Best Dillinger Escape Plan Songs

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1 Farewell, Mona Lisa
2 Milk Lizard

I love the chorus it makes me crawl like a lizard - IvanChuvak

Fantastic, insane combination of great riffs and melodic singing topped off with Greg's epic screaming voice which is especially awesome in this one.

Where's Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants?

I can't choose a favorite with Dillinger, they literally don't have a bad song. I just went with the one that has the most plays. I don't think I can even choose a favorite album. Not even with a gun to my head. "Nope, all of them, sorry just f***** shoot me" Happiness is a Smile is killer too, probably would have the most plays if I didn't have to listen to it on YouTube every time.

3 When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
4 Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants

So what if Adele set fire to the rain? The Dillinger Escape Plan set fire to sleeping giants. Way cooler.

This is the the first DESP plan song I heard its still my favorite

5 One of Us is the Killer
6 Mouth of Ghosts

My favorite song of all time. Absolutely beautiful odyssey through Latin jazz, drone, beautiful dark piano balladry, and a crushing heavy metal finish.

7 43% Burnt

The essential TDEP song

8 Gold Teeth on a Bum
9 Dead As History
10 Unretrofied

I really don't understand how this song is at 16... It should be at least on top 5...

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? Limerent Death

The Contenders

11 Panasonic Youth
12 Parasitic Twins
13 Prancer
14 Widower
15 When I Lost My Bet
16 Sunshine the Werewolf
17 Highway Robbery

Vicious Vocals, sick riffs classic Dillinger

18 Wanting So Much Not to as To
19 Symptom of Terminal Illness
20 Pig Latin
21 Dissociation
22 Black Bubblegum
23 Phone Home
24 Hero of the Soviet Union
25 4th Grade Dropout
26 Crossburner
27 Sugar Coated Sour
28 Chinese Whispers
29 Paranoia Shields
30 The Running Board
31 Manufacturing Discontent
32 Nothing to Forget
33 The Threat Posed by Nuclear Weapons
34 Nothing's Funny
35 Understanding Decay
36 Apologies Not Included
37 Horse Hunter
38 Jim Fear
39 Hollywood Squares
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1. Unretrofied
2. One of Us is the Killer
3. Prancer
1. Farewell, Mona Lisa
2. Milk Lizard
3. Mouth of Ghosts
1. 43% Burnt
2. When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
3. Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants

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