songs ever!

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17 The Gears

I'm shocked its not in the top 10, 5-10 I would understand...

18 Crush the Industry

You are either a liar, or are stupid if you heard this on the show, and then couldn't wait for it to be officially released. When I heard it remastered, I pretty much came on the spot. This song needs to be higher.

The simplest riff in the world and it just lights my face on fire. When I'm in hell, I hope this is the soundtrack so I can bang my head forevermore.

Yes, this song. The way the drums and guitars work together beats out a lot of other Dethklok songs... I'd understand bottom 5, but not top ten?

This song gives makes me erect faster then Skwisgaar in a retirement home.

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19 The Lost Vikings

This one is propah Viking Metal! Love the riffs and the double bass!

love it

20 The Cyborg Slayers

Completely badass, give it a listen to

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