Best Diana Ross Songs


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1 Touch Me in the Morning
2 Upside Down

Very catchy and a great song to dance to!

3 Ain't No Mountain High Enough

I love this song

Passionate and a soul gem!

best song

4 Love Hangover

Incredibly sexy vocals that show off her incredible tone as well as her acting skills. One of those " no one else could do this song justice" moments where an artist completely owns a song and elevates it in a way that no one else could.

Her greatest

5 Chain Reaction
6 If We Hold on Together

This is the first time I heard her song as a child watching 'The Land Before Time'. I heard it again when I grown up when I have enough English skill to appreciate English song and it brought back my childhood memories. Beautiful melodies, very meaningful lyrics. Definitely one of her best songs out there.

7 Take Me Higher
8 Muscles
9 Endless Love
10 Swept Away

Swept away was huge on the club scene in Europe as well in the States

This album here is one of her best pop albums of all time during the time I was a DJ and Diana Ross songs was always in Mix

The Contenders

11 It's My House
12 I'm Coming Out

Diana Ross personally stated This song is it is not about coming out sexually,it was about her life at the time leaving Motown starting her own solo career

13 When You Tell Me that You Love Me

It's makes me wanna cry

14 It's My Turn
15 Home

This is a classic song only Diana Ross makes it her own classic as well as the movie The Wiz amazing overtime this movie has became a cult classic

I love that song so much
i could cry

16 This House

Fantastic song. One of her best ever!

Beautiful soulful song. Should have been huge.

17 If You're Not Gonna Love Me Right
18 What About Love
19 Now That You're Gone
20 Missing You

Diana Ross should have received a Grammy Award for this song

21 My Old Piano

If you watch the video with the music you will see all the grace of Miss Diana Ross.

22 Mirror Mirror
23 Force Behind the Power
24 Brown Baby
25 Let's Go Up
26 Working Overtime
27 No One Gets the Prize
28 I'm Still Waiting
29 It's Your Move
30 The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
31 Touch by Touch
32 Touch by Touch

The most elegant light footed song of Diana.

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1. If We Hold on Together
2. Touch Me in the Morning
3. Ain't No Mountain High Enough
1. Touch Me in the Morning
2. Love Hangover
3. Ain't No Mountain High Enough


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