Nikon All the way! They may be more expensive but their better than those Sony cameras. Sony cameras are crummy and take horrible pictures, however they get a great and almost perfect wrap up in the end when they take pictures like crap! I Dislike Sony, the only good thing to come out of Sony was when the PlayStation 2 came out about 12 years ago! Pheew.

I have nikon l310. One of the best digital camera at present. If we have Nikon Camera we will become professional photographer automatically

Best company ever customer support is amazing and the graphics are killer! I use a Nikon D80 (which is 13 years old) has still better graphics and colour accuracy than my friends sony and canon!

I thought Canon was best but this company is busy making photocopy machines too while Nikon as far as I know makes camera and lens only. With lens, I mean lens for both eyes and cameras.

Hey I got one for Christmas last year. It's a coolpix the photos that I have taken are good. Before somebody took it I had a Sony. Just a small little pink camera that my husband bought me in 2009 for Valentine's Day that was a great camera. Nikon I'm learning I love the cousin who thought enough to get me one the only downside to this one so far is it uses double A batteries. My Sony had a nice rechargeable battery. Nikon is a good camera so I think the rating is ok. Just needs to come with a charger and battery.

Recently I bought a nikon cool pix and its comparatively better... you know whats the basic difference between nikon and canon is that nikon is more original in taking clips... while canon makes it beautiful...

Using Nikon D5100! Awesome low light performance which other branded entry level camera's fail to provide! I really love it!

Nikon compacts cameras aren't that good, but nikon dslr is the best, and the lens that they make produces sharp images

I have several brands of cameras. Pics found the Nikon functions and buttons easier to use then the Canon product

When comes to still photography all you want to do is being done with nikon. Wider options than any other brand

How is Nikon number 3? Are you kidding?! Well at least make Canon number one not Sony. - youyou630

LOve their cameras yo greatest thing to worx with for skating and taking black and white pictures my friend has one and she kills at taking sick pictures - ballaboi17

before, I'm using d40x.. it is very simple but indeed a good camera.. present.. I'm using d90.. love the D-movie mode..

I like it b'coz I buy a nikon coolpix digicam, and the pics is absolutely the best, no need to ask more its all here.

As far as the image quality stored in a sensor, I think Nikon is better than the rest. Weather Shield in Pentax is unmatched and its medium format gives it lead, Canon handles videos better than others and its compacts are also brilliant. Sony, Panasonic and Samsung think out of the box. Olympus is rugged and aggressive in introducing new technologies. Lieca is the limited edition.

When it comes to dynamic range and depth of color Nikon is unrivalled. Sure it's the best.

Absolutely amazing brand, far better than Cannon or Olympus (I would say Olympus is #2), rest of them for amateurs.

I love Nikon! Easy to use or maybe I'm just used to it than canon. Lol. It I love the shots by Nikon more than canon.

The best cameras I have are Nikon. I also use Canon, but for quality photos, it's nearly always Nikon

Nikon and Canon are "the standard" for professional photographers. Stop.

Its the best it should be in the top as I think...loveable company no one can beat Nikon awesome

Friendliest, cost effective, stunning pics, best ergonomics. Massively Under-rated.

Great cameras should be 2 or even 1 if Canon is moved back. I have a Canon

Nikon has a high quality lense out of the box. And best SLR for professional photographers.

I have a Nikon and I love it great, it's the best Camera I have used having had 7 other Camera's