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21 I Dreamed I Died I Dreamed I Died

A very original song, it has such a unique rhythm and should be in top 10 for sure!

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22 Knee Deep Knee Deep

This song kicks ass, should make it easily in the top ten

23 Not All Who Wander Are Lost Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Great song! Cool music video too! I CANNOT believe this song is not in the top ten!

24 Before the Hangman's Noose Before the Hangman's Noose

Impossible not to sing along on this one. Devildriver must be the best band ever!

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25 Tirades of Truth Tirades of Truth

How can this song not be in the top ten? Its shreddy as hell and you can literally feel your face melt as drums and guitar kick in to top gear!

26 Meet the Wretched Meet the Wretched

How can you guys avoid this song it's a perfect headbanging song and it should be at number 1

27 Devil's Son Devil's Son
28 Nothing's Wrong Nothing's Wrong

I like the speed of this song..

29 Shitlist Shitlist

From the Album "Beast"

30 Just Run Just Run
31 Blur Blur
32 Resurrection Blvd. Resurrection Blvd.

You guys listen to this one and forget the above ones

33 Digging Up the Corpses Digging Up the Corpses
34 The Fury of Our Maker's Hand The Fury of Our Maker's Hand
35 The Axe Shall Fall The Axe Shall Fall

Probably the best song of Devildriver should be under top five...

36 Fate Stepped In Fate Stepped In

How this isn't top 5 ill never know! - DefiledAmygdala

37 These Fighting Words These Fighting Words

Amazing song, the guitar just makes me smile. Then the lyrics are poetic, rhyme

38 Driving Down the Darkness Driving Down the Darkness
39 The Mountain The Mountain

By far my favorite song by them.
The vocals are great and the hook is addictive. I listen to that song every time I lift heavy for PRs and I swear it makes me stronger loll.

DevilDriver Rocks! Love the way Dez Fefara rips it in this song!

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40 Sin & Sacrifice Sin & Sacrifice V 1 Comment
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