I have the Fujifilm finepix it has a lot of cool features that no other camera has such as smile and panorama

Less known to today's generation of digital kids. There was a time when we had film. Kodak was the most advertised brand and every factory had different quality or color saturation. Then came Fuji. Did not look as oversaturated, just natural but consistent quality. Today mirrorless top of range cameras Fuji is right on to of the others. Remember if light is low you need lots of glass, so your lens is the window of your camera. The rest comes down to perception.

FUJIFILM is great... I have one of their cameras and it is great! I recommend getting one o their cameras especially if you are starting out in photography

Fujifilm digital cameras have features that no other cameras of other brands have at their price

For students its to much good due to its affordable price, I like it

Awesome brand, very good cameras

Love my Fujifilm just wish it had interchangeable lens

I have now owned 2 fijufilm camera's and really enjoyed them both. Fujifilm is a great quality affordable camera. I recommend this camera to everyone!

Thank fujifilm for making a good camera

Fujifilm having number one features

Just purchased an x20 and I can remember having this much fun with such good results. Highly recommended. I was told that "RAW" was impossible to use, but it's built in!

They deserve to be on the top ten because the quality of their'e dslr is qualified for ranking

The fine pix s4500 is the shizz nit! Spectacular features. Its just so crispy!

Quality is under rated.
This company blows away at least 14 others on this list?

Recommend Fuji XP75. Compact, rugged 16.4 megagpixels. Has wide variety of settings for different situations and takes photos that I have printed as large as 30 x 40 inches. Great quality at a low price!

I like the fujiflim cameras its look is very nice and having nice shape and it is HD also

XT2 is a revolutionary Camera. Not only does it shoot 4k, but it's the fastest focusing Mirrorless out there. It is probably the only Mirrorless that can hang with DSLR's for action and sports. Fuji may only be appreciated by hipsters but its time professionals took notice!

The best cam's
Fujifilm FinePix HS10 and its highly affordable for starters with low bugget.
It has features which no other brand gives in this price range.