So awesome! And it has a good quality! And it has a great functionality, also a good looking camera and for me canon is greater than all of the camera brands, and it also fits my personality, it was so cool, it is the best camera that I've ever used I love it! HOORAY FOR CANON! :-)

I have had Nikon's and they fall apart! I had 2 point and shoots and they were terrible! I now have a poi t and shoot Canon and have had my Canon Digital Rebel XT for years! Love the both! I had the Canon film SLR about 15 yrs ago and love it too! Will always be a Canon girl!

Actually canon offers best quality in its camera unlike nikon it does not focus only on its specification but it thinks and focus only on how a great photo can be shot

The best camera there is around. I love these kind of cameras. So professional and high quality. It's images are so breath taking.

Its a superb camera and plays a massive influence among camera man. Moreover, I love it when I used it for past 4 years without any poor vision..

For me, Canon digital cameras are the best when it comes to image quality and color accuracy of the images.

I have a 1100 D... It is by far the best camera I had until today..

Canon is the best because their products most especially their cameras, are easy to use and has superb quality.

cannon has the best lenses of anybody - moose4life19

It has the best pictures and zoomed in good

Canon cameras are the most reliable out there, they are expensive but boy they are worth it.

At least it brand name & we will be sure that brand need more effort and experience in market

I like as it is simple to be professional.

In my opinion canon is the best camera about quality op picture...

Canon convinced me with his great quality/price offerings ;)

I love canon the result. sharpness. detail. colors. out standing.

Very clear and versatile. Lenses sold with it are also amazing. - stevha

Pictures that are taken with this camera has good quality. - Ken198

Canon is a reliable brand that I have been comfortable using for more than 15 years. - Electricbassguy

This brand has a very good features in every camera

Best cameras for point and shoot nikon has some problems so cannon is best

Canon is the best camera company in the world.i love canon;s performance

We use canon rebel t3 and they are great for amateur photographers. Very user friendly and easy to learn how to use. I can't get enough of them. Canons so far have been better than the nikons we used.

Yo! Its just so magical how canon shoots an image and make it looked like its more than reality.

I got a canon camera when I was FIVE I loved it